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  1. We had two chairs with footstools on the Caribe deck balcony this past February.
  2. Cover is an issue for some, but cover does not equate directly to shade. Shade is mostly determined by the direction of the ship.
  3. Here is some detailed information. Back to Back Turn Around in Fort Lauderdale There will be instructions delivered to your cabin. Be sure to fully read and follow the instructions exactly for turn around day. You will have two choices: a) Exit the ship anytime after disembarkation has begun up to the final call around 9:30/10:00am. Take you passport, cruise card(s) and intransit card with you. Return to the ship anytime after embarkation has begun, around 11:30am. With the intransit card you will get right on the ship. You will have to go through immigration on exit and security when you return. b) Stay on the ship and report NO LATER THAN THE TIME INDICATED to the location indicated in the directions, usually the theater. Bring your passport and cruise card(s) with you. If you stay on the ship you must report, NO EXCEPTIONS. A staff member will guide you through immigration. Immigration authorities may come on the ship or you may have to go as a guided group into the terminal. You do not have to go to a second muster drill. If you are staying in the same cabin your cabin steward will prepare your cabin just like any other day. Nothing is removed. We normally advise the cabin steward to schedule our cabin last to provide more time to get cabins ready for the new passengers. Just a courtesy. If you are changing cabins discuss with your cabin steward prior to turn around day. The cabin steward will arrange to move your belongings to the new cabin. Place as much on hangers as possible. They will be moved on hangers and hung in your new cabin. Other belongings should be placed in your suitcases for the move. You may wish to visit your new cabin steward before the move. You may also be able to place your valuables into the new cabin’s safe.
  4. FYI- Pacific, Island, Sea and Diamond do not have the I.C.. All other ships do.
  5. Correction. Princess does NOT automatically set up a M&G.
  6. M&M or M&G, does not matter what you call it, although Princess normally refers to these meetings as Meet & Greets. A Princess HQ person will assist the roll call organizer in setting the day, time and location. Princess does not place announcements in the Princess Patter. Princess also does not invite on ship's officers. That responsibility falls to the M&G organizer. The cruise critic information has been mentioned before and it is not totally accurate. See comments in bold below. Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle parties will be held on all Princess Cruises sailings. (Not true. Only held if a roll call member organizes one). Please check the daily activities program, called Princess Patters, for notification regarding the day, location and time of the event. (Not true. Princess does not place a M&G announcement in the Patter). Should you wish to pre-arrange the Meet & Mingle for your sailing, please contact Princess Cruises Customer Service at 1-800-PRINCESS. (True, you must contact Princess in advance. Princess does automatically set up a M&G). Please make sure your efforts are coordinated so that only ONE person contacts Princess Cruises. (True).
  7. I read this also, but have not actually seen any formal change in the Terms.
  8. Not hard to understand and not ignorance. People go to the roll calls to find out information regarding ports, private tours, to provide information and many other reasons. Attending a M&G may not be their thing.
  9. Buried in this large thread should be some drink menus. All Princess ships have the same bar menus, so if you find a menu on google for another Princess ship it should be the same as the Sky. Yes, the limit is $12 menu priced as shown in the terms and conditions. Go to your cruise personlizer, select on board reservations and then beverage packages. You can read the complete terms there. Around 95% of all alcoholic drinks on board are priced $12 and under.
  10. Have you contacted CPS with your questions? They should be able to answer all your concerns. Princess has a special needs office which you should also contact. Princess will provide assistance boarding the ship. https://www.cruiseparking.co.uk/contact-us/
  11. What sometimes happens is that the other table mates don't show. They are dining elsewhere. This happened to us the last time we selected TD, and were frequently alone at the table. We were on a b2b and switched to ATD.
  12. You have to be more specific regarding the port and location of the parking lot. But basically all shuttle drivers drop you and your luggage with the porters at the pier. You then walk into the terminal for check in. Remember you have to print your luggage tags from the cruise personlizer and attach them to each piece of checked luggage. On disembarkation you have some choices. You can choose early walk off where you wheel all your own luggage off the ship, or you can place your luggage in the hall outside your cabin the evening before and pick it up in the terminal.
  13. Bring on as much as you like on boarding or at any port. Each cabin has a fridge for storage.
  14. Is it transfers? Just guessing. Sometimes agents just add transfers if you don't mention otherwise.
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