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  1. Vote for 10. We had friends 'drop in' for breakfast, which is pretty neat. The noise s minimal, and if you're hearing it too much, then you're staying in your cabin too much. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. We had a 5 night Independence of the Seas this July out of FLL. Next year, Indy does only 3/4 night out of FLL. So, the only L&S that we could do was the Explorer 5 day out of Galveston. At least the FCC helps pay for our first TA in 2021!
  3. On our last cruise, we booked a transatlantic on the Rhapsody from Barcelona to Tampa for November 30, 2021. Going to Europe just to come back isn't that smart, so we thought we should book the preceding cruise as a B2B. But the preceding cruise is a repositioning trip from Venice to Tampa on October 23 to 30. Why the 31 day hole in the schedule? What happened? Why is there a month between sailings? Is the ship going into dry dock or refurbishment? Is it being used for Below Deck episodes? Did someone charter it for a month long sailing? Did the scheduler mix the months up and make it November instead of October? And yes, I've sent to notes to RCL and haven't heard back yet... Has anyone else seen a hole like this before?
  4. Our first Royal cruise was in November 2001. RCL gave special discounts or free cruises to those directly affected. Our table mates were in the Pentagon that day. While the cruise was very relaxing and exciting for us - for them they were very nervous and apprehensive over every little noise. I can see most seasoned cruises being apprehensive in the coming months.
  5. I would think Disney will be the bell weather for major tourist destinations - including Vegas and cruises. I can't image their lawyers agreeing to open things up, without everyone signing a waiver from C19. And then making sure all their employees agree to those waivers too. That will be even harder.
  6. I need clarification please. We are Diamond Plus in Training. Does that make us in D PIT's? Or is there a better acronym answer?
  7. The way traffic can be around Orlando and Disney, I would be cautious about going there. Worst case scenario is how do you catch up to the ship at the next port?
  8. We did the Eco tour with Adventure Antigua last week going to Hell's Gate, and it was fantastic. Only 31 on the tour. Six from our ship and the rest from a couple local resorts. We did the stingrays in Grand Cayman a few years ago and that was great too. Do the Eco - you won't be disappointed.
  9. Thanks for the tour. We'll be there next week!
  10. I'm a III. I have the same issue, especially with passport / boarding pass / C&A. As long as my seapass opens up the DL, I'm happy. I've dealt with the issue for 60 years, so a couple extra minutes doesn't bother me. Do red flags go up at Homeland Security when they get the manifest without a Jr, or III or IV? I've never had an issue, but I wonder....
  11. At embarkation, the checking of the bags is done by a security company and not RCL employees. So sometimes you get a person that will question everything in your bag and others are just get there to pass time. It's a crap shoot whether they will question my 6 pack of Coke or not.
  12. I agree that Ponce will be cancelled, which is very sad. According to cruise time tables, ours is one of two visits from cruise ships this year. I'm sure many people were looking forward to an influx of $$, even if this is a rare occurance. Please report back what your findings are. Our sailing is the Serenade Feb 10.
  13. Not sure where you will be coming from, but traffic in Miami and the port area can be pretty bad in the mornings. I would try to drop your family off by 9, so that you could be happy with that at 10, be at the airport at 11, and get back to the ship by 1. Last month, we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half.
  14. We'll be going to Ponce PR next month on the Serenade. I'm sure it will take 30 days before a decision is made for that port.
  15. We were on the Celebrity Infinity last month that had a stop in Nassau on Sunday. St. Francis has services at 8:30 and 11. We were too late for the 8:30, but stayed for the 11 and what a welcoming experience! You could tell who the six people from a cruise were. The music and liturgy was fantastic. I can't wait to plan another Sunday excursion to a island church.
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