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  1. My daughter has been researching our upcoming trip and has found the following information about duty free shopping in St Thomas and wonders if any of you have had any further information on it or could give further clarification on it. It says that each traveler is Allowed a total of $1600 merchandise from the US Virgin Islands. This can include up to 5 cartons of cigarettes and 5 liters of liquor but one must one manufactured in the Virgin Islands. You must keep your receipts to prove you purchase these items in St Thomas. Thanks in advance for any help you can give with this!!!
  2. I do indeed mean August of 2019, thanks for pointing that out, that is what happens when you are in a rush!!
  3. I am hoping you experienced ACL folks will be able to help us out, while we have taken numerous ocean cruise, the smallest line we have cruised on is Seabourn and it appears that this line is much smaller than that. Right now we are planning to take the Grand Heartland Cruise on the America in August of 2018 and I am wondering if you can tell me what to expect from the excursions, food and the ship. I also am hoping you can help us select a cabin we are looking at categories AAM or AAC and I am wondering what the differences are, beside the price, and if you could recommend a cabin that you found to be particularly great if you have already taken this cruise? Also any must see places before the cruise and great restaurants in St Paul would be wonderful! Thanks so much for any help you can give us with this!
  4. Thanks so much for your reply, I will ask now before I book
  5. :') I was going to offer plenty of drinks here in RI if they were willing to shovel out my driveway and walkways this winter, OPEN bar here, come on up!!!!! I can assure you it is an ice bar LOL :cool: but in all honesty, I have heard that it is pretty easy to get into the Ice Bar simply because it is so damn cold, few can survive in there for long.
  6. I am wondering if they pick you up with the tram at the end of the day to return to the boat? I have mobility issues and want to rent a cabana but am concerned about the walk back to the ship afterward if they give me one too far out. Thanks so much for your help with this.
  7. We have stayed at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach on our last trip and loved it and we booked it again for our upcoming trip. It is in the middle of everything, has great views, has Dukes right there, think Hula pie-it is wonderful LOL, we did not do the city view but I am sure that is beautiful we did the ocean view and that was gorgeous. Wherever you decide you stay will be wonderful, after all you can't go wrong -it is Hawaii:D Enjoy your trip!!
  8. Thanks SO much for the replies-my granddaughter will be thrilled-we definitely will pack our suits in our backpacks for easy access!!!
  9. We have been booking aft balconies for our last 5 cruises, I LOVE how peaceful they are and the views from them are not to be beat in my onion. For this cruise, my DD, SIL and Grand and going on their first cruise and will have a 2 bedroom aft on the side of ours, quite lucky, we sure did not start out that way LOL!!!
  10. I know I am late to the game but I can not find this anywhere and my granddaughter is driving my crazy LOL Is the pool open the first day that you get on the ship? We have been on this cruise before but never payed attention to this detail
  11. Johnny Cab is one person you could contact for that type of service. He picks you up at ship at the time you would like, and will do an island tour for any amount of hours - His price is $50 per hour. . He gets good reviews! Check out their website
  12. Thanks you SO much for posting this information-I can not believe how helpful you folks are-it is MUCH appreciated!!!!!!
  13. We used them five years ago and were happy with their service. If you got to Trip Advisor and type in their name under Hawaii tours you will find all the reviews and I think you will see that they have good reviews. As the other folks here have said, they would never have remained in business all these years if they did not do a good job servicing folks, but check them out yourself..
  14. Thanks so much for that heads up-we did not realize first that the Enterprise lot was fenced in and gated so thanks to fligster for that information. We definitely plan on being back before dark so that is not an issue so we will look into the Hertz location and ask if they have a drop box!!!
  15. I am glad to hear that they are open on Sunday-when we had called we had gotten a message saying they were closed on Sunday also. When you do find out the hours there could you please let us know, since this is when we will be needing their services. We would like to pick up and drop off our vehicle in the same day and I am hoping they have a drop box there but so far we been unable tot get through to actually speak to someone. Silver Sweethearts thanks for posting that local number-I will have my daughter try that next week and see if she has any luck getting through to anyone!!!
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