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  1. Nothing confirmed on that. Serenade is not showing booked at any ports yet. Hawaii only reports 18 months out. It seems they are going to have a new Alaska and Trans-Pacific release coming with Quantum and Voyager and that Serenade would either be included with that release or confirmed to be heading elsewhere.
  2. There will be a quick response. Coronavirus is affecting the travel stocks on the market. RCL is expected to have a quarterly earnings call on the 29th of January and they will really want to be prepared for how they are handling this and how it will affect future earnings.
  3. I was surprised as well with the move for Summer of 2021. The ship had been announced for year round Singapore in the press.
  4. First weekly call at Victoria BC on May 16th of 2021 putting Quantum in Seattle every Monday. Ovation booked at Victoria every Thursday for the Friday Seattle sailings. Port bookings are never confirmed until the sailings are released. Sun, May 16 2021 QUANTUM OF THE SEAS 07:00 22:00 4180 North B Royal Caribbean Intl | To: Seattle | From: Ketchikan | Length: 1141
  5. Allure is in dry dock this year and will sail from Barcelona this May. Harmony is booked for summer of 2021. Royal had used Harmony as a place holder in Mallorca but have changed them or they are no longer visible. RCI does premier with ICON class in Quarter 2 of 2022 and they have often taken these ships directly to Barcelona. This may be the case in the summer of 2022, but no evidence yet.
  6. Hawaii ports booked over month ago and reported here.
  7. I do not see them there at the moment either. That is not unusual. I am glad they caught the dates though as it fits with the bookings at Hawaii and the rumors in Australia from the ship. I think they are legit bookings.
  8. Latest deployment predictions (most confirmed) Quantum to Seattle / Sydney and Voyager to LAX via Hawaii. Adventure - Galveston – TA- STO/CPH / revitalization / Caribbean / Galveston ??? Allure - Miami / PC / Galveston Anthem - Bayonne / Southampton / Bayonne Brilliance Tampa / Boston / Tampa Empress - Miami /Bayonne / San Juan Enchantment - Baltimore year round. Explorer - Miami / ???? Miami Freedom - Bayonne / San Juan Harmony - PC / Barcelona / PC Indy - PE year round (21- April 22) Jewel - Galveston /BCN / AMS NE /BI / BCN / Miami Liberty - Galveston until October / revitalization / Miami (3 and 4 day) Majesty - New Orleans year round Mariner - PC 3 / 4 night Navigator - Miami / PE (3 / 4 night) Oasis - PE / Bayonne / Miami Odyssey - PE / Rome / PE Ovation - Sydney / Seattle / Sydney Quantum - Beijing / Singapore / Seattle / Sydney Radiance - / AK one way Seward / Vancouver / HI / Brisbane Rhapsody - Tampa / Venice / Tampa Serenade - HI / Vancouver / ??? (PE) Spectrum - Shanghai / Beijing ??? Australia Symphony - Miami year round Vision - Port Everglades / BCN 12 night / Port Everglades Voyager - Sydney / HI / LAX year round? Wonder – Southampton/BCN/Dubai/Shanghai (year round from arrival)
  9. Would assume China 2 or China 3 Week of February 24, 2020 China – Phase 2 Week of March 2, 2020 Short Caribbean Week of March 16. 2020 Australia Week of March 23, 2020 China – Phase 3 Week of March 30, 2020 Singapore & Transpacifics
  10. Malaga will be testing driverless buses for transfer from the cruise terminals to Malaga's center city. http://www.surinenglish.com/local/202001/17/driverless-buses-ferry-cruise-20200117103141-v.html
  11. It appears they have just moved it to December the 12th , I guess. That was the date on the release but they put it up on the 10th of January . https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1425/royal-caribbean-announces-2021-deployment-from-shanghai/
  12. Royal did release their own press release about 'Shanghai Deployment' on Friday, January 10th and only mention Spectrum and Voyager. They did a separate press release in October 2019 for Wonder's Shanghai deployment. I do find it odd that they did not mention Wonder in the January press release, but that may be an oversight. I also find it odd that the press release is dated December 12th, 2019 but was not released until a month later. https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1425/royal-caribbean-announces-2021-deployment-from-shanghai/
  13. As they have cancelled several sailings on Liberty of the Seas in February and March, I believe the February and March sailings from Galveston on Jewel are only open to those affected passengers at the moment.
  14. The bookings for Royal Caribbean 'Unnamed Vessel" are most likely for Quantum as it would appear at the moment.
  15. They seem to be making some capacity adjustments based on competitive factors. NCL will commit their 2 latest ships to the Alaska market through 2023 and have booked. I never count on these bookings being definite until I see the actual sailing released, but this was a big development.
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