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  1. Your TA has complete control over offering you OBC or other incentives on your new booking. As far as deals and promos - that's in Celebrity's hands. I expect some good offerings down the line. Remember - you can take advantage of price drops up until final payment.
  2. I agree! 125% of our cruisfare in a suite, equals an attractive sum to apply to our two existing bookings in 2021. Heck, it might even be a nice upgrade. Add that to the 125% of our onboard expenditures and it becomes very attractive.
  3. They are changing policies frequently. You may place a cruise on extended hold pending FCC credits (although it does not specify the deposit, it sounds like the rule may be bending a bit). Also, FCCs are not for new bookings only and may be applied to existing bookings within the stated timeframe.
  4. As recommended, best to check with your policy. Most do not cover a pandemic. In a usual situation, you need to be sure to purchase coverage of all expenses (air, hotel, tours, cruise, etc.) , to receive reimbursement for those expenses. Many only cover their cruise. Good luck.
  5. We weregoing for the floating cabana, but the teens and tweens in the group are spending most of their time in the water park and they will not be able to come and go from the Beach Club unless they have bands (part of the registered group), So us “older” folks went for the plain ole Coco Beach Club cabana (still $$$$). You will certainly earn a well-deserved treat at the end of all this. Stay safe, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  6. The floating cabanas were $2000 for our sailing, and the Thrill water park tickets around $140 pp. If you've got the dough, go for it! (Be sure to reserve your caban early.)
  7. Bookish Angel! Interesting post and information. Your post is well-taken. I feel the same way about those who decide to take a land-based trip to the Galapagos Islands.
  8. The FCC cannot be used as the deposit so no reason to wait to book something new.
  9. It's only positive if they are actually honoring it for everyone. Vicki Freed, Senior VP of Sales, , during a recent webinar, said new bookings only. Fingers crossed - I'm planning on using it for current bookings.
  10. You also don't live in Florida to see/feel the impact of this behavior. As a child of the sixties myself, I can't recall that any of my irresponsible behavior was of the sort that endangered every single person or loved one that I might encounter. I could never afford spring break because I had student loans that I was committed to paying back.
  11. First I heard it from a TA who attended an RCCL webinar today, then, with some research I found it under the terms of the Cruise With Confidence guarantee.
  12. I was origianlly told that FCCs could be applied to any cruise up unitl the end of 2021, even those already booked. Now it seems the FCC is for new bookings only. I've switched to the full refund camp.
  13. Most travel insurance has no coverage for a pandemic/epidemic.
  14. Well here's "the longer answer". I am aware that some OBC will be forfeited, those given as part of the sales promotions for one, however, it remains to be seen if they will take away all OBC. For instance, we have OBC from family purchased gifts, X compensation for a "problem" encountered on a previous cruise, etc. As far as I'm concerned, those are MINE, not X's to dispose of.
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