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  1. Fatality rate is not the issue, for 2 reasons: The number of cases is much higher than reported because only small portion of the population is tested. All patients who are tested positive and die are counted as part of Covid-19 deaths - even if they died from heart attack, stroke or something else. So the real fatality rate (of deaths caused directly by the virus) is probably not much higher than the flu. The main issue is that this virus spreads much faster and easier than flu - so the concern is that everyone will get sick at the same time and health care system will collapse. Eventually, between 30% and 70% of world population will be infected and around 0.5% of the infected will die. They just want to spread the numbers.
  2. I agree with you. In fact, I just spoke with my TA and she told me that they have insurance in case a cruise line goes out of business, so the money is safe anyway. But other factors are important.
  3. Money lost in the stock market is temporary - unless you sell. But seriously, I'm asking why people prefer a 100% refund and not 125% future credit. Obviously it's a personal decision, I'm just asking for some feedback.
  4. Well, we all obviously hope this is not going to happen. I don't know if "reasonable" means 10%, 30% or 70%. But if people give up the 25% future cruise bonus, I assume many people believe that the chance of Crystal going out of business is higher than zero. Or am I missing something?
  5. Just got an email that May 31 cruise (OCS200531-07) has been officially cancelled. Not that I had any illusions that we will be sailing in less than 2 months, but now it's official. I see that many people have requested a 100% refund, giving up the option of 125% future credit. Is the consensus that there is a reasonable chance that Crystal will go out of business, so it's better to give up the extra 25% and not to risk a much higher amount?
  6. We got our Welcome package today. Sailed in December.
  7. Calm down.. this was a simple question..
  8. According to Crystal website, the sailings are still a go. I was asking what people intend to do. Not rumors.
  9. Is Crystal still planned to sail in May/June? Are people who booked those cruises in Europe (Spain, Portugal etc.) still planning to go?
  10. I wasn't talking about cases when you or your family members are sick or there is a epidemic. This can happen on any cruise ship and any vacation in general. Even the most luxurious one.
  11. I didn't see any big difference about Oceania or Crystal cruisers, compared to lines like Celebrity or Princess (which might not be true when you compare to lines like Carnival). That said, we still prefer smaller ships mostly due to no crowds, no lines, better service etc. Some thing are obviously subjective (like food), but when you read about "stretched and stressed waitstaff and room stewards" on Oceania, you really have to take it with a grain of salt. Oceania has 1.5:1 crew/passenger ratio, while Princess has 2.5:1. So I would be very skeptical about such comments. Sometimes people go on a new line after getting used to "their" line, and just set themselves to a failure. Oceania or Crystal might not be perfect, but I just cannot imagine how someone can not enjoy sailing on one of those lines.
  12. We were on Regal Princess in June 2018 and on Riviera in September 2018. We absolutely loved both, but Oceania is in a different league. The only thing that was better on Princess was entertainment. That said, out of 15 cruises we did, never ever we felt that we want the cruise to end. Never ever did we feel that we want to go back to another line. For us, there is no such thing as a bad cruise. You just need to know what to expect from each line, but we will happily sail on Crystal, Oceania, Azamara, Celebrity, Princess and Holland.
  13. Me too. Due to family and business obligations, we cannot go for more than 12-14 days, and 7 day cruises allow us to combine the cruise with 5-7 days land programs pre and post cruise. Don’t see any issues with the “vibe”.
  14. Well, would you prefer to have 4 devices and slow internet or 2 devices and fast internet? And if they need to invest more money to make the internet with 4 devices per cabin to work, I prefer they reduce it to 2 devices and invest the money somewhere else. And if both you and your wife are using the internet and you need the third device, one of working devices will be logged out. Not a big deal. The argument that it was working fine 1-2 years ago is not necessarily valid. More people are using internet those days, more devices, and apps become more and more heavy and consume more bandwidth.
  15. Me too, but not at the same time. 2 devices shared between 2 people is more than enough. And I'm using my laptop to run my business. But when I'm on my laptop and my wife on the tablet, I'm perfectly fine not to use the phone at the same time.
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