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  1. bakerintn

    Can I bring wine coolers?

    The common pre-bottled "wine coolers" in the US are not made with wine. They actually are made from a malt liquor (beer) and therefore do not technically qualify as "wine". Something like a pre-bottled Sangria might pass. You could make your own on board with a red wine and lemon-lime soda.
  2. bakerintn

    What kind of iced tea does NCL serve?

    I don't know for sure, but I think it is made from a liquid concentrate. Some of their coffee machine use a liquid concentrate, too.
  3. There is at least one website that you can check easily every day at no charge or sign up for a small fee and get email notices of price changes for a selected sailing and cabin category. Try a Google search for "how to monitor cruise prices
  4. bakerintn

    Italian Restaurant Question

    When you look at the menu, there is a section labelled "Entrada". Those are the entrees. Everything else, is not.
  5. You might try this layout...print the picture to show your cabin steward...most have not seen this before. Hope this helps separate you all.
  6. Milk,lemonade, iced tea, what they call "juice" and flavored water are at no extra charge. Juices are mostly limited to breakfast serving times.
  7. Typically, no way of telling until that day or the night before. Its up to the captain. However, a ship that size would rack up high port charges, so my guess is that they would stay at sea. In my two chances to go to GSC, one was a sea day and the other was an unscheduled stop at Key West.
  8. bakerintn

    Luggage Locked or Not

    Not common, but I can report on our last cruise on NCL last November out of Tampa, one of our friends had his luggage checked without him being there. They took what they did not like and left him a note in his bag. The clothes were tossed back in haphazardly. He was not happy. This is the first time that I have heard of them opening luggage without the passenger being present.
  9. bakerintn

    Belize Private Island?

    [quote name='Laszlo']Thanks Yes I have been there before. I was wondering if the ship is going to "Dock" at the new private island or anchor off it like all ships currently do in Belize. If if docks I guess they would have tenders going to the mainland[/QUOTE] no details yet, but my guess would be that there would be transportation to the mainland, but it would be an optional "excursion" at an extra cost. The original development plan by another company had a bridge being built, but I don't think that will happen. the CC article on this shows the cruise ship docked and mentions excursions to the mainland: [url]http://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=5487[/url]
  10. bakerintn

    Sky - Soda bringing onboard today

    Typically you can check it. Just ask the porter and you will find out. seems to vary by port, with Tampa being "never".
  11. bakerintn

    Wine in MDRs

    Bottles of wine are not covered under the UBP, but offer an alternative to that package.
  12. Here is the relevant page from the NCL website: [url]http://www.ncl.com/about/staying-connected-sea-internet-access[/url] Connection fees are by the minute. The download speed will seem to be very slow and the upload speed way slower than you are probably used to. Think in terms of your old dial up modem connection.
  13. bakerintn

    Tendering in Roatan off the Norwegian Dawn

    When tendering, NCL will hand out tender tickets that morning. There will be notices in the daily newsletter and announcements that morning. Only one person in your party needs to go to get tickets for all. When the tendering starts, there will be announcements of the range of ticket numbers being called. Passengers stand in line to board the tenders...sometimes the lines are long. I have never seen the actual tickets checked while in line to board the tenders. If tendering is moving smoothly and the trip is not long, it goes quite quickly. After the early morning rush, the ticket numbers are not used. You can check the port status at Coxen hole online to see what ships are scheduled. If only your ship, no tendering. If more than one, you won't know in advance. check this out as an example for 2014: [url]http://www.cruiseportinsider.com/roatanschedule2014.html#.Uw3uEuNdUWM[/url]
  14. bakerintn

    Bringing Bottles on Board Policy

    That is correct. consider that if you could buy a $5 bottle of wine onboard, they would charge you about $24 plus 15% gratuity for that bottle of el-cheapo. Check out their price of Berringer White Zin at $28 + 15% = $32.20 for a bottle available in Miami for 4.99 and here in TN for 6.99.
  15. bakerintn

    New Menu

    You might want to check out this link: [url]http://www.beyondships2.com/norwegian-breakaway-menus.html[/url] It seems that there are many differences to what we had in Nov on the Dawn