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  1. Greetings from the middle of the North Atlantic ๐Ÿ˜. We donโ€™t return till the end of May. So far itโ€™s been absolutely wonderful. Iceland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ธ tomorrow
  2. The nice thing is, you don't have to request them if you don't like them :) I actually love the day y luggage tags come in the mail. It signals "vacation & adventure" to me. :) Kind of like back in the day when they would mail you the nice fat package of cruise docs.
  3. Thanks! I'm good with the paper straws, that's what we use at home :)
  4. Enjoying your review, we leave in a little over 4 days to visit Scotland & Ireland before we board her on the 16th. Please let them know to stock up on the Aperol for me :)
  5. Hi, no we're on the Celebrity Reflection on the 16th, we're leaving a little early for some travel in Scotland & then a pre cruise stay in Dublin (we embark there) Have a great trip, the Fjords are on my "to do" list :)
  6. Luckily for me it's not that bad... We don't leave till next weekend, & I"ll be done by tomorrow. I seriously think this is just part of my "pregame" so to say. We plan these trips so far in advance & I want everything to be "perfect" which is really ridiculous on my part.
  7. Hi, & thanks for the tips, yes I do have my lists, I think my biggest problem is the pre cruise travel, on the ship we have lots of free laundry, & I'll pay to get some things washed as well, I'm just trying to balance out packing light for the driving portion, while having enough clean things to last for the days we don't have access to laundry. Enjoy your trip! I guess I better get back to it :)
  8. I guess agonize is a bit of an extreme word It's definitely the weather that has me worried with this one. Last year they had blizzards in Iceland in May I read your packing thread, & you sounded so relaxed about it... I don't want to end up dragging along things that I won't wear, but on the other hand I really like everything I've packed so far. Definitely first world problems, right? & yes, I'm really excited about where we're going, hopefully the weather will cooperate, & if not, well, I'm packed for it ;)
  9. Ok, the powerpoint, you have me beat lol :) I do have lists, & I know what I should do, it's just the execution... do I need 3 long sleeved black tees plus a grey one? I know I don't, but... my husband just laughs because he knows this is part of my travel "process" I should get off this board & get back to work :)
  10. I'm pretty good at packing light, but this time we're not carrying on as one of our flights is a regional, that doesn't allow regular carry ons. So this has thrown my whole usual packing scheme into a loop. The unpredictable weather where we're going makes me want to pack more, but I know I'll be sorry if I do. :)
  11. that's amazing to pull that all together in such a short time! I'm an obsessive planner, so I think a surprise trip would not be fun for me lol :) Paris is gorgeous, hope you have a wonderful time.
  12. Hi all, I borrowed my title from Hoyaheel & Lois's threads... Leaving in a week, pretty much packed (it's all in packing cubes & laid out to be put in suitcases) It seems though, that however many times I've done this I still agonize over whether or not I've brought enough, have the right things, etc. I know a few of you just wait till 2 or 3 days before you leave, & then casually toss in things & look perfectly put together, but am I the only one who agonizes? Just FYI, we're doing two weeks driving through Scotland, followed by 4 days in Dublin, then getting on the Ireland & Iceland cruise. Can't wait but also ridiculously agonizing
  13. I know I'm in the minority, but we loved Sushi on 5, at home we eat some form of sushi 2 or 3 times a week. Obviously on ship it's not fresh like at home, but it's still nice. Great specialty cocktails there as well :)
  14. lol :) brought to you by people with landlines ;)
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