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  1. I guess getting there a tad earlier was out of the question? On Breakaway we never had this issue as we planned ahead and enjoyed a beverage or two before the activities... It's kind of like the pool deck... Arrive early, you find plenty of seats...
  2. Why would people buying the stock (in other words provide capital dollars to Norwegian Cruise Line Holding Company) make them not offer the benefit? That makes no sense... Publicly traded companies WANT people to buy the stock regardless of the price. The benefit has nothing to do with stock price.
  3. It's simple logistics... Ships are still positioned in Europe, Alaska and beginning to do the Canada/New England at this time... Come late October you will see ships re-position to ports servicing the Caribbean.
  4. Norwegian has always avoided having ships in the Caribbean during the summer months historically. Most are seen relocating to either the Alaska market and Mediterranean market, as well as Bermuda during this time frame. Carnival has many more ships so they have more of a presence in the Caribbean during these off peak times.
  5. Had the pleasure of dining with the Casino Director aboard Breakaway... Smoking is being addressed on the newest ships, and ships like Encore and Bliss have closed off areas in the casino for smokers, as opposed to the other way around. Kin d of like a "smoke-aquarium" as he described it.
  6. I think that's why SIX will be welcome... It's a one act, one set show... not much to the stage except for the performers and lighting...
  7. This is a typical problem... once they fix it however, it is on your profile correctly.
  8. The address is not a concern. Vital information is that the name on the reservation matches the passports exactly.
  9. SIX is not on Broadway yet... opens 2/13/2020... the show is currently running in London. This is a unique contract to bring a successful show on board before it hits NYC.
  10. Don't experience any of those issues. Always pretty smooth for me.
  11. We had Gray luggage tags, and they were called at about 9:10 AM (originally scheduled for 9:45 since we had a late flight out). The entrance to the line was Forward on deck 7, and we passed through the casino area twice before we actually got to the gangway. By this time all self assist were gone, but the line was still huge. There should be two gangways into the terminal for 4000 passengers... not one. One on each side would have made a big difference. It really wasn't caused by people not obeying their color, but by the lack of gangways in Canaveral at terminal 10.
  12. I am fairly certain it's here for a while... but I don't know for sure about into 2021. NCL has exclusive rights to the show for now...
  13. Yes, they still have Burn the Floor in the theater, and Velvet is running in the Speigel Tent... (for an upcharge fee for dinner show)
  14. Problem in Canaveral aboard the Breakway was not with facial recognition, but the winding pathway up and back down deck 7 just to get to the facial recognition and sign out. I swear we had had to traverse the length of the ship twice to get to that point.
  15. This is a new process used by Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection. Essentially it only applies to passport holders. If you used other documents to board, this will not work for you and you will have to go through customs the traditional way. What happens is this: People with passports will be in a different line from other document holders. As you prepare to leave the ship there will be a station you will pass with a special tablet on a pole that will scan your face and if the green light comes on you will have matched to the photo on your passport and therefore you do not have to visit a customs agent and the process is expedited. For US Citizens, the photo used is then discarded, but for foreign nationals the picture is retained.
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