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  1. I wasn't talking about cases when you or your family members are sick or there is a epidemic. This can happen on any cruise ship and any vacation in general. Even the most luxurious one.
  2. I didn't see any big difference about Oceania or Crystal cruisers, compared to lines like Celebrity or Princess (which might not be true when you compare to lines like Carnival). That said, we still prefer smaller ships mostly due to no crowds, no lines, better service etc. Some thing are obviously subjective (like food), but when you read about "stretched and stressed waitstaff and room stewards" on Oceania, you really have to take it with a grain of salt. Oceania has 1.5:1 crew/passenger ratio, while Princess has 2.5:1. So I would be very skeptical about such comments. Sometimes people go on a new line after getting used to "their" line, and just set themselves to a failure. Oceania or Crystal might not be perfect, but I just cannot imagine how someone can not enjoy sailing on one of those lines.
  3. We were on Regal Princess in June 2018 and on Riviera in September 2018. We absolutely loved both, but Oceania is in a different league. The only thing that was better on Princess was entertainment. That said, out of 15 cruises we did, never ever we felt that we want the cruise to end. Never ever did we feel that we want to go back to another line. For us, there is no such thing as a bad cruise. You just need to know what to expect from each line, but we will happily sail on Crystal, Oceania, Azamara, Celebrity, Princess and Holland.
  4. Me too. Due to family and business obligations, we cannot go for more than 12-14 days, and 7 day cruises allow us to combine the cruise with 5-7 days land programs pre and post cruise. Don’t see any issues with the “vibe”.
  5. Well, would you prefer to have 4 devices and slow internet or 2 devices and fast internet? And if they need to invest more money to make the internet with 4 devices per cabin to work, I prefer they reduce it to 2 devices and invest the money somewhere else. And if both you and your wife are using the internet and you need the third device, one of working devices will be logged out. Not a big deal. The argument that it was working fine 1-2 years ago is not necessarily valid. More people are using internet those days, more devices, and apps become more and more heavy and consume more bandwidth.
  6. Me too, but not at the same time. 2 devices shared between 2 people is more than enough. And I'm using my laptop to run my business. But when I'm on my laptop and my wife on the tablet, I'm perfectly fine not to use the phone at the same time.
  7. You would be surprised how much bandwidth smartphones can consume with apps running in background. And if someone is running a heavy software on the laptop, it will still consume a lot of bandwidth even when not in use. Honestly, I cannot see why would anyone even need to use 4 devices at the same time. To me, it's much less compromise than paying for extra visits to specialty restaurants or need to adjust for dinning venues open for lunch only for an hour and a half..
  8. This definitely could be a factor. I think they should not allow 4 devices per cabin. Even if you are just logged in on 4 devices, and not using them, they still consume bandwidth. I believe providing one device per person at any given time is a reasonable compromise. It means two people can still use at any given time, but if a third device is logged in, you will be prompted to log out. A minor inconvenience, but could improve the service significantly.
  9. Ordering an item that was on a menu on another night is not unique to Crystal. You can easily do it on Oceania and Azamara too. In fact, our friends just did it on Celebrity, more than one night. Honestly, I don't think that expecting crabs is unreasonable on a luxury ship. I believe Oceania has it in the buffet almost every night.
  10. I would take the smallest cabin on Oceania or Azamara over a suite on Celebrity or Princess.
  11. We did Oceania, Princess and Celebrity (and few others). Compared to Princess and Celebrity, Oceania is in a different league. You can argue about Azamara, Viking, Crystal etc. but comparing Oceania to lines like Princess and Celebrity is not apples to apples. That said, it also depends where you are sailing, if you are sailing with children or not, your preferences etc. Food and service on O is few steps above Princess and Celebrity. Entertainment and daily activities - not so much. it really comes to what's important to you. For a first cruise, you will probably enjoy all three of them.
  12. Honestly, I could never understand people's obsession with cabin sizes. For us, our cabin is a place to sleep and take a shower. Nothing more. We sailed on Azamara. Yes, cabins are small, bathrooms are small, and showers are small. I'm fairly tall, never had an issue. For us, it would never be a deal breaker if other aspects of the ship are good.
  13. I agree that cruise lines should do a better job - but is there any evidence that Oceania does those cancellations more often than other lines? If there is, then the conclusion not to sail on Oceania can be justified if each port in the itinerary is really important. if all lines do it, then how switching to a different line is going to help?
  14. It happened to us on Oceania. It happened to us on Azamara and on Celebrity. If each time a port is cancelled we say we won't sail on that line never again, very quickly we will run out of lines.. Cruise lines cannot control weather and they cannot control politics.
  15. So if you came across a good port intensive itinerary on one of Oceania O class ships, would you consider it? Or there are other deal breakers on Oceania except entertainment, daily activities and enrichment program?
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