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  1. Thanks all. We were probably just being overcautious. Thanks for the recommendations on moving the stool outside before locking the door at night.
  2. Hey Everyone, Been on dozens of cruises before, and the wife and I have been on the Bliss - But I have been wrangled into planning a thanksgiving cruise which includes family members. More Importantly - My brother with my young niece and nephew. We are looking at the Bliss 2020 for Thanksgiving - ALL of the Ocean-view family rooms are gone. Thoughts on the Balcony.... We had safety concerns when we thought about it. I know how the doors work - yet since I dont have kids I never bother to look and or understand the locking mechanism while onboard. Im sure my brother and I can rig something up to make it even more secure or bring a bracing bar as well. They are 6 and 3....the 3 year old treats the world around him as a personal jungle gym.
  3. I price compare the cost vs other cruises everytime I book. With/without it included. I also tested a cruise where I didnt have the package and compared bar tabs. Hands down it saves me money....but more importantly, I do not THINK about money on the vacation...which too me is the best part. As another poster mentioned. 4-5 mixed drinks in a day... it pays for itself. Hell on a sea day at the pool....Thats noon for me. A night out around the ship? thats from dressed at 5 to pre-show at 830.
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