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  1. IMHO, posting a question on the boards does count as research. I learned about the Opal Card from reading your previous post (and I had already dona a fair amount of research). So thanks!
  2. Why buy through the cruiselline at all? There are other reputable companies offering insurance - many at a better value because you can compare and purchase what you truly need - not a "one size fits all". Here are a few frequently recommended on these boards to get you started: squaremouth.com insuremytrip.com tripinsurancestore.com
  3. Just to be clear - I am talking about medical transport only, not medical expenses. (FWIW - our supplemental insurance covers skiing injuries - we know from experience, unfortunately, lol!) They traveled home by commercial air, both travelers and an escort of some sort - prior to surgery in Boston. They got to choose the destination hospital.
  4. Post does say "if you are hospitalized". Med Jet was very useful for an acquaintance who required complicated orthopedic surgery and follow-up care for a broken leg sufferd during a ski trip to Austria. Without the additional coverage - the financial burden of getting back to the US would have fallen on her. Now that we are in the age of broken hips, etc., something we think about, but hopefully will not need. We also travel in the US, and up and down the east coast twice a year, so it's not just useful on our trips abroad.
  5. For those who travel frequently, both in the US and internationally, you may want to consider an annual policy for evacuation. MedJet Assist will get you home if you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, and need continued care. You get to choose which facility you want to be transferred to and be deemed stable to be transported. This is very different from standard evacuation coverage, which will only transport you to the nearest qualified medical facility - whether that be Tanzania, or Russia. If you want to get home, you are on your own. Another popular insurer will get you back to the US only if it is medically necessary to be treated in the US. It is very importanrt to us at this stage in our lives to know that we would have the option to receive treatment in a hospital of our choice, near home.
  6. Oh, I understand. When I recently went into the X website to check cabins, I noticed that there are indeed cabins on both decks 3 and 4 that are marked as unavailable. Since they are all the most forward cabins, I assume those are blocked out for crew (as mentioned previously).
  7. It is not a decision that X management can make. The licensing on the number of passengers per ship is regulated by the Galapagos National Park. The license numbers are fixed, and cannot be increased per Ecuadorian law (unless X acquires another ship with licenses - as they did with Xperience and Xploration). As of now, Celebrity has 164 licences - 100 for Flora and 64 for Xpedition. It will be interesting if they complete a second build. I do agree regarding the price point of the Flora, it is too high IMHO. They have run some incdredible promotions to increase bookings - 2nd passenger 50% off and free air up to $1000, making it more reasonable to sail in a Flora suite than Xpedition. I will continue to monitor closely; we have Xpedition booked for 2021. (We loved it and I have no problem sailing her again.)
  8. Others might agree with my opinion (especially if they read the article, or do an online search), and many won't, but one thing's for certain, it is a great value if you are the cruise line, or a travel agent!
  9. As a general rule of thumb, your best value and coverage will be from non-cruiseline policies. https://www.cruzely.com/should-i-buy-cruise-insurance/ Shop through sites such as squaremouth.com or insuremytrip.com. Decide which coverage you need most, then find a policy that meets your needs, (cruise line insurance is pretty much one size fits all.) Check the coverage that your credit card may provide. We use our Chase Sapphire Reserve to pay for travel, and it has great coverage. We do not need medical as our supplemental insurace provides coverage for out of country medical costs. The most important coverage to us is medical evacuation. Read policies carefully! Most cover transport to the nearest qualified facility - no matter if that's Timbuktu, or Tasmania. They will not get you home if you require continuing care. We have an annual policy through MedJet Assist. It covers us for any trip more then 150 miles from home. If we are hospitalized and need continued care, they will transport us to a hospital of our choice. It does not require that a doctor certify that a transfer is necessary (as does another major insurance policy).
  10. The free airfare is from select cities only (mostly west coast). I received an e-mail.
  11. I'm having a very difficult time understanding why you would give him an additional tip when he didn't even meet the standards of expected service. IMHO, the "extra tip" thing has gotten so out of hand thet instead of tipping extra for exceptional service, it has become the new norm! Perhaps some staff are becoming indifferent towards earning it.
  12. It does not apply to this case, but don’t ever, ever try to fly in China unless your boarding pass is an exact match to your passport/ visa. Two travelers in our party were whisked away by security for an hour at Pudong airport. The rest of us were given no explanation. Upon their return, we learned one was missing the last letter of his middle name, and the other, missing “Jr.”!
  13. Freckles - Thanks for the review! Looking forward to our visit next April.
  14. Older photo.Cabin numbers may not correspond to all S class.
  15. I think it may be the CC site itself - I'm having a great deal of difficulty and thought it might be my browser. The suites are very large. We were in 9376 on Silhouette for a transatlantic. There is a great round window on the side in addition to the slider. The balcony is huge so you get a view to the side as well as the wake. Here is a blog (sorry it's long, but if you scroll way down, you'll see some great photos of a corner aft suite). https://effli.wordpress.com/category/travel/europe/baltics/ Yes they have a pole - it doesn't bother most a bit. Yes it is a long walk, but soooooo quiet back there. Some complain about soot - we've rearely had any, and we usually cruise aft. Vibrations may happen occasionally, but not common.
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