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  1. You aren't wrong. But would rather do that (if necessary) than suffer the week.
  2. Here is a link: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/478/~/carnival’s-great-vacation-guarantee Basically, if you aren't having a great vacation: invoke the guarantee at Guest Services within 24 hours of sailing. They will arrange for you to be transported home at the first non-US port of call (you must have a passport). They will cover the cost home, refund your cruise, and give you an opportunity to sail again with an onboard credit. So, can it be bad enough to need to invoke this? Yes. My original Glory situation with no air flow at all and young children (see my post it links to the review if you like), I would invoke the guarantee. The important lesson over 42 cruises...none will be perfect, but most will be amazing. Occasionally things go wrong. The cruise staff often time seem to initially use a stall tactic to see if there is really an issue or if you stop complaining. You have to advocate for yourself. If they can't resolve the issue, invoke the guarantee. Sometimes magically they can immediately resolve it when they realize you are serious. If not, go home and try again another time. Everyone is different. For us, no air coniditioning is non negotiable, but sound issues can be counteracted. (earplugs, shifting schedule, napping, etc.) As a new cruiser reading this, please understand that these are the exception, and not the norm.
  3. We've had a few really bad rooms out of our nearly 42 trips: 1. Carnival Glory (7/2019) had a room with no air at all. Midway through a cruise they were able to move us due to a cabin opening up. Guest Services Manager warned us we were moving from a HOT room to a room that often had noise complaints due to it being right above the piano in the piano bar. We learned to love the noise vs. the heat while singing "Sweet Caroline" till the early AM. 2. Carnival Vista (11/2016) had a family harbor suite right under a portion of the galley that had loud noise starting at 4am. Here they had no option for us other than to refund the upgrade price we paid. Guest Services Manager actually came to the room at 4am and recorded what was happening and walked into the galley to try to isolate the cause. 3. Carnival Glory (07/2019) had an interior room that shared a wall with a service elevator on the other side of the wall. Every time the elevator was used, the wall vibrated. Every time someone entered or exited on the floor, it was extremely loud day and night. Guest Services was able to find us an alternative that was so much quieter. So 4 rooms out of 42 trips. Learned a valuable lesson on the first Glory cruise. That was I should advocate for myself/and family QUICKLY. If there isn't resolution, found within the first 24 hours, and my cruise is going to be terribly impacted (like no air in a cabin preventing sleep), consider invoking the vacation guarantee.
  4. Appreciate your insight and experience on everything you bring to this community. Your response was what i would hope based upon the regular drills and training provided all sailers do weekly.
  5. So if your muster is A4 & A5, this is REAL easy. You are in the same room holding muster. A3, A4, A5 on Dream class and A4 & A5 on Vista class are the main theatre. the 4 & 5 are which floor you are assigned to for seating purposes during muster. Don't worry about it. If on Dream class you will be one row different in the balcony of the theatre. If on Vista class you will be Main floor vs balcony.
  6. So much misinformation in this thread. NOTE: HE DOES NOT HAVE A SPA CABIN! He has a cabin located on the Spa deck. Conquest class ships like VALOR do NOT have spa cabins. No Amenities, nothing special, just a normal cabin on the deck that has the name "SPA".
  7. On the valor, there are no spa cabins. You may have a cabin on the spa deck, but it is not a spa category cabin with amenities.
  8. The Wagyu is a flat iron steak. We did it once, and never again.
  9. Liked: Metal Picture Frames Cooler Beach Bags Cooler Backpack Small Black Bags Bluetooth Speaker (Kids LOVED THIS) Game Sets Tervis Tumblers Packing Cubes Blankets Charger Cross Bag Coffee & Mug Headphones (Kids LOVED THIS) Yeti like White Cup *Love This* Night Light *LOVE This too* Gym Bag Not so much: Lanyard (Only because its white....make that carnival blue, and it would have been a win) Crock Rubber Visor Baseball Hat Stationary Kit Probably others, but most I've really enjoyed.
  10. A bit of clarification. Each of the systems are all branded for the company they are representing. However, often times some/all of the groups of customers are bidding on the same things. ie. My citieasydeals account has been around for YEARS and has a couple million points in it.
  11. @CABO BOB As others have said, CitiBank, Allstate, AARP, and formerly Verizon use the same company that owns & operates their rewards program websites, Deluxe Financial Services, LLC dba Deluxe Rewards. I would bet there are other companies too, some like citi have been doing this for a decade. Thats why you find people with millions of points. The reason
  12. I'll add my name to this list of those that are stuck. Was planning on purchasing cards for my cruise in 21 days, but if this isn't resolved quickly it won't happen.
  13. While it would be cool to run it like a typical restaurant, I'm not sure that is even possible in the ship dining rooms. They assembly line everything just to get thousands of meals out at a time. Even things like steaks are not cooked to order. So many of each temperature are available for pickup. The only cook to order is the food allergy/special dining needs.
  14. For me, and my family, we typically order additional items (app/entree/or dessert) typically to try something we wouldn't order if we were paying for it. Found some new favorites this way that I wouldn't have otherwise tried. Lobster night, I'll order two if they are small.. Thanks for this, I was denied the request early on with American Table (ironically on Vista & Horizon) so perhaps it was because the history wasn't there? I'll try again. This is EXACTLY one of the huge trademarks of cruising. My kids used to have servers bring out things to get them to tried. Funny thing was that when they brought it out and didn't tell them what it was, new favorites were found. I think its possible. Its an opportunity to monetize, so it wouldn't surprise me.
  15. Was this offered on the menu, or did you just ask your server for this and the request was accommodated? I'll be on Miracle next week, I would be overjoyed if that option has retuned.
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