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  1. I see it now under World Cruise, not Panama Canal. Agree probably additional enrichment lectures. Ports look fairly normal not the ones I saw on the Pacific Princess.
  2. Tiki Dave mentioned that he expected to be assigned to the Star for the 2019, 2020 season. Does Princess place ambassadors on the 28 day sailing?
  3. 2020? Probably just a marketing term since it's on the small ship, Pacific Princess, and also stops at two ports not normally visited, Puerto Quepos, C.R. and Puerto Chiapas, Mexico. A connoisseur land tour normally means that it is escorted. Maybe the intention is to place a special lecturer on board, kind of escorting the cruise with knowledge. In any case this should be a nice cruise on a small ship.
  4. I would think that during northern lights displays the captain would dim the lights in certain areas of the ship and you would have to go there for the best views. These areas would most likely be the upper decks. If you are thinking about sitting on your balcony then probably any nice balcony on one of the upper decks would be work. I don't think the views would be very good from the promenade deck, it's fully covered and probably would have some lighting so people could get around. The doors from the cabin area to the Lido deck is at the forward end of the halls into the elevator area and then through the side doors to the outside areas.
  5. Yes. There is are no restrictions on soda or any other non-alcoholic beverage.
  6. Yes, the internet cafe used to charge 50 cents per page.
  7. skynight


    On board must be purchased on boarding day. Not available after that.
  8. Yes, you can get beer, mixed drinks, etc. within the limits of their inventory. Princess Cays does not have all the things that they have on the ship. Also, no gun soda, no espresso drinks. The details are in the fine print terms & conditions.
  9. Maybe 11:30. If pier two in FLL boarding generally goes very quickly and may be a little earlier.
  10. It's been a few years since we sailed from S.F.. I remember speaking to some passengers on board that drove to one of the bay ferry terminals, parked and took the ferry to the S.F. ferry terminal which is fairly close to pier 27. You may want to look into this.
  11. After reading Fishywood's posting it is now clear that New York will be a port of call not a turn around port. I looked up the pier assignments and the Sapphire Princess is scheduled to dock on the Hudson River, Manhattan. This is very close to mid town. There should be a passport immigration check after which you should be ready to go.
  12. I can not find any Trans Atlantic cruises that arrive on Sept 25, 2019. I do see arrivals on the 21st and 28th. Check your dates. In any case your ship will almost certainly arrive at Red Hook in Brooklyn, not Manhattan. Clearing Immigration/Customs is not unlike any other U.S. port. Early walk offs will probably begin around 7am/7:30am, followed by those that will pick up their luggage in the terminal. You will be able to select your time. Allow maybe 30/45 minutes to clear the process once your luggage tag is called. While downtown Manhattan is just across the one of the bridges, midtown can take some time. Plan your transportation carefully.
  13. Did you refer a friend? If so when the friend cruises he(she) receives $25 and $25 goes into your account for a future cruise.
  14. - If this one passenger decides she doesn't even want to go before final payment is due, will dropping her off the booking (since she is the third passenger) just drop final payment that would cover her costs or will the other two passengers end up giving up some of the terms of their booking? If so, would it be better for her to just not show up? The beverage package alone for 2 would be more than her fare. According to the passage contract, section 6, which you can see in your cruise personlizer, if the 3rd passenger cancels before final payment date there is no penalty. Any refundable deposits will be returned. A cancellation by the 3rd passenger should have no effect on the 1st & 2nd passenger's promo. I don't see how it can be better to just not show. Some T.A.'s have their own cancellation fees. I can't answer your question regarding insurance, other than to make the comment that any emergency or evacuation from anywhere outside the U.S. can be really really expensive. It's not just the fare. Work through your T.A.
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