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  1. Well that is good new. Could I ask what cabin you had?
  2. Recently off the breeze where we had booked Balcony Suite (BS) Cabin 519 because it stated that it had a bathtub. On entering the cabin, it did indeed have a bathtub... but NO SHOWER. There was a wand about 1/2 up that wall that I guess you could hold and shower off with... but we requested we be moved to cabin with a shower and were moved to cabin 525. It was mid ship and very quiet. A couple we met on board had a Oceanview suite forward on deck 4 and they stated it was very loud from the waves crashing into the ship when the ship was underway. We enjoyed all the dinning venues. We thought the food in Cuadro was really fun and unique, and Amphora was really top notch for a "main" dining room. Enjoy!
  3. Can anyone speak to what Scotch and Whiskeys are included with an upcharge?
  4. Just back from the July 24th St Maarten cruise - we were testing on boarding, the day before Antigua, and the day before returning to St Maarten. All complimentary, We could us the last test to fly back to the US as well. You may want to see if your last port requires a test for disembarkment
  5. Back from the July 24th St Maarten Cruise and Amphora was open 5 nights. Closed on Wednesday and then for the Deck BBQ. We have fabulous meals at Cuadro (we really love this new restaurant), Candles, and Amphora was really spectacular. In the end the best part was the crew, just so wonderful.
  6. Pigeon Island, a free beach day!!! Yeah! Were you allowed to walk around the park?
  7. Well that is wonderful news!
  8. Has Windstar been able to organize a beach day (not excursion, but a beach day where they bring the water toys out?)
  9. Question: When you were in Pigeon Island, St Lucia, were you allowed off the ship to go to the beach there?
  10. Can you tell me what day is the "beach" day (if there was one). I was thinking it might be on Pigeons Island as it has been there before. Thankss Eileen
  11. Thanks for the review and excursions! And Happy Birthday!
  12. Any chance you could post what the new shore excursions are?
  13. CDC says either NAAT or antigen are acceptable.
  14. Thanks for post and so happy you are having a good time. Question: If the main dining room is only going to be serving dinner for two night, where will you eat the other days? I do not believe that the menu at Candles or Cuadro 44 changes (not really worried about us going hungry or there being a lack of selection), just curious Thanks, Eileen
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