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  1. Sounds like your group will probably have a great time whether or not you can all eat in Blu together :) That said, Blu isn't open for lunches, so you all could lunch together.... one of the best aspects of Blu is their breakfast (in my opinion) so you should definitely try that on a few days.... A nice solution might be to try a specialty restaurant on one night or two for all four couples to dine together. Best solution would be for them to switch to Aqua, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that there will be a price drop or offer up for them
  2. Hi there :) when I called the Captain's Club, I definitely was offered more options. For the cruise I booked the nonrefundable deposit fare saved almost $1000, so definitely worth calling in. I know that some aren't fans of the non refundable, but when I book, I'm pot committed lol :) Already in obsessive research & planning mode ;)
  3. Hi there :) I've done a whopping total of one Caribbean cruise so I hear you.... not really into sand & bugs, but I still had fun. I'd pack for heat & humidity so what you're describing sounds perfect. If your knit dresses are a lightweight knit, you'll be fine.... if they are a more heavy weight, I'd brink something lighter. Basically I lived in linen shorts w/tanks & tees & sundresses. Definitely need at least two swimsuits & coverups. Nice thing about Carib was that there were a few ports where I walked off for about 20 minutes in the morning, decided it was not my cup of tea, & then spent the entire day lying on chaise in the shade binge reading :) Enjoy!
  4. Hi, where I live in Los Angeles they are $100 to $120 the first time, & then 50 to 60 for fills as long as you go every three weeks. I'm still keeping mine up & love them. :)
  5. Thank you for posting this! Woo hoo! Booked the Connie 13 night Med/Adriadic for May 2021! This replaces my redeployed/cancelled by X Suez canal cruise, so I have a ridiculous amount of OBC as compensation. As upset as I was at the time it was cancelled, I'm pretty happy with the outcome :) Thank goodness for nice cruise critic members who keep us all updated :)
  6. I"m a little late, but hope you have a wonderful time :)
  7. Hi there, We did the Reflection, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland in May.... it was surprisingly the most casually dressed group of cruisers I've ever experienced. (we were in Luminae, but obviously you see people walking around the ship) We've done about 10 cruises on Celebrity in the last 10 years all but one in Europe ( I know, lots of people are on X way, way more than us) but I was really surprised at how casual people were. this may have been due to the fact that most of the ports in May were pretty cold, we did Scotland & Ireland pre cruise, & experienced snow & sleet... so most people were packed & dressed for expedition type ports... gore tex boots, down vests, & waterproof hats were deriguour... (Except in Cobh (Cork) where quite a few people had to buy shorts & tees for the day in port) That said, on the "chic" nights we did see a few blazers. It was completely different from any European cruise I've ever been on, including TA's on Celebrity One of the best Itineraries I've ever been on :) so enjoy, & if you like dressing to the nines, please do so! Hope your cruise was as great as ours.
  8. Super helpful, I didn't realize the no glass option was always available, thanks :)
  9. When we did it they had a supply problem with the glasses, so we were able to o the class only for a really steeply discounted rate. If they are offering the high quality glasses, it's pricey, but worth it in my opinion, it was really a lot of fun & very informative.
  10. Wow, you had me at BEER lol. (I'm the fan, & DH will just tag along) Going to definitely add the brewery in Juneau to my list of things to do, thanks!
  11. Exactly! A great part of doing the on board activities is meeting people with whom you have a lot in common :) I know a lot of people complain about paid activities, but honestly, if it was free, the whole ship would be there lol. ;) We'd done the Riedel workshop in the past, & enjoyed it as well!
  12. It's interesting, ours was oversold, & overcrowded, but we had so much fun! A super nice couple that we hung out with a bit did it as well, so it was nice to compare which wines we liked & why. The people who were pouring out the wines were actually pretty knowledgeable & answered any questions we had & also recommended other wines we might like based on what we enjoyed at the tasting. Enjoy! I'd definitely do it again :)
  13. We did it on the Reflection in May, there were 6 stations, each with several wines to choose from, Reds, Whites.... you could taste as much as you liked, little snacks of crackers, cheeses were available, I would definitely do it again, ended up finding a few wines that we really liked that we wouldn't have normally tried. Keep in mind that if you're on a cold weather itinerary events like this sell out fast. Ours did :)
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