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  1. My understanding is RCCL and X have a reciprocal recognition for each other’s status, but the cruise points aren’t and I think the ‘past guest rates’ aren’t recognized. You have to be a Celebrity past cruiser……if they are even offering some ‘past guest’ option, which I haven’t really seen with Celebrity much. Den
  2. I’ve added our daughter to our SR for a number of cruises, and the cost for us is lower individually, but I haven’t seen any consistent percentage or such. Could be, but the best approach is to select the cruise you are considering, go to the booking and change the number of guests and see the changes……or the best way (I know those who see my posts and may remember me will know what I’m about the say!) is to contact a professional Travel Advisor and have them work up various options of numbers of people. Personally, I think individual SRs work better for more than a 2 or 3, unless it’s your kids. Den
  3. I’m looking at the Apex with a 7 or 9N Norwegian Fjord cruise plus the Iceland/Ireland cruise as a. B2B. Out and Into Amsterdam and just great itineraries and fantastic Departure Port. Did 4-5 days in Amsterdam before a river cruise and want to return soonest. So going to consider those two cruises and spend more than a few days there. Daughter said she’d love to join us on the Fjord cruise and we’d have a grand time. May just go ahead and jump on it! den
  4. Fantastic! Should be interesting to see if a thread that reports good service gets 49 posts as did the (legit) complaint post about how long they were on hold.....I've Never had an issue with getting taken care of: I call/email/text my TA and in a short time, she responds and takes care of whatever! den
  5. And it also depends on when your cruise departure date is. Best to check with your TA who is the professional and has the right 'gouge'. den
  6. Great site! and you are right, antidotal is can be fun to read but this type of info is what we should rely on. den
  7. Viking said they'd have the refund for my canceled part of the Great Lakes cruise(s) to me within 21 days....they were right, it was received 4 days later! Impressed. den
  8. And just think of the reduction in violence against the airline staff if you only had fully vaccinated passengers who understand basic hygiene and would wear masks without all the drama…..even after a few whiskies. haven’t heard much of any hassle on the cruises probably due to the requirements and the resulting level of passengers. den
  9. Agree completely. Realize the other poster was stating fully vaccinated should be treated with less oversight and testing, but much of this is due to requirements of various ports, and because Delta has increased the risk to fully vaccinated……and because of those who think they have no responsibilities to society in the middle of medical emergencies and pandemics. Freedom to infect others and help a pandemic evolve into a more deadly form. Got it. Den
  10. Agree with the comments on no real difference. We’ve been on Edge for 2 cruises and booked for 20 Nov for an Apex. Love this Class ship. One difference is the Apex has more single SRs. They modified 8 Panoramic Oceanviews into Single Person SRs. So you can see the changes are relatively minor. Den
  11. Yup, got the 30 Nov extension. We are cruising 20 Nov on the Apex. Just wondering if anyone knows how long the 31 Oct extension was. this is for 30 days and was thinking maybe this extension is a shorter 30-day one which infers X is looking to reduce the requirements in the future, When Possible. All ready here with the Optum authorized home-test kits for the 3 of us with 2 as backups. Den
  12. When I canceled my Thunder Bay to Milwaukee, Viking said the reimbursement would be within 21 working days. I canceled 12 Oct and got my full reimbursement back today, 4 days. I can live with that! den
  13. WD-40 is right, I’ve seen a number of posts on how many were on earlier cruises this year, and it was announced usually by the CD. Den
  14. And rarely do these cut-rate companies take responsibility for their decisions that cause adverse impacts to their customers…..and I didn’t mention ‘blaming the military’, I said SWA was trying to blame the FAA and the Air Controllers. Den
  15. Exactly right. Blame some Govt agency instead of the airline overbooking before they have the planes, crews, teams in place…….oh I forgot….blame your computers if the ‘Govt did it’ doesn’t work, which is what SWA followed up on after trying to blame the weather and the FAA didnt work out too well. Den
  16. No rohudd1, I referred to My post as being snarky by saying something you couldn’t do such as using a TA. I’d not think your complaint was unneeded or ‘snarky’, I just like reminding other posters that there are ways around all the hassles we run into. Den
  17. My kids go Southwest, I go Delta normally. For that reason and many others. And yes, one day early fixes a lot of things (not All!) including going with Southwest and Allegiant. Den
  18. What CruiseCritic posted in early Sept is the following: “This new mandate is the latest in a line of changes that have occurred with seemingly little to no notice, based on guidance from the CDC and the changing landscape of COVID-19 brought about by the widespread delta variant.” Realize some don’t accept CDC guidances as ‘science’, but that’s what CC has passed on, and I’ll stick with CDC and not the Internet as medical guidance. They also said since the 48hr requirement was confusing since it could be counted from actual departure times and so on, they made it 2-days, Not counting the departure day, as stated on the Celebrity website. Don’t think even with 3-days I’d go with the no cost tests I can get from a Pharmacy that takes a few days to get back via email. A friend did that and didn’t get anything emailed when they got to the airport for a International flight and had to make flight changes to be able to take a test at the airport and so on. The time it took my ‘standard’ COVID tests would have meant I got the results back the morning of departure if I’d taken it 3 days prior. So the quick response tests Celebrity has on their website are what I’m doing. I also ordered backup kits just in case. Den
  19. Canceled the Thunder Bay to Milwaukee and will stick with the Milwaukee to Toronto. One reason was the flight into Thunder Bay is a 3 legger and gets in close to midnight. So will get into Milwaukee a few days prior and enjoy exploring a bit and then off to the eastern half of our original cruise and then explore Toronto for a few days. Viking was professional and apologetic to my TA. They canceled the first leg, moved my FCC from my earlier cancel Euro river cruise to the cruise I’m keeping and will reimburse me for the rest, getting it to me within 21 working days. Let it rest at that. Hope all the others who had a full Great Lakes cruise from Thunder Bay to Toronto or the opposite recover properly. Hope Viking figures out itineraries that allow us to book through all of the Great Lakes, but that can happen later, maybe. It did save me a good amount; these aren’t cheap!! den
  20. Understand. Now that Heidi13 has explained more fully, I understand that what I thought was OK with booking a single cruise from a Canadian port to a US port, then a while later, booking a 2nd cruise from a US port to a Canadian port would be allowed. Turns out Viking, after sending my TA the second booking, then combined the two into a 14N cruise so I thought that was the error - one cruise from Canada to Canada ports…..after finally listening to Heidi13, I understand it didn’t matter, it was considered a single ‘transit’. I can see how Viking would miss it when I booked so far apart, but one other booked a full run from Toronto to Thunder Bay and was allowed to do it and I have a feeling there are more than a few in the situation. Most of the Great Lakes cruises are fully booked for 2022. den
  21. Thanks Heidi13. As I posted in the Expedition thread, Cancelling the initial leg (now not calling it a cruise!). too bad Viking hadn’t hired you to review their itineraries! Just a theoretical question. How could Viking set up a cruise across all theGreat Lakes as I and I’m sure many others tried. could they go from Thunder Bay to Milwaukee and stop there for more than a day and move all to a hotel and back, then on to Toronto. Some attempt to make it a separate cruise? Or, start or end the cruise from a US port such as Duluth on Lake Superior? Would think these Great Lakes itineraries would be enticing with a full transit. den
  22. Viking offered a discount on adding a 3rd cruise, Milwaukee to ThunderBay prior to my existing cruises which would then make it a 21N cruise staring in a US port and ending in Toronto. Not a bad offer at all but can’t handle gone that long at that time so will cancel my Thunder Bay to Milwaukee and will go on one cruise. so much for crossing all the Great Lakes. will get reimbursement of the 1st cruise. Oh well. And Heidi13, I agree this is not straightforward or obvious. Viking’s first shot in this cruising area. den
  23. We’ve been discussing this on the Viking Expedition thread, but I thought I’d pass this onto the full Viking group since this isn’t just a minor error. Viking Expedition with their beautiful icebreaker ships being built have added cruising on the Great Lakes with these ships since they can pass through the smaller locks. We’d booked a cruise from Thunder Bay Ontario to Milwaukee in March 2020 after our river cruises were canceled due to COVID and used the FCC for this. A year later, we booked a 2nd cruise, Milwaukee to Toronto, thinking cruising the entire Great Lakes would be a fun adventure. One after the other. We got the booking as a 2nd cruise. Just last week, on the CruiseCritic thread on Viking Expeditions, a US poster said they’d been contacted by Viking and told they couldn’t take book both itineraries because it was departing a Canadian port and ending in a Canadian port. I went on and on that these were two B2B’s not a single cruise, but a much more astute poster kept correcting me. So I contact my TA and yup, no go. Pick one or the other. I’m personally looking at maybe doing that, or cancelling the entire itinerary. To me, this is a major error by Viking. The Jones Act or the Cabotage ‘thing’ which limits this isn’t something new or something that Cruise Lines aren’t aware of. So just venting. I have probably posted 5 or 6 posts complaining about some Line out of more than a few I’ve posted over the many years, and I don’t think I Ever started a complaining thread. But for Viking to wait over 7 months to ‘see’ this, and then they Never contacted me or my TA and I learn from it from a fellow poster is just……I’ll leave that alone. My “Naval Language” is starting to pop into my head!! den
  24. Well Heidi13, apologies for my overwrought “It’s a B2B!!”. My TA says, yup, no go on it. I had booked the 7N Thunder Bay to Milwaukee, then a few months later, booked the 7N Milwaukee to Toronto and had two separate bookings and reservations. Viking decided to combine them and made it a 14N booking; didnt see that booking until today when Viking shared it with my TA. Don’t know if that is it or what you’ve pointed out more than a few times to thickheads such as me. I’ve told my TA go look at options: - Cancel my 1st leg and make it Milwaukee to Toronto, move my FCC that was on the initial booking to this one and reimburse me for the rest. No way am I interested in an FCC since this was Viking’s Major error. - See what the option is if I decide to cancel both and go with another Viking cruise, and move the funds over to it and reimburse me for the remaining. - Cancel both and I’ll go with another Line and I’d want a Full reimbursement including the FCC from a canceled 2020 river cruise since this their mistake. I know that may not (probably Not!) occur so want an extended date on the FCC since Viking waiting over 7 months to let us know this couldnt be done, And the only way I know now is this forum, not them! THe Jones Act and your reference to the Cabotage thing appears to drive itineraries all the time and I can’t believe Viking didnt plan on how to handle it for crossing the entire Great Lakes, and so on. Oh well. Once I see what is going on and what Viking will allow and make my plans, I think I’ll post this on the full Viking Forum. Won’t do me any good, and I’ve probably complained about some Line about 5 posts out of my numerous posts. I usually roll with it, but this is a big error on their part and big on how long it took them to see it, and how they didn’t contact all of us. Den
  25. I’ve never been on hold. My TA makes my calls! After that snarky post, I realize this is a special booking using Blue Chip. den
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