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  1. You'll love it! Grab a couple of those fleece blankets from the pool deck to keep handy in your cabin. We prefer aft on any ship, every itinerary!
  2. Thanks fot the great review and photos. We have this booked for next year. So excited!
  3. I also much prefer private tours and have had excellent luck organizing them through the CC roll calls. I agree with the advise to meet onboard. I also collect any money due a day or two prior to the actual excursion. (Saves time, ensures that you collect the proper amount, and makes your day more enjoyable).
  4. The power went out at least twice on the Millenium cruise 3/30 - 4/14.
  5. So are you asking if you qualify (I stand by my answer), or what the procedure wull be onboard if you decide you will choose the visa-free transit route? These are two entriely different questions,
  6. Celebrity will not answer your question for very good reasons. They cannot take responsibility for your travel plans outside of the actual cruise. They have no idea what your pre and/or post cruise plans are. They do not know where your flight originates or has stops/layovers, or your final destination following the cruise. They do not know your nationality. All of these things can impact your qualification for the waiver or need for a visa. They also cannot predict if there will be a last minute change in the ships itinerary or missed ports due to weather (which could also impact the visa waiver). Simply put, its your responsibility to determine if you qualify.
  7. Mazza, thanks again for your live posting, as well as the post-cruise updates. Hope you are feeling better. We also returned home with some sort of nasty virus. I think it's worth mentioning that the points made about the cabin do not apply to all categories. For instance - our SS had no USB ports on the bedside lamps. (In fact, the level of the lamps - below the mattress top - made them entriely dysfuntional.) We stored the phone below the nightstand to create room for incidentals. Acquaintances in two different Aqua cabins were very unhappy with the longer bed combined with the television sticking out from the wall - making walking around the cabin not only tight, but potentially harmful - as evidenced by their shoulder bruises from the bumping into the corner of the TV. Most of the seating in the Retreat Lounge is very uncomforatble and uninviting. Although their were many things we liked about the updates, there are many that had us shaking our heads!
  8. I encourage you to follow-up with customer care at corporate offices about your incident. They have been most supportive to me. Strangley, I have had the most difficulty in Luminae (two different cruises). The first time on Summit, I was served food containing gluten. Their menu items are not labeled, which makes it challenging to begin with. Did you actually get to speak with the chef about the incident? During my most recent cruise, I asked that desserts be brought down from the Oceanview Cafe since they seemd to have better gluten-free choices than I was being offered (basically panacotta or ice cream and fruit). I was told that was not possible. So, I went up myself after dining and had dessert - cakes, puddings, pie, ...! . For the entire 14 days, I had a choice of either grain or raisin bread - breakfast and dinner. I requested rolls, and the one attempt to make them was dismal - hard as rock balls! (Well, at least they tried!) I tried to pre-order meals the day before whenever possible. I can't say it was great, but I am conviced that the MDR does a much better job at preparing and serving a wide variety of gluten-free meals. Qusine was another concern - they told me there were only two items on the menu I couldn't eat, but there were more that contained gluten. Near the end of the cruise, they got a bit creative in Luminae, which I appreciated so much.
  9. Be sure to contact the Special Needs Department prior to cruising. Do not rrely on the labeling in the buffet - it is not always accurate. if you are you own best advocate, I'm sure you'll find something that she can eat and enjoy. Don;t be afraid to make a special request. I'd still bring special snacks if you are able. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. Although we had the 16:1 guide ration on Xpedition, I believe the Flora is advertising a 12:1, passenger to guide ratio.
  11. Yes, 100 passengers on Flora is correct. (Typo, and too late to edit)! X was able to add 64 licenses when they acquired Xploration and Xperience., and will now be the limit on Xpedition.
  12. Meiji Chocolates - a Japanese favorite. Small bottles of locally brewed sake, we saw some beautiful bottles with gold flakes inside. (Ooops, sorry, just saw your “nonbreakable” request, but others may be interested).
  13. There really is no best loop. What you see one day, can completely change the next. Take a look at the various calendars of wildlife activity and weather Here’s one to get you started:. http://ecuadortravelsite.org/when_visit_galapagos.html For instance, if you want to see the Blue-footed Boobies do their mating dance, you’d go earlier in the year, to certain islands. On the other hand, if you want to see Booby chicks, that’s later. Red-breasted frigates, are another time, etc. Celebrity sails the Galapagos all year round because the wildlife viewing is spectacular in all seasons. There are also the considerations of water temps, air temps and rainfall. I started making a very detailed spreadsheet of ports, wildlife, months, weather, rainfall, etc. I drove myself crazy because I wanted to go at the best time, on the best loop. In the end, after a ton of research and speaking with others, I threw it out, It will be remarkable whenever you go.
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