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  1. thank you for this, we are booked thru choice air, Delta (operated by West Jet LAX to Vancouver B.C., non refundable, & Delta Seattle back to L.A. for our return flights. Delta says they can't help as we booked through Celebrity, Celebrity says they can't help as it's non refundable & that Delta should take care of it. As far as I know we are barred from flying to Canada so can't see how I could use the flights even if we wanted to.
  2. go into your account, then "manage my reservation" there will be a button there that says cancel my reservation. Hope this helps :)
  3. we have several of those, & that's what my husband wears when walking now.. I have one that's lightweight & cream colored, it's an insect shield one that I bought for alaska, but I'm wearing it around my neck when running in the unlikely case that someone is around, I can pull it over my nose & mouth easily :)
  4. Ours is a "requested" but not yet mandatory (although I didn't watch today's governor or mayor press conference so could have changed) here's a link to making a homemade mask with no sewing required: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-might-be-the-simplest-no-sew-diy-coronavirus-mask-2020-04-03 In the interest of my own mental health, I've started doing a daily action plan, it incorporates: -a daily goal (like rearrange some furniture, or increase running by 10 minutes, or even just clean 1 window) --a short term goal (mine is that tomorrow we will have fake brunch) we have some eggs, a packet of hollandaise mix, some frozen asparagus & prosecco (thanks postmates!!) & oranges from our trees - a long term goal (like the first thing I'm going to do when we leave the house again is..... fill in the blank :) hope everyone is staying safe & healthy. The zucchini that I planted is popping up & I'm pretty excited about it, but need to find a way to protect it from the bunnies & squirrels :)
  5. regarding clothing purchases, I did give in & finally ordered the Vuori joggers i've had my eye on for a while... an Instagram blogger had a 40% off coupon code... I've still never paid that much before for what are really glorified sweat pants, but they just arrived & I am in love! super, super soft & light weight, the are slightly fitted so they are not sloppy looking... if I ever get to travel again, these might be my new airport pants. :)
  6. Yes, we're under the same orders here... since I'll only go out every few weeks to get meds I won't need them much but not very comfortable. I didn't think about just using a scarf, seems like it would be less constrictive. I had to go out yesterday to pick up meds for DH, & it was my first "face mask" day. Had a small stack of the ones that the Dr. gave to us a little over 3 weeks ago we went in to get breathing checks, they are just the thin papery type.... not comfortable ( at least for me) However, when I got home, a coworker who sews had dropped off some super cute masks she made for us... I'll try & post some pics tomorrow, she recommended that we wash & iron them before wearing or touching because she's been out & about. What a nice surprise that was :)
  7. While I couldn't vote in the poll ( my choice would be 'cautiously optimistic), I do appreciate this thread. I believe that early next year there will be a vaccine, & we will go on our Adriatic cruise.... However this thread did tip the scales towards my taking the refund rather than FCC for our cancelled May Alaska cruise. (which, by the way I just received luggage tags for :( My reasoning is that if they go belly up or "reorganize" we'd lose out of quite a bit of $$, also, we paid a premium price for next years cruise in a suite on the refurbished Constellation... I highly doubt that the refurb is going to happen, & I expect a big, big price drop as time goes on. The FCC would have just about paid next years cruise off, but I truly believe even if it does take place, we are better off taking the cash now, rather than gambling on a future cruise that may not happen. On a lighter note, it's the same tactic I employ in a casino. Any winnings are taken up to the room & put in the safe. i feel that's what I'm doing right now. :) Hope everyone is staying safe at home :) & be kind to one another :)
  8. LOL, did someone seriously complain about your post? I feel like this is a thread where we all support one another while we go through this... separately but together :) I feel you on it being the "day" or time that there was something else big that was supposed to be happening at that time. It doesn't mean any of us are selfish for missing those things when others have it worse, I think it's just part of the process. Stay safe & strong, Lois! ( & everyone else on this thread)
  9. I'm so sorry too... I agree with Lois, if you can get outside for a walk (safely) that might help. I'm doing evening walks when most people are eating dinner & it's helping me to stay sane. I hear you on the clothing for your trip & other little things you would be doing to prepare. When my stuff arrived for our cancelled cruises I just put it away in a drawer without even opening it. (that's what worked for me) Work for me also helps (& that's actually what I should be doing right now lol) stay safe, & try to get some sort of exercise even if you just walk around the block a few times :)
  10. oh wow snow! I can't imagine, but I bet it's beautiful. Hope it thaws for you soon though!
  11. @ger_77 in my "normal" life I do what you do, but right now I'm rotating through the same few super casual outfits, I am still putting on a bit of make up (tinted sunscreen) & brow grooming/fill Haven't touched the blowdryer in almost 3 weeks now though. :) I think what you're doing is probably healthy & good for your "inner" well being as it were, & we all have different levels of what makes us feel good ( or at least a little better) about the current situation. It's warmed up here considerably & I'm now wearing shorts & a tank durning the day, switching to my running leggings in the evening to run, & then it's shower & pj time Pretty sure I'm gonna burn these clothes when this is over lol (or at least trash them) Best wishes for continued health to you :)
  12. Hmm, my wedding ring has been in the safe for a while as it needs to be resized, but I do wear my apple watch everyday from morning till bed time ( I take it off to shower, but put it back on after... I do wipe it down with rubbing alcohol though.
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