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  1. I'm certain $$$'s is what a cabin steward would like the most. If your cabin steward is male, which most are, I would think they would like the afghan, but probably would give it to family or friend. A female cabin steward would probably enjoy this gesture better, but I think they would also like $$$'s. If you want to provide the Afghan along with $$$'s it would be fine. Many of the crew come from countries with tropical climates.
  2. It will be a small group disembarking and embarking in Warnemunde, no difficulty there. Berlin to Warnemunde is around 3 hours, allow for that if you are transferring on the day of the cruise. If you are using a Princess transfer, Princess will get you there on time. Muster will be the day you board with the others that board that day. You will not be in Copenhagen, you will be in Warnemunde, Germany when you board. You will board most likely soon after you arrive. Disembarking passengers will be a small group. Most will most likely be on the train that leaves for Berlin early in the morning, long gone before you arrive. Once you check in you are free to get off and on as you please up until the last on board time. But remember not to miss the muster drill. Warnemunde is a small town and easy to walk around. When the ship arrives in Copenhagen as a port of call you just walk off and on like any other port of call. No customs or immigration. Bring along whatever documents are mentioned in the Patter. Hope this answers all your questions.
  3. Agree with Cherylandtk. No obvious benefit. For future information we always have 2 or 3 FCD's each on hand just for your kind of issue. Next time on board you may want to think about purchasing more than one each. They are fully refundable if not used.
  4. Never have seen a sale on the Premium Beverage Package. Also, price is the same pre-purchase or on board. During the summer months the past few years Princess has offered the Sip&Sail promotion which includes the beverage package. The promo generally is available on sailings for the following year, not near term sailings.
  5. No matter if you booked as a single booking number or two booking numbers you still receive a cruise credit for each voyage.
  6. In the past: Free cabin upgrade within the same category, ie. interior to interior, balcony to balcony Free Gratuitie/pp for up to 4 in a cabin. Does not include beverage gratuities Free OBC/pp based on the length of the cruise for up to 4 in a cabin.
  7. Tiki Dave & Leialoha mentioned that hey expect to be assigned to the Star for the 2019/20 season.
  8. You can leave the ship anytime after disembarkation has begun up until the final disembarkation call around 9:30 or so. Carry your passport, cruise card(s) or medallion, and your intransit cards. You can return to the ship anytime after embarkation has begun, usually around 11:30, up until the all aboard time. When returning to the terminal you will have to show your intransit card as well as your cruise card and normally a photo ID (passport). You will have to go through security and wait in the security line if any. Then you go directly to the boarding area and onto the ship. If there are still lines, you will be placed in the front of the line.
  9. To non smokers cigars have a pungent smell which travels far. Non-smokers avoid wide areas where cigars are being smoked. This is one reason why they are not allowed on the open decks. While around 28% of adults smoke only about 5% are cigar smokers. It's a good business decision not to allow them.
  10. $20/half day am or pm, $30/day if you book the entire cruise both sea and port days. Maybe, but Princess would have to change their on line program to have a visual and description of each lounge in the sanctuary so you could select your lounge chair and its location. It also seems that those who book their cruise early would be able to take most of the available spots, thus mainly blocking out those who book their cruise later. While not perfect, it is probably better the way it is now.
  11. You need to price it out. Personally, I would take the 4 that are going and book 2 in each cabin. I would then add the other as a third in one of the cabins. Personally I would avoid 4 people in one cabin, You will find it very tight with difficult bathroom access for 4. Some 4 berth cabins have two upper berths that come down from the ceiling and some, mainly interiors, have them fold out from the walls. Some also use a roll away. In all cases it is very tight.
  12. Back to Back, known as b2b, Generally this is where you sail on more than one voyage on the same ship without a break in between. The ship does not necessarily have to return to the origin port, but in many cases it does. Princess does not offer price breaks for booking b2b's. In many cases Princess allows you to book b2b's as a single voyage with one booking number, or you can break them up into separate booking numbers. There may be some small difference in the fares, but generally the difference is in the promos and other OBC that you receive. You have to check it out, run the numbers. No matter how you book, single or multiple booking numbers, Princess closes out you on board account on your final disembarkation day.
  13. Yes, they have one on the Star. Deck 6 forward. This is a smoking bar. It is the only place on the ship where cigar and pipe smoking is allowed.
  14. The friend receives the OBC on their first Princess Voyage. If you sail on the same voyage you also receive the OBC on that voyage. If you are not on that voyage then the OBC credits are posted to your Captain's Circle account once the friend completes their first voyage. You have 24 months to use them before they expire. The friend must be a new Princess customer.
  15. When you sail during the later evening hours traditional dining normally changes to open seating.
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