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  1. Yikes! Surprising to hear the restaurant was that bad overall. We loved the Haven restaurant in the Escape, and definitely looking forward to the Encore. The only complaint was the lack of variety, so hoping for those specials, but even without the specials it should be fine. I’ll just make sure the duck is cooked well!
  2. Hmmmm interesting. So I guess it varies by ship. I wouldn’t have expected that! Thanks!
  3. Darn, thanks. I had heard a while back they were doing daily specials. I guess they decided that was too much work. Oh well. Thanks again!
  4. Hiya, anyone have any samples of some of the daily specials in the Haven restaurant for dinners? I’m assuming they’re doing the daily specials on the Encore? Thanks,
  5. For us on the Anthem our wait recommended three entrees for the two of us, so yeah, I don’t think there’s any chance of leaving hungry. I would suggest doing the same and ordering a few extra entrees to share. Having said that, we didn’t think the food was very good either. But there are so many rave reviews, I thunk it was just us. I wouldn’t not go because of it. The presentation was excellent.
  6. I liked the champagne sauce. 🙂. But agree the tails were small in CK, they brought me two and that was good. 👍
  7. Definitely the ship matters, but over the last year we did the Escape in the Haven courtyard penthouse and the Anthem in a Grand Suite (sky class). Just sailing for two. First, After Midnight IS a Broadway show, in that literally, we saw it on Broadway (staring Dule Hill from Pysch at the time), and loved it then and loved it again on the Escape. We also loved Choir of Man, and the Brat Pack, but that’s gone. Agree Howl of the Moon is a great show but the venue lacks for sure. The Athem entertainment was also good but very polarizing. We liked all the shows but some people hate them. We’re looking forward to the Encore and Oasis entertainment for comparison on those ships. The Haven perks are WAY better than the sky class perks on the Anthem. But, we just booked the Oasis expecting it to be a bit better. Also agreed the Haven perks are somewhere between the sky and star class. Sky class has no butler, the Athem suite lounge was terrible (terrible location, terrible service, and I think it did have the P/D+ overrrun), and the sun deck is very barebones, but no problem with overrun. The Oasis looks MUCH better in every category I just listed. (Except no butler but that’s fine.). Coastal Kitchen dinners were great, but the breakfast was nowhere close to the Haven Restaurant. Getting the variety of dinners every night was a big plus in CK. We we also thought the non-suite areas were better on the Anthem than the Escape, but that may be a matter of personal preference. I don’t know how that translates to the Oasis...
  8. Thanks for this detail! We just booked the Encore for 2020 and this was really useful!
  9. Will they make a mojito or margarita? Thanks! (specifically in the Lounge on the Anthem.)
  10. Just got off the 9/30 sailing of the Escape, and also had the salad, Beef Wellington, and cheesecake menu for Choir of Man. They did listen to the complaints. All of the food was really good! Surprisingly good. The show was excellent as everyone has said. Definitely recommend!!! Separately, bring some money for Howl at the Moon to make requests. You don’t have to, but it adds to the fun. We went twice, for about two hours each time, and only had maybe 3-4 songs the same both nights for the parts we saw. A lot of fun!!! After Midnight and Brat Pack were great as well. Overall really liked the entertainment on the ship!
  11. It was posted already, but confirming again the paper straws on the Escape in two sizes depending on the drink, long and short! They didn’t give them automatically for all drinks, but generally for frozen ones it came with one. For non-frozen ones I don’t think we ever got one, but didn’t ask. We brought our own but ended up bringing almost all of them back home.
  12. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question because I didn’t catch his name, but the one time we went last week the guy made damn fine drinks!!! :cool:
  13. Short answer is yes to all your questions. The late shows varied between 9-9:30-10 pm starts, all of which you would make. Howl at the Moon (not a main show) goes from 8:30 or 9 all the way until midnight and you can stop in and out at any time. Choir of Man would be at different times but includes dinner. (Extra cost but HIGHLY recommend!!) Overall the entertainment on the ship was fantastic. You do want to catch the shows!!
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