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  1. thank you Julie, we're very excited, especially as we usually have 15+ hour flights to get to our cruises, this one's just a little over two hours there for us, & less on the way back :) I hope you're safely away from the fires that your country is experiencing, we have them here every year, but of course no where on the scale that Australia is being hit with.
  2. that's a real concern, I hate to invest in something that won't have the flexibility that I'm used to... think I'll buy another pair of running shoes & call it a day :)
  3. thanks Julie, I think I'm going to just stick with what I have. I truly could have used the hiking boots last year in Iceland & Scotland, but we were doing long hikes over steep inclines with loose rock. I'd rather invest in another new pair of running shoes for what I do at home.
  4. thank you, i"m going to try and finish this up in the next couple of days!
  5. Hi, looking for recommendations for a bar or pub for a casual roll call get together the night before our cruise, hopefully somewhere near water or with a view, not too upscale (we'll all be dressed casually) thanks in advance
  6. As you can see I took a long break from writing this, I'll try to be more committed :) Day 12-13 We headed back to Edinburgh for one last night, & were up bright and early the next day for our flight to Dublin. The hotel called a cab for us, & we made the quick journey to the airport. The flight was uneventful, but as we were coming in for the landing I saw something HUGE running & leaping across the runway... It was super fast & I'd never seen anything like it, the flight attendant saw the look on my face (we were in the first row) & said, "oh, I bet you just saw one of our hares, last week one jumped onto a plane after it landed" yikes! We had purchased some sort of Dublin Pass, & it enabled us to buy discounted bus tickets from the airport to our hotel, honestly if I had to do it again I probably would have just taken a cab as there were lots of stops before we reached our hotel. We stayed at the Conrad Dublin hotel, a great location just steps from St Stephen's Green, our room wasn't ready, so we stored our luggage with them & set out to explore the town. not too many photos from this day, we headed uphill to the Guinness Factory, where we did the audio tour & learned how to pull the "perfect" pint There's an amazing view from the Gravity Bar, but quite simply, we were a bit tired & getting a little hangry, so we headed back to the hotel, our room was ready & our bags had already been delivered. Because the hotel didn't have an executive lounge, they gave us a ridiculous number of free drink tickets for their pub or lounge, we decided to eat dinner in the lounge & discovered to my delight Barley Wine, which I really enjoyed :) We ate, walked to corner & bought a bottle of Rose wine, took showers & drank a little wine, & both were out in the very comfy bed. We had an early start the next day as we had timed tickets for Trinity College Book of Kells & the Library, as well as a historic walking tour later in the afternoon.
  7. thanks for all the replies, we hike at home regularly, & I don't wear hiking boots here... I"m thinking I"ll bring my old leather boots as usual, & just bring two pairs of running shoes, sprayed down with kiwi, that way if one pair get soaked, the other pair can be worn. Oh, & of course my birks for on the ship. We're considering doing the Mendenhall hike to the falls as well (we have a super long day in Juneau) but it looks to be more of a walk than a hike...
  8. Hi all :) Our cruise last May was British Isles/Iceland... we did a fair amount of day hiking, hiking up to waterfalls, ponds, bogs, etc.... I'm pretty confident that my same wardrobe will suffice in Alaska, however, I'm on the shelf about shoes. I wore my old trusty leather boots & just my nike fly knit running shoes most days... the leather boots have been treated for many years with mink oil, so they are extremely waterproof, however they're not perfect on loose rocky inclines. The running shoes I just sprayed down with a water repellent & they did ok as well. Trying to decide if I need to hit up REI for some goretex type low boots (which was what everyone on our last cruise seemed to be wearing) This will be our first cruise to Alaska.... we have two whale watching excursions booked (one in Juneau, & one in Icy Strait Point, also flight seeing in Ketchikan, white pass train in Skagway, then self guide through the town. In Juneau we'll take Mt. Roberts tram up after our morning whale watching... Pre trip we have 5 full days in Vancouver, on one of them I'll be doing the Grouse Grind, but I'll definitely wear my running shoes for that... Just trying to look for opinions on hiking shoes or not thanks in advance
  9. completely enjoyed your review, & hoping that you are doing well :)
  10. Hi Lois, not sure if you've left for your cruise already, but if not, Bon Voyage
  11. Hi there, hoping someone will have info as to the captain's club host/hostess on Solstice in late May of this year. Thanks in advance :)
  12. agree with both here. OP handled it well, & Celebrity could & shoaled have done better.
  13. Bay of Islands has a great free shuttle that will take you from the area that you're tendered to into the little town, there are a couple of hiking trails there, as well as little ferries that will take you to the other small islands/towns with more beautiful hiking trails. Sightseeing boats to see the little dolphins as well. There's also the amazing Waitangi Treaty museum within walking distance... unless there's a particular destination you have in mind, I wouldn't bother with a car there.
  14. Up until today, I didn't realize that they would actually play around with pricing & availability. Private browsing definitely my friend :)
  15. Yup, it was really bizarre, just out of curiosity, I checked again a few minutes ago, & yes, it shows no availability under the better pricing. Lesson learned :) I'll be using a private browser from now on.
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