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  1. I’ve been online & have read conflicting information about using Mobile Passport at Ft Lauderdale. Anyone been able to use the Mobile Passport at the Ft Lauderdale terminal? Thanks! Tom😎
  2. I’ve been online & have read conflicting information about using Mobile Passport at Ft Lauderdale. Anyone been able to use the Mobile Passport at the Ft Lauderdale terminal? Thanks! Tom😎
  3. Can you post what Princess sent you so that we can see what they are saying? Thanks! Tom😎
  4. I’m aware that balconies on the Caribe deck are bigger & partially covered/uncovered as I’ve been in a Caribe stateroom before but I’m wondering what makes it a Premium Balcony? Is their some difference that I’m not aware of? Tom😎
  5. I’ve taken an up-sell to a Premium Balcony on the Caribe deck. What’s the difference btw a regular balcony on the Caribe deck vs a Premium Balcony on the Emerald Princess? I understand that this has an upper birth & is a connecting stateroom. Anyone stayed in this stateroom? Here’s the details of the balcony. Stateroom Number: C506 Type: Premium Balcony Category: B2 Location: Mid-Aft Deck: 10 (Caribe) Bath Type: Shower Connecting Room: C504 Total Size: 271 sq. ft. Special Notes: 1 UPPER BERTH CONNECTS WITH C504 Anyone stayed in this stateroom? Thanks! Tom😎
  6. I use packing cubes that are expandable so more stuff goes inside with less space. I go to the Container Store. They come in different sizes. I posted what I've used. 3 different sizes. Tom😀
  7. I have magnet clips that I use on the wall to hang up the various documents that I have...Meet & Greet Flyer, Slot Pull Flyer, I’m the organizer of both, a table that I made that shows my cruise schedule day by day which shows if I’m doing anything that day. If I have a balcony stateroom I have a thermometer with a section cup that goes on the sliding door so that I can always see the temperature outside. Of of course I bring my charging cables so that I can charge my devices. I keep them in a drawer when I’m not using them. I always have a couple extra cables jus in case I need them. I recently bought some magnet hooks so that I can hang some items on them like a ball cap 🧢, Fanny Pack etc. i put my suitcase under the bed. I always have some extra zipper plastic bags some of the large size. Tom😎
  8. I just booked a Ocean Medallion Cruise next December on the Ruby. I’ve downloaded the app but when I added my confirmation number I get a message that “Your Booking Information does not match our records”. Everything on that page is correct. Am I too soon to register? Thanks! Tom🤔
  9. Thanks for your help. With things loaded on the Medallion do you still need to have a printed boarding pass or can you load that onto the Medallion in advance? Tom😀
  10. Curious if you ever use your cell phone to take photos while your traveling?
  11. I’m curious as with the Medallion does this means that you can bypass the checkin desk? How does the Medallion speed your boarding the ship & how do they know what level you’re at? Thanks! Tom😎
  12. Is their a Global Entry/Mobile Passport lane in Ft Lauderdale? Thanks! Tom
  13. Another tip is to go & introduce yourself to the new steward. It was nice for a short time to have the ship almost empty. Tom😀
  14. I’m suggesting that you call Princess & ask your question & then please post their response. That way we hear the response directly from them. We don’t have any responses from someone whose actually used the EZ Air guarantee. Tom
  15. From the Princess Web Site...Offer expires: October 31, 2019. I did a mock booking but non of these offers showed up so I think a call to Princess is necessary. They also wanted a larger deposit. Tom😎
  16. Anybody recently had the chiefs dinner on the Emerald Princess & if so what did you pay? Tom😀
  17. Thanks for what you have done for all of us. A great format. Now other people on CC please update this list as you have new information. Tom😀
  18. I’ve been reading where people have been getting shots, typhoid and Hep A. Has anyone been told to get shots for a Panama Canal Cruise?
  19. I’ve been on a lot of Princess Ships & never heard of a “White & Gold” party. Perhaps it’s on another cruise line & another member will know. Tom😎
  20. You can also go to the casino & put some $ on your cruise card & cash it out. I’ve done this before so I know it works. I did play the slot machine for a few minutes. Tom😎
  21. Passport Card....Anyone once on the ship just took your Passport Card when going ashore vs your passport? Tom😎
  22. I’m not aware of any tricks as to an upgrade. Princess has a department called “Yield Management “ which controls the staterooms on the ship. I personally have not received an offer often. I’ve read many posts & have not seen anything that would add to getting an offer. If you’re using a T/A you might see what they could do. I don’t think anyone knows why some people get picked & others don’t. One theory is that they move you up so that they can sell the cheaper inside cabins. Tom😎
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