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  1. Probably because NCL hasn't finalized the schedule yet. It is still 2 1/2 years away.
  2. We have had 3 cancelled cruises this year. We have a Panama Canal cruise in January and I am fully expecting that one to cancel as well.
  3. I wonder if he rang the ship's bell before leaving the ship? I believe it is maritime tradition to do so before a ship is sent off to pasture. Anyway it is a sad end for such a proud ship with a historic part of Carnival's history. I always enjoyed Fantasy class ships and I am fortunate to have a few Fantasy cruises notched in my belt.
  4. Carnival announced last week that Radiance would be going directly from Cadiz after her drydock refit to Long Beach early next year to take over the Inspiration and Imagination 3 and 4 day sailings to Catalina and Ensenada. That is likely why you do not see those sailings listed anymore.
  5. The pic that has the crew holding a banner actually said "100 Congratulations Carnival Fantasy". I was on board when they found out they had scored perfect on a health inspection back in January 2017. I will miss the ol' gal. I love the Fantasy class ships.
  6. That is probably my favorite NIN song. Not sure if you meant it that way or not but the lyrics are quite appropriate to what we are facing today. If you meant it, I see what you did there. 😜 If not, check out the song. All I've undergone I will keep on Underneath it all We feel so small The heavens fall But still we crawl All I've undergone I will keep on
  7. The Motley Fool is actually a very reputable source for business news.
  8. Get a PVP. Mine had us squared away in no time today with FCC and OBC. If it were allowed I would suggest my PVP. He is fantastic.
  9. It's a joke. Relax. I will refrain from saying what I do for a living lest I fall victim to my own joke.
  10. Relax. It was a light hearted comment. You must have "read" rudeness into it in your mind.
  11. Lol. How do you know if there is an airline pilot at your party? Don't worry, he will make sure to tell you.
  12. I would love to be an optimist but I am also being a realist. My money is on everything cancelled until 2021. We also have OBC on this cruise from our cancelled Conquest B2B cruises this summer. We are also booked on the 14 day Freedom Panama Canal cruise in January and I am skeptical about that one even being a go. I have never wanted to be so wrong in my life. I hope I am wrong.
  13. There is no way to know that. There are variables such as dock availability and whether the ship "pulls in" bow first or "backs in" stern first (not sure of the actual terminology, perhaps @chengkp75 can chime in on the actual terms). Look at pictures of Nassau and Cozumel and you can see what I mean. Even at homeports like Miami, you cannot say for sure which side you will be on.
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