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  1. Agree weight has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It's obvious by the answer that the Princess phone rep. either does not understand the question or has no clue regarding applicable international regulations. I would just call again, and if you get the same person, ask to speak with a supervisor or just call again. I hope you mention to them the port & country involved, as this could make a difference.
  2. Drink Packages. Same price pre-booked or on board. If you want these and have lots of OBC better to wait. Specialty restaurants. As mentioned you receive a comp. dinner on boarding day. Call the dining line once on board. I think it's best to wait until on board to reserve other specialty dining. That way you can see which evenings would be best.
  3. I would say the odds are in favor. At the sanctuary you have to select your lounge, thus the difficulty of pre-booking. But, for Princess it's all about maximizing on board revenue and I imagine one way is to allow pre-booking.
  4. Some brands may not be included in the 5 for 4 price.
  5. Yes, cabin or anywhere on the ship. The bartender may automatically open one bottle. Just request they don't when ordering. Some brands may not be included in the 5 for 4 price.
  6. Roof Open? Have seen it a few times, but it is rare. I don't believe it is open very much. Have sailed a total of 214 days on Princess ships with indoor pools. On Hal the indoor pool roof was open.
  7. Pre-booked excursions have to be paid when booked. If you wish to combine OBC to pre-book excursions you must call Princess and do this over the phone.
  8. You can bring on board whatever personal effects you want in Hawaii. Your bags just have to fit and go through the security scanners. Your original plan seems very reasonable. This original thread was about taking items off in another country which is not the final disembarkation port.
  9. Lounge around the pool and hot tub just as you would at a nice resort hotel. Afternoon nap Movies on demand in your cabin MUTS Plus all the other stuff mentioned by others.
  10. You will not require winter coats. In early October the days are generally warm in the Northeast, overnights and early mornings can be cool and drop into the 40's. Once you get to Bar Harbor and Halifax the marine climate may feel a little chilly and temperatures could be in the 50's. In Bar Harbor a trip to the top of Cadillac Mountain could prove a little chilly and a trip on the loop road may also have a nice fall breeze off the ocean. The answer is to pack layers, including both long and short sleeve tops, socks, sweatshirt, sweater, light jacket, and don't forget the rain jacket. As you are normally in Florida temperatures a pair of light weight gloves might be handy to carry. You will need a light sweater or sweatshirt for some on ship venues.
  11. Princess ships with indoor pools: Coral, Island, Grand, Golden, Star, Sapphire, Diamond, Majestic. The Majestic's is forward on deck 17.
  12. With 7:15 traditional dining you will not be able to make early theater shows. Dining normally takes between 90 minutes and two hours. Rule of thumb, the larger the table the longer it takes. Tables for two are usually quicker. It's hard to comment on dining times and what people enjoy or do not enjoy. Our experience and our preference is Anytime Dining. This gives us the flexibility to plan our dining around the evening activities and not the other way around. On the Regal there will be theater shows, and additionally on some evenings there will also be shows, usually comics, singers, in the Vista Lounge. The Vista Lounge is smaller, thus you have to arrive earlier, especially for a good comic. With anytime dining you have to get a feeling regarding the best times to arrive at the DR. It does change based on the passengers. Normally if you arrive around 5:30 or after 7:30 you can get seated fairly quickly. The matire'd will generally allow reservations for anytime dining. You have to call the dining line each morning. The phone line opens at 8am. Anytime dining seems to always be chaotic on boarding day evening. We generally skip the DR on that evening and head to the World Market Place buffet, one of the largest and best in the fleet.
  13. Food: One DR open for lunch, International Cafe (small), Horizon Ct. Buffet, poolside pizza and the grill one deck above. Bars: Lido Bar, Lotus Bar at the indoor pool, Crooner's, La Patisserie lobby bar (little seating). Other lounge bars usually open later in the afternoon. Times are listed on the back page of the Princess Patter. Meet: If you board together you can all have lunch together in the DR. Other meeting options are Crooner's, deck 7 mid ship, Lotus Bar, deck 14, and either the Lido Bar, deck 14 or the Bar and Grill, deck 15. Deck 15 is very popular for the sail away.
  14. We used Super Shuttle airport to hotel. They certainly can handle 4.
  15. Calypso Reef Pool with Conservatory above.
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