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  1. Maybe easy, maybe not. Sometimes easy program fixes turn more complex with the ever changing different smart device platforms they have to accommodate. Even if the cost is small probably not something the company wishes to spend funds or labor on at this time. In time all will work out.
  2. I think you have to ask Princess or your T.A. On the surface it appears that you will receive the $490 as FCC, but you really have to check this out. You do have the option of waiting until just before final payment which is now 60 days prior to sailing, mid February, the final payment date. If Princess does cancel the voyage you probably will know before that time.
  3. Doesn't sound like the kind of vacation we would enjoy. But, if some are willing to cruise within these guidelines that would provide cruise lines with some revenue for a year or so.
  4. Believe the note "Balc Access Limited" means that you really can't use the balcony when the ship is underway. It's too windy. I remember someone saying that while the ship was at sea they were able to hide behind the steel balcony wall. Stateroom Number: M106 Type: Mini-Suite Category: MF Location: Forward Deck: 15 (Marina) Bath Type: Shower/tub Connecting Room: N/A Total Size: 319 sq. ft. Special Notes: MINI SUITE PART OBSTRUCTED VIEWNON-GLASS BALC RAIL BALC ACCESS LIMITED
  5. I agree. No sense spending any funds on an app when ships are not sailing. Better to use those funds to remain as liquid as possible during the long, long pause.
  6. We would not go on a cruise ship in December 2020. Even if the cruise is COVID free would not expect the cruise experience we enjoy. We are thinking 2022 and beyond before we board another ship.
  7. C420 has an extended balcony deeper than the standard. The standard is closer to 4 feet deep.
  8. Two extra days at sea, one additional port, Manzanillo. Have been to Manzanillo once, a small town, don't remember much else. The Las Caletas excursion in Puerta Vallarta is supposed to be very good. You can only go there on a ship excursion. No private excursions to this location when ships are in port. The big plus is San Francisco pre or post cruise and the sailing under the Golden Gate. Prepare yourself for choppy seas. If you spend some time in San Francisco look up San Francisco City Guides, free walking tours. We took a few and they were really nice. They pass an envelope around at the end and request a donation. https://sfcityguides.org/
  9. There is always a chance, but I would have a back up plan in mind. The Discovery is still on Princess' schedule for 4 Caribbean voyages, yours being the 2nd, before it sails around South America to the west coast. The Enchanted is scheduled for alternating 10 day Caribbean itineraries during this time and is scheduled to remain in the Caribbean for the season. These 10 day itineraries are very popular, many sail b2b's. Probably way more complicated and costly for Princess to rearrange all those passengers on the Enchanted than just cancelling the Discovery voyages if the ship isn't ready.
  10. I think it depends. In Italy where travel will by land, probably different guidelines & choices than what we experienced in Australia where travel was mostly by air. We were restricted to a standard carry on and a small bag. We found our large bag in our cabin on boarding.
  11. We were on the same voyages, 3 of them. The chief tech officer mentioned to me that all the parts were on board and repairs were ongoing. Expected completion during the March 6th cruise which was their last. Hopefully completed by now with all the down time.
  12. Important differences. The risk of an entire ship being held at sea, not able to port and discharge passengers isn't there with a land resort. At a land based resort those who test negative should be able to leave, go home. More medical services and capacity near land based resorts. At a land based resort more likely your medical insurance would cover medical expenses, especially if they are long term, providing you are within your coverage area. Travel insurance could have some limits. To us these are considerations before we board a cruise ship.
  13. Actually I missed the 3 hot tubs on deck 18. So it's 4 pools and 10 hot tubs for the Enchanted, same as the Sky. Next highest is the Caribbean with 13. One is a large splash/water play area.
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