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  1. Anthem will do varried sailings and they will not repeat with any frequency. The bookings at Le Havre show: ROYAL CARRIBEAN CRUISES LTD HUMANN AND TACONET SHIPAGENCIES ANTHEM OF THE SEAS 9656101 BHS 2015 347.06 48.9 8.822 PCA sam. 14/05/2022 04:30 sam. 14/05/2022 22:00 SOUTHAMPTON SOUTHAMPTON ROYAL CARRIBEAN CRUISES LTD HUMANN AND TACONET SHIPAGENCIES AN
  2. The spring 2022 TA sailings should be issued with the European sailings. There is no way to know for sure until they are released though.
  3. The booking was made with the port authority just 9 days ago on the 3rd of November. The call of the ship is in 2022 following the Alaska season.
  4. Bookings made at the Balearic Island ports of Palma and Ibiza seem to indicate that they are shifting things around a bit at the last minute. Riviera ports have not been updated yet. Allure of the Seas should be the summer season 2022 ship based on the 7 night sailings out of Barcelona with the same weekly Sunday departures. Bookings for Vision of the Seas and Jewel of the Seas do not give a clear vision of the sailings. They do not appear to be doing regular weekly or 12 night sailings. Jewel appears to be heading in and out of the MED with 2 cruises calling on Fun
  5. I just see the bookings at Astoria, Oregon and Monterey CA at the moment. They have had Serenade booked for a few months at Astoria and Grand Cayman. They just booked Radiance on the 3rd of November for both 2021 and 2022 at Astoria. Navigator was just booked this week at Monterey for the 2nd of August 2022. I have no idea when they would finalize or release those sailings.
  6. Serenade of the Seas had been booked for months to depart Alaska following the 2022 season with a Pacific Coastal / Panama Canal sailing that also is booked to stop at Grand Cayman on October15th, 2022 after transiting the Canal. Radiance of the Seas is booked to also sail on a Pacific Coastal now in 2022 following the Alaska sailing. This would indicate most likely another Panama Canal sailing. They released the same sailing for the 2021 re-deployment. Radiance will most likely return to Miami for winter 2022-23. Navigator (possible Voyager or other placeholder) ha
  7. Thanks for pointing that out. I got confused by the 2020-21 deployment flyers. They have the updated Navigator and Freedom itineraries further down and not up top under Caribbean. https://loyaltoyoualways.com/deployment/ Well, they are still holding the Voyager Hawaii call on the 15th of June as well. Just confused as they deployed Voyager to Singapore after these changes were made. It would make more sense if it was actually Voyager making the move. I am just glad that they are going to the west coast no matter which ship it is.
  8. No port bookings indicate that yet that I can find. Navigator has been in port in Miami for several days now and no way to know what that is about as well.
  9. Please do not be selective. I said when they moved to Baltic and Northeast! Jewel port bookings indicated a transatlantic from Barcelona to Miami. Key West had been showing sailings arriving from Miami with Jewel for 2 years now and they may still do that, I have no way to know. Interestingly, Key West appears to have removed the cruise schedule from the website at the moment, I think. The scheduled stops at Key West with Jewel do seem to be replaced by Radiance.
  10. Serenade of the Seas had been booked for months at Grand Cayman for October 15, 2022. She was just booked at Astoria, Oregon on September 28th, 2022, when it appears she does a coastal sailing and then Panama Canal Sailing taking her back to the Caribbean for winter of 2022-23.
  11. Jewel had a combined Med and Baltic season prior to being the only ship in the Baltic and even taking on the Adventure sailing. Jewel was booked previously at Barcelona for the Spring and Fall. Jewel is now also booked for the 2022 season as well for the Baltic sailings.
  12. With both Astoria, OR and Catalina, CA having updated their cruise schedules, the Astoria call for "Voyager of the Seas" on June 26th is still on the books. "Voyager of the Seas" starts to appear at Catalina, CA from July 3rd and continues with 4 port booking through the end of September. This is a similar pattern to Carnival's 3 and 4 night sailings out of Los Angeles. I have not been able to get into Ensanada bookings yet. I wonder if this could already be Navigator if she has been freed up now with the move of Freedom.
  13. They had planned on Jewel for these sailings from the start and seem to have moved to Radiance when they moved Jewel to the Baltic and Northeast . These seem to have been booked in port originally as Jewel when they moved her from Dubai. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/RD_Caribbean.pdf
  14. This explains finally the disappearance of Freedom from the radar as none of her ports post schedules any longer. Here is the Freedom deployment flyer : http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/19071003_FR_Caribbean.pdf
  15. These changes have been in the works for months. I had first noticed the Grand Cayman bookings for Explorer back in May of 2020. I am not sure if the deployment announcements have been posted yet. The San Juan move happened back in July with port bookings. The Explorer deployment flyer: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2021_2022/EX.pdf
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