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  1. Hi there :) I agree, very frustrating, I wish I'd taken more time when I did mine :) Regarding cruising, I can't wait too!
  2. Hi there, trying to get caught up & sorry if I miss someone :) Kat, totally unacceptable that you weren't notified, at the very least they could protect privacy & just say you were possibly exposed, whether from a coworker or guest... Sharon: congrats on getting the vaccine! Right now Los Angeles County is still doing healthcare workers, no one else. My In-laws live in OC, & they will get vaccines soon. To answer your question, if I take a vaccine out of the clinic, I would have to drop. & Since they have my vaccine there from the very beginning, i
  3. Hi there :) not busy or tired, just really depressed to be honest. Our May cruise was cancelled yesterday, & I honestly thought it might be a go....back at work after quarantine, so yuck! I should be getting my first vaccine March 1st, so I've got 46 days to try & avoid COVID lol The photo is so Beautiful!! Thank you :)
  4. feel free to enjoy those things after you complete your mandatory 10 day quarantine after you arrive :) (CA)
  5. New Zealand, all day long :) One of the most beautiful places on earth my opinion, plus the people, the culture, perfect mix of natural beauty plus great museums, bars, restaurants.
  6. Hi Ladies, I feel the same way about yesterday's goings on.... things I'd like to say, but would probably get in trouble ;) On topic, just took a shower & back in jammies... Kat, let's not discuss the state of my hair lol :) First thing I"m doing after vaccinations (& when salons reopen) is getting a haircut, Brazillain Blowout, mani & pedi... I look like someone who's lived in the backwoods somewhere for a few years lol :)
  7. It's crazy isn't it? It seems that everyone here is getting it or already had it... my boss's husband has it right now, he's pretty sick, but so far does not need hospital, which is good, cause there's no room & not enough staff :( I can't imagine my boss not getting it too. It great that your company is having everyone work from home... I'm sure it's super lonely too, but better than getting or giving COVID, right? Going to try to work from home as much as possible until I can get vaccinated, I know there will be times where I have to go but hopefully I can do
  8. hi, Lois, thanks, just to clarify, coworker is positive, not me (thankfully) So far I am fine.... Last day we were in office together was last tuesday, so I have a little less than a week to quarantine.... They tested positive yesterday... I think I will be fine as I at least had on a mask & I have a fan blowing behind me which I think helps but I will take the hugs anyway lol... I am more annoyed than anything... because, yes, things are not good here, but thankfully I think I dodged a bullet here :)
  9. Hi Ladies :) Kat, that's awful & gross, it seems like they should get an extra cleaning fee fine... glad your coworker does not have covid :) Unfortunately, I'm currently quarantined...may have been exposed last Tuesday at work... one tested positive yesterday & is pretty sick.... very annoyed :(
  10. Hi Lois, I just googled Andy, & yes, he looks familiar :) It's so weird to think of travel when I can't even get a haircut lol, but it sounds like the EU has enough vaccines to get most vaccinated by spring, so I honestly think that's a possibility... it's going to strange & sad that we're simultaneously going to have the worst month (probably) in January while also slowly crawling out of this through vaccinations. If I were to place a bet I'd say your October cruise will definitely happen, & that it would be safe to look at trips to the EU in early to
  11. I'm in the same "boat" so to speak. Booked for May 4th Adriatic cruise, My husband & I will both be fully vaccinated w/cards well in advance & neither of us has a problem wearing masks... my only problem would be if we weren't allowed off on our own... if that turns out to be the case, we would do a land based trip instead... from what I understand the EU has enough shots to vaccinate everyone there & so things should be more stable by then. Tough decisions... I really wish they would extend final payment dates :)
  12. Happy Weekend ladies :) Kat, your job sounds fun, & I'm also glad that out guests are masking up ( & tipping!) I love Anderson Cooper, but don't know who Andy is... to be honest, I've been streaming a lot of "escapist" type entertainment, watching my favorite movies over & over, If anyone wants a truly great (my opinion only lol) movie for the new year, try A Big Year, with Steve Martin, Jack Black & lots of other stars, it's basically a movie about bird watching, but it's sweet & funny & always makes me feel good :) Also started season 3 of Cobr
  13. thank you Lois, I am thrilled, but there is a bit of guilt laid in there, especially since the vaccine rollout seems a bit of a mess when it comes to actually getting shots in people's arms... I'm thinking that it will go smoother in the coming weeks. There's a thread on the Celebrity board that seems to be dissolving into arguing about who should get the shots, & I would hate to put something controversial on here :) It does mean more blood draws & deep nasal swabs but to feel safer at work & see my grandkids more would be a dream :) One more Happy New
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