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  1. Actually the original question was about which way the beds face and questions and the 3rd & 4th berths in mini suites. C202/4 was used as the starting point for the orientations of the bathrooms so they could count back to their selected cabin.
  2. If you are searching the Princess site there are lower fares for past cruisers that sign in. Maybe you remain signed in on some browsers and not on others. Just a thought.
  3. Package would include everything except the thermal suite. As others have stated no thermal suite on the Grand Princess. You can visit the steam and sauna rooms adjacent to the spa pool deck 15 forward as many times as you like. No charge.
  4. Yes, examine the deck plans deck by deck on the Princess web site. You will be able to find some cabins in all the cats. with larger balconies. A few examples: D4 cabins on deck 9 M1 club class mini suites with angled balconies on deck 11 and other decks "D" and "B" cat. cabins forward on deck 8 M108/7 & L108/7 forward on decks 15 and 16 Aft facing cabins on some decks. https://www.princess.com/deckPlans.do?shipCode=EX&version=1
  5. Yes this is correct, see web site. But, the address places the winery in Volcano NP next to the visitor center. https://volcanowinery.com/
  6. If the Enclave can not be pre-booked go to the spa desk on boarding day, deck 5 by the forward elevators.
  7. No smell of smoke in cabins or in any other indoor or outdoor location on a royal class ship except in the indoor areas mentioned in my post 57 and the few outdoor areas. Outdoor smoking areas should be a section of the deck 7 starboard aft outdoor deck, a section on deck 17 aft above the wake view pool, an area on deck 17 above the main lido pools (not certain about this since the Sky has a little different layout on this deck than other Royal class ships). Smoking areas are noted in the Princess Patter. I believe that cabin HVAC systems are separate from other systems. The expert Chengk
  8. If post covid follows the pre-covid pattern entertainment should be: Theater: both production shows and guest entertainers. Guest entertainers generally are comics, singers & musicians. There probably will be: Classical style duo that performs mainly in the Piazza area, but maybe in other lounges Party band that will mainly have sets in Explorer's Lounge, but may also play in other lounges, the Piazza and for deck events. An easy listening duo or group that plays mainly in the Wheelhouse Bar for dancing. A piano/singer that performs nightly in Crooner's starti
  9. Not every ship has a thermal suite, only the royal class ships have thermal pools in the thermal suite which is called The Enclave on royal class ships.. There is a fee to use the thermal suite/Enclave. Full suites get complementary access on select ships the Island, Coral, Crown, Caribbean, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire. Anyone can pay the fee and get access, but there is an upper limit of passes sold. Visit the spa desk on boarding day to inquire. Believe the fee is for the entire cruise and not a day pass. There are free steam and sauna rooms on Grand Class ships forward by
  10. Bathrooms, plumbing/closet area in cabins are back to back. Beds are on the same side as the closet/bathroom. Look at cabins in pairs, example C202 & C204. The bathroom will be on your left as you enter C202, back to back with C204, and therefore the beds will also be on the left with the head aft and feet forward. Sofa will also be on your left facing forward. Now count back to your cabin to obtain the orientation. The 3rd berth in a mini suite is the convertible sofa. The 4th berth is either a bed that lowers from the ceiling above the sofa and parallel to the wall or it is a
  11. There are two indoor smoking areas on the Sky Princess. Churchill's cigar lounge which is on deck 6 forward, port side. You my smell some smoke when passing through the forward deck 6 elevator/stair lobby, but you will not actually see smoke. Just aft of this area is the casino. Smoking is permitted in a section of casino slots, not all slots, while playing. There is no smoking at table games or at the casino bar. Some evenings the casino is smoke free, usually formal nights, but you can still smell some stale smoke. The remainder of the ship's indoor areas are smoke free.
  12. No access. Restricted area. That is the bridge, not an outdoor deck. Not certain but there may be access at special times to the roof of the bridge from deck 15. For example Glacier Bay.
  13. The sanctuary is an outdoor lounge area on the upper decks. You can get a massage there, fees involved. The thermal suite is an indoor spa area with heated beds, maybe special showers or sauna. Pretty sure there is no thermal pool in the Island's thermal suite. Mini suites do not have comp. access to the thermal suite. This would be an extra fee for the cruise. Below is the information from Princess regarding mini suites. In the top reference the column on the left are the extra amenities. The other two columns are the same as all other cat. cabins. Club Class minis come with a few additional
  14. No information regarding the Pacific Princess. I can report that after a call and discussion with Princess we were able to get the book by dates on a whole bunch of FCD's moved to 2023 and 2024. Princess was very accommodating. I called 8am pacific time, got right through.
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