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  1. Very true! The problem is that even if you travel in business and more luxury ships, you still don't control the crowds in popular destinations like Rome. Our last visit to Vatican museum was a nightmare. Extremely hot, crowded, but even more importantly, we felt very unsafe. Going down on stairs felt like one step from a disaster - all it takes is one person falling and taking all the crowd with him.
  2. You are right. The price drop is all my fault. Viva Celebrity!!!
  3. Completely agree. We sailed on all of them except NCL and MSC. Oceania was the best, Azamara close second, Princess was (in our opinion) slightly better than Celebrity and HAL, but definitely in the same category.
  4. Not sure what do you mean. We always booked refundable deposit. And we don't drink. So for us, to pay those prices just doesn't make sense. The perks we would take are OBC and Internet. But with refundable deposit, the prices are getting pretty close to Oceania, where you get Internet, all non alcoholic drinks and all specialty restaurants included in the basic price.
  5. Another issue is those huge price drops after the final payment. Yes, it happens with other lines as well, but not to that extent. The reason is simple: lines like Princess and HAL start with very reasonable pricing, so they don't need to drop the prices. Celebrity starts with crazy pricing, so they don't fill cabins and need those fire sales. Our June cruise is now 35% cheaper than we booked. Inside cabin was at some point less than $1,000 CAD. We are really concerned what kind of demographics those prices will attract. If we want to sail with Carnival demographics, we would book Carnival, not Celebrity.
  6. This is what OP mentioned in his first post as difference between non refundable and refundable with 2 perks. It might be less on 7 night cruise. Here is an example for 12 night cruise: This is for veranda cabin. To compare, I can book similar cruise on Princess for about $1,000 CAD less per person, then get Internet for $10/day which is extra $120 or $60 per person. HAL is even less.
  7. Thank you everyone for responding, it was very insightful!
  8. The problem is Celebrity thinks their customers are idiots and cannot do a simple math that $700 is worth more than $300 the the two perks are worth.
  9. We were booked for 2 cruised this year before this new policy started. As long as it continues, it will be our last 2 Celebrity cruises. I have no intentions to book with non refundable deposit, and I have no intentions to pay $700 for something that's worth $300. There are so many options around.
  10. We are considering doing a similar cruise on Constellation in September 2019 (or possibly this one) as a gift to our for her 30th birthday. There few alternatives on newer ships (Relfection or Silhouette) that are more expensive, or Edge/Apex that are MUCH more expensive. For example: inside cabin on Constellation is around $190/200 CAD per night, Relfection or Silhouette are slightly more expensive, but Edge is around $300 CAD per night! We sailed on Silhouette and Equenox - how Constellation compares to those ships and to Edge? I know it's much older, but how does it impact the overall cruise experience? It is smaller, which we see as an advantage.
  11. Poor choice of words on my part. Sharing opinions is fine. But it looks like many people would just justify what Celebrity does no matter what. I sailed with Celebrity in the past, and I'm booked twice for this year and at least once next year. But we need to be objective, give a credit where it's due, and criticize when they are wrong.
  12. 100% agree. Celebrity cheerleaders will always blame the victim. Please show me where on Celebrity website it says that you have to leave a day before. Please show me where it says that you should not trust their air department and assume the connection they offer is not good. And yes, I would assume that reputable company like Celebrity would not make "empty promises". But I guess I would be wrong. A lot of good advice on this topic. But not everyone is an expert, and not everyone has 100 flights a year. Sometimes you have to trust the cruise line and assume they give a good advice, and hope that if something goes wrong, they will support you. This was obviously not the case.
  13. I believe it's mostly matter of expectations. When sailing on Carnival, don't expect it to match Celebrity or Princess. When sailing on Celebrity, don't expect it to match Oceania. Comparing is always good - as long as it doesn't impact your cruise experience. We are sailing on Celebrity in June and September, after last two cruises on Oceania and Azamara. I don't expect it to match Oceania food and service, and I'm sure it will feel much more crowded. But I'm prepared, and I'm sure it will still be a great experience (as long as I don't keep saying "they do things differently on Oceania").
  14. The victim is guilty. Celebrity did nothing wrong. Celebrity is always right. Case closed.
  15. Exactly. And most importantly, show more empathy and care.
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