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  1. Well, this article from Bloomberg was from 5/4/21.
  2. Interesting article on Bloomberg Wealth site. I've been looking at NCL cruises for winter of 2022 and/or 2023 and they are so expensive. Maybe this explains it. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-05/ceo-pay-in-pandemic-heads-i-win-tails-i-win-almost-as-much
  3. Sorry I don't have a picture but on the Bliss the first night the room Stewart had the sofa really opened up and it was huge but it was only inches from the floor and I'm no spring chicken and knew I would have a hard time getting up out of it so I had to call and made into more of a twin with a topper and it was super comfy.
  4. I already got a reply from NCL. Thank you for writing in and for choosing Norwegian Cruise Line for your vacation at sea. Feedback from our valued guests is vital to the continued success of our organization. As such, we are pleased that you took the time to provide us with areas of concern where our services may be improved upon. The constructive criticism you have offered regarding our available itineraries has been forwarded to the management team in the respective department for an internal review. For assistance with making a future reservation or questions regarding ou
  5. I sure hope NCL reads these posts. I just wrote then an e-mail BEGGING them to return 14 day cruises to NY in the winter. We always said we'd never sail out of NY in winter and then several years we got a great deal on a last minute booking and it's NOT that cold for that long. And it gives you time to unwind and unpack and explore. Yes it's a pain to have a jacket or coat but that big a deal. AND WE WANT TO GO TO BARBADOS!!!! It's our favorite beach day at Accra Beach. The waves are amazing and we aren't kids but love jumping thru them. PLEASE NCL - PLEASE!!!!!
  6. We have stayed in Aft facing Haven on Breakaway and loved them but it's a hike to the Haven. Good exercise but we were going to try the Haven Courtyard next cruise. Hopefully.
  7. The 2 bedroom would have a nice living area and who doesn't like having a second bathroom.
  8. I love to cruise. I've been on 26 am really missing it this year. Almost always cruise in the winter. Started out with a friend and married a Portuguese waiter I met on a family cruise. Needless to say, he wasn't a fan of cruising but we did go on 1 during our marriage. Then the whole (small family took our Mom on a cruise for her 80th birthday thinking it was a once in a lifetime thing. We ended up going every year and the some people dropped out and it's been myself and my 2 sisters for years. We used to go as cheap as possible but a few years ago before the bidding process, we upgrad
  9. Thanks Alpmac - I'll keep those in mind. That water looks sooooo inviting!!!!! At least our snow here in Pittsburgh is melting. But no cruises booked 😞
  10. I recommend Accra Beach. It's a short taxi ride and you can make arrangements for them to pick you up at a specific time. My sisters and I love the waves there. There is do drop off when you get in the water and you walk out and then you have to get past a few waves and then jump thru them. We just love that beach!!!!! You can rent chairs and umbrellas and there are a lot of food choices.


    My sisters and I are not spring chickens but we LOVE jumping thru the big waves at Accra beach. If we cannot cruise again anytime soon and don't want to stay right there, are there beaches/resorts with big lovely waves for us to jump thru maybe an all inclusive so we don't have to leave? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are struggling thru PA winter and missed our yearly 14 day cruise and it's sooooo hard.
  12. We had a forward facing Haven on the Breakaway a few years ago and it was close to the crew deck and we heard a lot of noise from them late at night and had to call to complain a couple times.
  13. I just checked and I have to offer but not ready to book anything yet. The only cruise I'm looking at isn't until end of February 2023 so don't want to tie up money yet.
  14. Originally the CDC wanted the no sail order extended to February 15, 2021 until the White House got involved. So I have no faith in the CDC at this point. I'll wait until there is a safe and effective vaccine and no masks are required anywhere anymore. To each his own.
  15. We have a 2 bedroom Haven suite booked for myself, 2 sisters and their husbands. All sailings canceled thru end of September and our final payment is due the end of September. Pretty sure we are going to cancel and hope our TA will give us a voucher for the $100 deposit but no big deal. Don't know what happens to the travel insurance I bought thru insuremytrip. Also have air booked to Miami for 3 of us. We are booked on Encore 2-1-21. The prices for 2022 are not exactly the same itinerary so either or little shorter or a little longer and $10,000 MORE. Our final deposit is huge so as mu
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