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  1. The current holding company for Birka Cruise Line did operate the Swedish ship and had changed the name to Birka Cruises actually. They have a total of 8 ships among 3 lines. These Baltic lines do have a very rich history and they have actually had a great impact on modern cruises as many of the innovations, such as the Promenade first appeared on ships sailing the Baltic, with the Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony. Without those advancements in the early 90s you would not have many of the features on the Voyager and Freedom class, such as the Royal Promenade 9 years after the introduction in the Baltic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Silja_Serenade Having lived in Sweden for the 90s, I do recall Birka's ship as one of the 'stars' of the Swedish soap TV show, Rederiet that ran for 10 seasons. It was referred to as the Swedish television's 'Dynasty'. I only sailed with them one time when they had the former Royal Viking Sky for one year after NCL had operated the ship for a while. I had sailed on this ship around South America and on a Panama Canal sailing both in the 80s and it was nice being able to walk from my home to the 'Cruise' Terminal for boarding 45 minutes prior to departure. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103523/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt
  2. The company being taken into bankruptcy in Spain is the travel agency that sells the cruises on the Pullmantur Cruise Ships, Pullmantur SA. This agency was owned by Pullmantur Holding together with RCL. The ownership information for each ship is shown on the ship register website at Det Norske Veritas. I am no expert in this area but it is interesting to note how each ship is registered. Quantum is owned by "Quantum of the Seas Inc" and Sovereign is owned by Pullmantur Cruises Sovereign Ltd. and not by the now bankrupt Pullmantur SA nor directly by Pullmantur Holdings. Interestingly, Grandeur is owned by RCL directly at the moment and the planned move to Pullmantur would be cancelled. The information for Sovereign is as follows currently: Owner: Pullmantur Cruises Sovereign Ltd. (10048659) (IMO number: 5432759) Manager: Pullmantur Cruises Ship Management Ltd. (10130203) (IMO number: 5304986) ISM/DOC holder: Celebrity Cruises, Inc. (145279) (IMO number: 2071600) https://vesselregister.dnvgl.com/VesselRegister/vesseldetails.html?vesselid=G107405
  3. Local media discussed the disappointment with the Allure of the Seas project at Navantia due to the fact that in the end the work only required around 400 workers a day as the length of the project had been extended in dry dock. They re-emphasized how the work was restricted only to the maritime maintenance and propulsion issues and nothing else. Interestingly they discuss that although the contract for the Carnival Victory has not been cancelled they have not done any work on the ship. There is suspicion the ship could be one of the 6 ships mentioned by Carnival as leaving their fleet. There was no mention of the Celebrity Constellation that was due into the Navantia yards when the Carnival ship was completed. Navantia delayed a meeting with all personnel concerning the future of the shipyard's cruise ship contracts until Wednesday, allowing the Allure of the Seas project to be completed with her departure today, and stated that while none had been cancelled they expect there will be severe impact on the shipyard in the near future. https://www.diariodecadiz.es/noticias-provincia-cadiz/Navantia-Allure-crucero-reparado-Cadiz_0_1478252462.html
  4. Royal Caribbean's airline Wamos is flying in to Barbados now from Madrid. Flights from Barbados have been flying with some frequency from Barbados to Doha on Qatar Airways.
  5. Fred Olsen should be safe. They just announced their 'Four Ladies in Lisbon' cruises yesterday, where all their ships will meet up in Lisbon in 2021. They are a 5th Generation family company with a very strong following. I have sailed on all the Royal Viking ships and the former Royal Viking Sky is the only ship I have sailed on under 4 different cruise lines. She was fully renovated again in 2018 and was in great shape the last time I was onboard. She followed us out from Lisbon when I was on a Liberty of the Seas' transatlantic some years ago and it was amazing how tiny she looked from that vantage point. The ship where CMV had the major incident with crew was supposed to leave service I believe. Without having much knowledge of the situation, I am glad a government stepped in to see that these crew members get repatriated to India.
  6. Both Anthem and Celebrity Infinity are finally in port in Mumbai today. Another Philippine Airlines flight is headed toward Bridgetown, Barbados from LAX now. Both Majesty and Empress are back in Southampton today. Looks like they are scheduled in to Southampton every 5 or 6 days in June.
  7. With the flight patterns that Wamos flights have been taking there could be some re-crewing of the ships going on with the repatriation. of crew. A Wamos flight that has departed today from Mumbai for Madrid. This aircraft flew Shanghai to Madrid and then on to Bridgetown and then to Mumbai via Madrid and is returning to Madrid now. The flight to Miami yesterday appears unrelated as they flew on to Lima Peru today. An Air Europa flight out of Madrid to Bridgetown today is possible working with Disney on repatriation.
  8. Wamos flight from Madrid arriving at MIAmi in a few hours. Unsure if any relationship to Brilliance that has been in port in Miami for a couple of days.
  9. I am not sure if the new Spanish decree for the New Normal would have anything to do with the timing of Pullmantur's decision. With the "New Normal" decreed by the Spanish government and approved when the Ciudadanos center-right party joined the coalition, insight was given what would be required of transportation companies after the state of emergency is lifted at the end of the month. The decree will be permanent until such time that the government considers the pandemic over. Masks will be obligatory in all indoor public spaces including workplaces, restaurants, hotels and airlines and other transport companies. Fines as much as 100 euros have been introduced. Outdoor mask usage and fines will be handled by the local regional governments around Spain. Transportation companies must keep records of where passengers were seated (dined - lounges) or moved for 30 days. This will allow for proper contact tracing should a confirmed virus case be found. It would be required for all transportation within or originating or arriving in Spain to allow for contact tracing. https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-06-09/spanish-cabinet-approves-decree-for-new-normality-after-coronavirus-state-of-alarm-ends.html
  10. If the phases are strictly adhered to, it would seem that cruise ships would be in phase 4 for NOLA. https://ready.nola.gov/incident/coronavirus/safe-reopening/
  11. Here is the article with cruise ship quote. https://www.nola.com/news/coronavirus/article_315022c0-aa8c-11ea-bf41-1fa12505cf45.html
  12. Liberty of the Seas has been booked at Gran Cayman on either 7 or 14 night intervals through April of 2022 for the sailings out of Galveston. The Allure sailings that have been cancelled did not include Gran Cayman due to the delay of the dock at Gran Cayman. Liberty will be able to continue to call on popular Gran Cayman out of Galveston.
  13. Ovation of the Seas departed Mumbai and is heading for Singapore now with a 18 June arrival scheduled.
  14. Majesty docked at Dover today. She is scheduled back into Southampton on the 15th for 2 nights. Empress scheduled for Southampton for the 12th and again the 15th. Jewel on a slow journey to Gibraltar arriving on the 18th. Ovation has arrived to Mumbai. Anthem is just over 2 days out from Mumbai with Celebrity Infinity just a day behind.
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