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  1. Denmark the only country RCI sail in Europe to start a plan to open up their country will keep border closures through mid-May and will not allow large gatherings and lack of social distancing through the end of August, 2020.
  2. The one thing I wonder about those charts is that at the top of the page it states, " COVID-19 projections assuming full social distancing through May 2020" If this is the case for the projection, what happens if social distancing is relaxed prior to the end of May? Is full social distancing being followed everywhere within these states?
  3. I think the big problem with the Abbott Labs fast test is they can only test 4 patients per hour. The other problem is that they will only have 5,500 of these machines ready for the entire USA.. The first version of the Korean fast system that was released at the beginning of February can process 24 tests per hour. The city of LA has purchased 20,000 of the Korean test kits at this point. Only 200 have arrived so far from Korea. I am not sure how this can be used at this time to test an entire cruise ship embarking.
  4. Are Canadians good about always buying travel insurance when they go abroad? The only change would be with the Schengen visa is that proof of travel health insurance is necessary to get the visa for entry along with a small fee, I would imagine. Oddly, I looked at Sweden's medical agreement documents now and you are right, it is not Canada, but the agreement is actually just with Quebec and not the whole country.
  5. I could see the Schengen visa applied to all countries that do not have direct medical agreements with European countries. This visa has a proof of health care provision so that European countries do not get stuck with the bill for these visitors if they suffer illness or injury. This already applies to all but 50 countries in the world. That could be reduced and then require visas for Americans. Canada and Australia usually have direct agreements for care of their citizens while abroad and they are usually reciprocal.
  6. There are data tracking companies that have tracked all cell phone movements from Florida. There was an interesting video that showed where these specific spring breakers from Fort Lauderdale beach went in the days after departing Florida. The top spots were Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and Tennessee.
  7. Carnival has announced that the Carnival Radiance sailings are cancelled until the 1st of November 2020 at this time. The Carnival Victory is sitting in Navantia shipyard and was being converted to the Carnival Radiance. Work was to begin just days prior to the work on Allure was scheduled to begin. As the work on Victory was scheduled for a 7 week dry dock as much of the work was done on a non-revenue transatlantic sailing. I think Allure was originally scheduled for a 6 week dry dock. It would seem that Allure could be available first around mid-October if this is the case.
  8. Many of the passengers onboard these ships have booked a 31 day sailing from Buenos Aires to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. They were due to circumvent the Panama Canal today and make there way to PE for disembarkation on the 7th of April. I am not sure if I have seen that fact noted in the thread.
  9. The Spanish Constitution only allows the government to set states of emergency for 2 week periods at a time. It is very likely at this moment that there will be another extension from the April 12th date, depending fully on how the virus is still spreading around the country. They have already said that the state of emergency would only be lifted gradually and it would seem that tourism is going to be down that list when the country is recovering from this crisis at first, but will again become very important to the economy of course.
  10. That of course would not include the Germans that just with the BMW operation are the 4th largest employer in the state and certainly not the Chinese from Geely that have now direct invested 1,2 billion in the state with the Volvo plant. And not the Swedish-Swiss ABB that is their 11th largest employer in the state. Then factor in the effect these companies have had on the Port of Charleston. We are just too connected now to have this blame 'the other' attitude.
  11. Yes they could. It is true that in the for-profit hospital industry that they are laying off a certain portion of their staff that deal with all the many elective procedures that are very profitable for these hospitals under normal conditions. That is not the case at them moment and therefore leads to all the layoffs that are happening.
  12. The ship left Southampton yesterday and now appears to be on a 5 day sailing around the UK returning to Southampton on the 4th of April. It would seem that some of these updates listed would not require the ship being at the shipyard and they could do some of this work while at sea as long as they had workers on-board.
  13. Maybe they were able to get one of the Korean test kits that have been on the market for a few weeks. They have been supplying Italy and Spain and may have them in the USA soon. http://www.seegene.com/covid19_detection
  14. As the situation is very grave in all regions of he Mediterranean, I can not imagine that while the pandemic is still active anywhere in the world that ports, regional governments or countries will allow arrivals of cruise ships. Even if they get this virus under control they will be very concerned about a new wave of infection. One change that we might see is an expansion of the Schengen and other visas for all nationalities and that carries a proof of Medical Travel insurance requirement. Around 65 countries had been excluded from this requirement previously. As Navantia shipyard is currently closed and the earliest possible return to work is most likely June 15th, it will be unclear when they can resume operations.
  15. Umm... I know it is actually quite difficult to actually read the attachments and look at the maps included, but I think the poster was referring to the color red that is used on that map to indicate the cases of Coronavirus actually! So, stop with the unfounded threats!
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