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  1. Same here! We bought sweaters and turtlenecks for layering and some UGG boots for our May 22 Millie cruise! We can use them for a few winter days here in Texas! Hopefully, we can book another Alaskan cruise one day!
  2. Good to know! We are on the Millennium 5/22 and it looks like it isn't going to happen! I did an online "chat" with Celebrity today because the cruise is still listed as being available to book and got a vague answer about maybe a "Plan B"!
  3. I hope that is not the case but they must be losing millions of dollars and their stock is down 65%. I have not heard if the government will provide financial assistance.
  4. While it would be nice to receive a 125% FCC, does anyone worry about the cruise lines filing Chapter 11? Then, I assume all FCC credits will be lost? Just cautious or curious!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply! I will forward this information to my friend before she boards! Maybe she can stop at a drugstore on the way to the ship!
  6. My friend is in Vancouver ready to board the Millennium tomorrow for their first cruise. She forgot her hairdryer and asked me what the hairdryers are like on the ship. Since I always use my own hairdryer, can anyone comment on the ship's hairdryers (aqua class if that makes any difference)? Are they like the low-powered hotel ones? I know this seems silly, but a girl can't live without a good hairdryer!!!
  7. CATCH THE CAT in Antigua was one of the best excursions we have ever been on! https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1892998-d8709548-Reviews-Catch_The_Cat_Private_Sailing_Charters-Jolly_Harbour_Saint_Mary_Parish_Antigua_A.html We have also done several of the Xtreme tours that were also fun! The speed boat was really bumpy and not for anyone with motion sickness issues! We liked the one with the lobster lunch the best. Thenford Grey does a great tour and the beach stop at the end is nice! Very entertaining and charming!
  8. We are thinking about booking Hilton Rose Hall while in Jamaica this July with our grandkids ages 4, 4 and 6! I can't seem to find a lot of information on CruiseCritic! It appears it may be a 15 minute ride from port? Any recommendations or comments? Jewel Bay looks nice but from what I have read, it is a 45 minute drive! Too long!
  9. I just received this info from a tour operator when I inquired about an excursion in July. The Cayman Islands do not observe daylight saving and remain on the same time year round; we are 5 hours behind GMT. Ship time vs Cayman local time can be a bit confusing; some ships change time with each port; some do not. The Cayman Islands are an hour behind Florida time and the same as Texas/New Orleans time from March 10 until November 03, 2019. If your cruise ship stays on Florida time, then your ship time is an hour ahead of Cayman local time. If your ship stays on Texas/New Orleans time then your ship time should be the same as Cayman time. If you have any concerns about what time zone your ship will be on we are more than happy to provide the past arrival times for your ship. We do suggest double checking all arrival and departure information with your cruise ship directly.
  10. Thanks for all of the information! Our friends went forward with the expensive coverage. It is their first cruise and they are at the mercy of their TA! They did allow me to move them around for a great cabin though! We are taking a family trip this summer to the Caribbean and this info has been helpful to me. Thanks!
  11. I am helping a friend plan her first cruise. The TA she used is selling them insurance for $300 per person for a 7-night Alaskan cruise. I have not yet been to Alaska but that seems to be high especially since Alaska is a state. Does her normal medical insurance not cover medical expenses in Alaska? It seems she would only need trip cancellation insurance. Any thoughts on this? Also, I have used several different companies for insurance on my previous cruises. What is the most reasonable and dependable coverage?
  12. We usually sail on Celebrity but are thinking about taking our son and family (wife and three kids) on Liberty out of Galveston. Is there a link for the best cabins? Any thoughts on the aft cabins? Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. The aft balconies are our favorites! We could have upgraded to Aqua Class for an additional $100 but we were not about to give up our aft balcony! It's nice that it is half covered which works well when you want shade or protection from rain! The aft balconies on the S class ships are not as nice and we usually look for something midship on those ships! We were in 7203! Pictures are the view from our balcony and our friends' balcony (they had a handicapped cabin and the balcony was approximately two feet wider). On our balcony, we had a table with four chairs and the two lounge chairs just like the ones pictured!
  14. I totally agree with you! We have already booked for next year!
  15. I am glad you liked it too! I was beginning to think I was really missing something since it was so nice! We are also booked for next Christmas! We are planning our first Disney cruise in spring 2020 and could use some pointers from you! Our grandchildren will be 6 and 8 then! We have done Disneyland but I have heard the cruises are much nicer! Judy
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