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  1. I don't always take out trip insurance, but I do always take out a medical & evac policy as well, I can afford cover trip costs that my credit card policy won't cover, but over seas medical care & helicopter evacuation are another story.
  2. Day 3 continued, After St. Giles I just wandered up High St. & then up around a few side streets, I visited two really beautiful libraries, & around that time I realized that my camera was really giving me problems... I'm currently shopping around for a new one :( so sorry, no really good shots of those libraries. I briefly stopped at the little coffee shop where J.K Rowling is said to have written much of her Harry Potter series (I'm a big fan, used to wait in line with the kids at midnight for the books to come out :) ) I was headed for the Greyfriars Cemetery https://greyfriarskirk.com/visit-us/kirkyard/ on the way I stopped at the little monument to Bobby, the faithful terrier who guarded his master's grave for some 13 years. One interesting aspect of the cemetery (among many) is the remains of The Flodden Wall, which once guarded Edinburgh from the threat of English invasion https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-flodden-wall-edinburgh-scotland Being a Harry Potter fan, of course I had to get a snap of Tom Riddle's grave:
  3. Hi there, I originally booked a king deluxe room, the room they upgraded us to was a king executive corner view room... it was lovely! One caveat however, is that to get to it you go down about 4 or 5 stairs, & then there are also some stairs in the room to an upper landing area. PS: I"ll be working on the review a it more tomorrow, but we have company coming in tomorrow, so it may be slow coming.
  4. Hi there :) we're booked in an aft sky suite on deck 12 on the Solstice next year for Alaska... I thought that cabin would have at least a bit of cover from the outdoor buffet seating from the deck above... going to be disappointed if I've made a big mistake, but I still could switch to a side cabin if needed. This will our 3rd cruise on Solstice, so you'd think I'd know this, but I honestly never paid attention to the aft cabins on S class :) thanks in advance if you have any insights. :)
  5. Day 3, continued Having happily abandoned my bike riding to Roslyn plans, & more appropriately dressed, I set out to explore Edinburgh, with no set plan , if you knew me, you'd understand that this is a big deal. My opinion of surprises is on par with Mr. Knightley's :) I basically got out & just walked. A little aside here: in my research for this trip I had decided to purchase a joint membership to Historic Scotland https://members.historic-scotland.gov.uk for us. Definitely a good decision, it included entrance & parking to almost all the sites we visited in Scotland. One of my first stops was the beautiful St. Giles Cathedral, where I paid the photo fee ( & got a cool sticker) As far as I'm concerned the most amazing thing about the Cathedral is that dogs are allowed in :) however, if you want a little more info on St. Giles, here you go: https://stgilescathedral.org.uk
  6. ok, I've been informed that I left out the most important of the fishing images, the "cast"
  7. Day 3 We were up & at-um early, I was eating breakfast by 6:30 (a wonderful full breakfast was included w/our room, I can't recommend this hotel enough) Steve was long gone on his fishing expedition. I got my gear together for the day, headed out, & then immediately returned to completely change what I was wearing, because baby it was cold outside (at least for this LA girl) Layers are your friend in Scotland. A little about Steve's day. He had gone fly fishing in New Zealand & loved it (catch & release, with a no barb hook) Well in Scotland they do a version of fly fishing called Spey fishing & it's a little more complicated, so he actually go lessons before our trip. The guide included some photos, & here are a few.... he didn't actually catch anything, but honestly the beauty of standing in a river in the middle of the Scottish Highlands, well, sounds amazing right?
  8. Day 2, continued We just wandered out & about a bit aimlessly, our hotel was situated right next to & overlooking High Street, so it was very convenient, our only goal was to stay awake, eat some dinner, & then have nice long showers & collapse into bed early as we both had big days planned for day 3, Steve was meeting with a private guide for a day spey style fly fishing, & I was planning on renting a bicycle & riding to Roslyn Chapel... however, my plans completely changed as I instantly fell in love with Edinburgh & decided I needed to spend as much time as possible there. I caught glimpses of places I knew I'd want to return to the next day (Cemeteries! Pubs! Churches! None of which are exactly Steve's cup of tea, but he too was smitten. We found a decent restaurant to eat in & discovered my new favorite beer of the moment: We headed back to our now ready room, they had given us a lovely upgrade to a corner room with views of High Street (I actually took these room photos the next week when we returned to the hotel, they gave us the same room) We had a few drinks in the executive lounge, took a glass of wine to the room ;) showered, laid out the next days clothes, & were out like lights... a little note, glad we both had eye masks as it was still daylight at 10 at night!
  9. Hi there, I"m back with photo review of our Refection Ireland, Scotland & Iceland cruise. If you've followed any of my past reviews, you'll know that it's going to to be long & photo heavy... & it might take me a bit to finish it... ok, now that we've got the caveat emptor out of the way, let's get going! A little introduction, we are Steve & Debbie from the Los Angeles area, we're in our 50's, & love to travel, & really love Celebrity... We booked this cruise while on our last cruise to New Zealand & Australia, they were running nice promotion at the time that included extra OBC & all 4 perks... we booked into aqua class, however as we got closer to our sail date, prices dropped & I was able to upgrade us to our first Sky Suite! All I can say is if you ever have the opportunity to travel in suite class on Celebrity, jump on it :) It was just wonderful! Day 1 Even though our cruise wasn't leaving until May 16th, we flew out at the beginning of May so we could do some pre cruise land travel through Scotland, & few extra days in Dublin. Our daughter was kind enough to drop us off at LAX... the culmination of 18 months of obsessive planning & research were finally coming to fruition, & boy were we excited! Here we are at the airport ( & yes, Im totally wearing birds with socks) We spent a little time in a lounge drinking wine (don't judge me lol) & then it was time to board our flight We booked on Air New Zealand to LHR as we really like their premium economy product & booked our two favorite seats as usual, Here's Steve settling in for the long flight Ten & a half hours or so later & many glasses of wine (again, don't judge :) & welcome to London & Day 2 We hit up another lounge for a couple of hours, & then boarded our British Air flight to Edinburgh: A shortish cab ride later, & we arrived at our hotel, The Hilton Carlton, in Edinburgh. The room wasn't ready yet, & we're big believers in hitting the ground running, so we dropped off our luggage, washed up a bit in the lobby restroom, & headed out to explore Edinburgh
  10. Hi there :) I actually meant more smart wool type products, like their long underwear...definitely don't need more than one buff each :) they washed & dried over night very easily
  11. Hi Ladies, I definitely welcome all tips, suggestions on this thread ( & yes, I'm back & planning next May's Alaska) This was definitely what I would call more of an "expedition" type trip & I learned a lot.... I made myself (& DH) a "hard" packing list for next year... it was a real shift from my usual Rome, Paris, Barcelona type packing mind set. I feel that I packed for cities & country type hiking while I should have focused more on the hiking. :) I don't know if anyone read my long (really long!) recap of what worked & what didn't, but I can't say enough about those smart wool buffs.... I'll be investing in a few more of their products for next year's trip. Meanwhile, I have my birthday trip to San Diego in a few weeks, we're going to take the train after work, & drink wine all the way there, no packing anxiety for this one, I definitely know how to dress for being lazy & drinking wine in a beach town lol
  12. Happy to hear that you are enjoying, we had a great time last month :) getting our photo review together... I wouldn't hesitate to book Reflection again :)
  13. Most men will be wearing either dark color slacks or dressy jeans with a long sleeved button up shirt, you'll also see a few men in nice black tees w/a sports coat. There will be a very small smattering of tuxes, suits, khakis & golf shirts. Technically, you're both fine with what you plan on wearing, have a great trip :)
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