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  1. I dont mind, back up is Azura for two weeks in April.
  2. We are due onboard on the 24th October which if it gets the go ahead will be the Maiden I'm more hopeful than optimistic.
  3. When we took the package on our cruise last October we had no trouble at all getting a second or third drink, in fact our waiter brought me a large wine as we sat down and just gave me a receipt for two at the end of a meal, I suppose it saved him a pointless trip for another a half hour later, I must say despite what I'd read we didn't seem to be discriminated against or treated any differently because we were on the package, in the restaurants, bars and theater the service was spot on as usual.
  4. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1301949/Spain-coronavirus-holidays-travel-covid-cruise-cruises-news?fbclid=IwAR3MJr-Fusalkm4aaTygcdVqorKKCGDUCUDyRnFbg0jewKGVPgkafJG7g6g
  5. Exaggerating is a very apt word, I have two cruises booked so have been following these threads closely and feel that wowzz is becoming the forum doom monger, I have no problem with someone having a pessimistic view but not everything that happens in the future needs to be viewed in the context of worst case scenario, holidays after all are something to look forward to and I'd still prefer to be hopeful that my October cruise on Iona and the other I have booked on Azura for March will go ahead.
  6. It is quite significant news so probably worthy of it's own thread given some users of the forum won't read every thread available.
  7. Will Iona be seen this year or will they hold her back till 2021? I'm booked to go on her on the 24th October cruise so theoretically could be on her maiden voyage.
  8. Where have you read this information? I've seen it banded about a bit on other forums but there is no firm word that this is the case.
  9. Do any hotels in the Southampton area offer a nights stay with a weeks parking included? Normally get the train down but contemplating driving if our late October cruise goes ahead.
  10. A couple of questions please, when will Iona' maiden voyage take place? I've been looking at a school holiday cruise at the end of October on board the new vessel, it is really well priced and I'd hope travel restrictions have been lifted before the sail date, I know it comes with risks attached but would be interested to hear others thoughts.
  11. Roulette is a game of chance but a good roulette dealer can hit certain areas of a wheel pretty accurately, maybe within 2 or three numbers which would give you a quadrant of 6 or 7 numbers, it is difficult to believe but I've seen it done, if you bet the same numbers 4 or 5 numbers apart your chances would then more likely be down to lady luck, I dont frequent casinos at home but normally have a dabble on the tables when cruising, it's all part of the experience for me, my partner normally plays the slots and the bingo on the last day, normally lose but on a couple of occasions I've left cruises with profit.
  12. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=1631
  13. Correct, on our recent cruise it showed up immediately and took care of the bit of OBC we had, leaving the outstanding on the statement.
  14. If you opt for freedom dining and plan to eat at 7.30 most nights you would more often than not have a table within 20 minutes, restaurants normally open at 6pm so the first wave so to speak will be vacating after about an hour and a half. We've chosen freedom on each of our cruises and the wait has been thirty minutes tops, if there is a particular show or two you'd like to watch I'd suggest joining the queue shortly before 6 as this would almost guarantee you getting a table for four, of the ships with the longest wait for a table for 4 I'd say Ventura, surprisingly on Oceana we thought we'd struggle but were accommodated at different times almost every night, Azura fell somewhere in between. Freedom does give us the flexibility though which is the over riding attraction.
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