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  1. So glad you were able to get it resolved to your satisfaction!
  2. Like Florida? That's been a shining example of success in managing the virus and economy.
  3. Your travel agent should not need to provide any such "proof". He/she should be willing to go up the chain of command to advocate for you. As with all other issues, the answers you get really depend on to whom you are speaking to on the other end of the line. It seems very strange that an X rep would even ask for proof of a similar example. I was able to shift three reservations from an 8 day to a 9 day (different itinery, same ship, same week). But it took over three hours, going up the chain; phone rep, to supervisor, to resolutions, to group project coordinator. Then I waited three days, did not receive an answer, called back (another hour) and got the go-ahead. Your TA needs to be willing to go the extra mile for you. Even then, the results may be different. Good luck! These are unprecedented times.
  4. Thanks for the info. Can you tell me where this came from?
  5. Not sure of the Silversea ships, but you may wish to check out the thread regarding the Polar Code in this forum. Most ships that currently sail into the Antarctic region will no longer meet the requirements after December of 2021 (even though they continue to sell cabins on such itineraries).
  6. Isn't the Origin built on the same plans as Celebrity's Flora? I wonder how they will differentiate the experience?
  7. Not sure why you have directed your advice to me. Since you have chosen to do so, please share the names of the cruiselines who are performing admirably during this crisis for those considering another. As far as the whining, feel free to scroll on to a thread that doesn’t annoy you.
  8. It took about four days for our invoices to be updated after L&S.
  9. All loops are amazing from what I've heard. I actually made a spreadsheet before booking our first cruise on Xpedition, and ended up disregarding it in the end. We sailed the inner loop and saw; red frigates mating dance, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, albatross, sealions and pups, sea turtles, golden rays, penguins, ..... Unless there is a very specific animal you must see (Booby mating dance, newborn seal pups, etc.), in which case time of year may be more important, you can't go wrong. We had no scuba excursions offered on Xpedition and I wasn't aware they are offered on Flora. Our close friends sailed Flora and absolutely loved their infinite veranda cabin, saying it felt larger than the balcony cabins. I guess its all in personal preference. We've booked Xpedition again for 2021 on the Southern Loop specifically because it includes North Seymour Island, which was our favorite stop. I'm sure you won't be disappointed no matter which you choose. Please visit the Roll Calls board, Celebrity Connections, Flora (or Xpedition) for more information.
  10. Can you clarify please? IMHO, it's pretty unlucky to be a target group no matter your age. The senior population is no more expendable or less tragic. Of course, some may not see it that way.
  11. sippican

    Coco Cay

    This is a great resource. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=4135#:~:text=The%20Coco%20Beach%20Club%20includes,for%20up%20to%20eight%20people. Cabanas tend to sell out very quickly! We decided to splurge for the beach cabanas at Coco Cay Beach Club (adults who have no interest in the water slides, etc.) My son and family, rented beach beds at South Beach, figuring that the older kids would be in the water park for most of the day and the cost of cabanas is pretty high. They decided against the Thrill Waterpatk cabanas because they wanted to have a beach expereince and a bit less chaos. FWIW, our cruise was cancelled so I can't speak from actual experience.
  12. I'd visit Norway again by land in a heartbeat. We'd really consider revisiting most places we've had a port stop (other than St. Petersburg, Russia and the Caribbean Islands). Domestically - Sedona, Arizona, Big Sky/Yellowstone Mt, Donweast Maine, Sonoma/Napa, Lake Tahoe, CA, Steamboat Springs, CO.
  13. I must be having an off day; wrong on two accounts Perhaps it would be helpful to the OP and other readers to clarify which ships’ tours you’ve only heard bad things about. It would also be informative to share how you facilitate your tours since you’ve gone many times and others could benefit from your experiences.
  14. Are you taling about the Celebrity Tour? Do you take a five-day private tour at the actual MP site? Do you do multi-day admission (since ticket sales are so limited now)? Well I will be one one with a HUGE recommendation of a shiups' tour. Our Celebrity 5 day add on to MP and other highlights in the area was one of the BEST tours ever. We are generally DIYers; very, very rarely even taking ship-sponsored excursions during cruises. We originally booked the Galapagos cruise-only portion of the trip, fully intending to find a private provider to take us to MP. After almost a year of gathering quotes, comparing itineraries and reviews, looking at the inclusions, accommodations, itinerary and add-ons, we booked with Celebrity. We have not regreted that decision. In fact, our close friends are accompanying us back to the Galapagos next fall and I recommended the MP extension to them. Youur evaluation of the tours seems to come from others, but not your actual experience. I'd like to add our personal expereince. Yes it is expensive. From ther minute you land in Quito; you stay in the best hotels; all meals and most beverages are included; all tours are included; all transportation is included; your luggage is transferred; the guides are exceptional; optional experiences, such as the Hiram Binghma train, opera dinner, visit to a world-reknowned sculptor, etc. are included; group size is small. I honestly can't say enough about the tour from start to finish. When I included these things into the cost of the private tour company of interest, with exceptional reviews, it came to a bit more. The need to book transportation, and schlep luggage was another consideration. We had no issues whatsoever with altitude. A few mentioned headaches, or feeling out of breath but no one felt bad enough to miss touring. We also felt the time allotted at the actual site of MP was adequate. Strange that you've never had a positive expereince relayed to you. As a travel provider who comes in contact with a pretty large number of cruisers, I've never had a single person tell me they've regretted booking the MP extension, in fact, we ran into one of our shipmates with a private guide at MP, and she expressed that she wished she was on our tour. I encourage everyone to do your homework, read tons of reviews, factor in all amenities and exclusions, and decide what is important to you.
  15. I am confused by this portion of your post. The three ships mentioned; Flora, Xpedition and Xploration have been booking itineraries right along. (The Xperience is no longer part of the fleet) What is this "strategy" that you think the Ecudorian government will need to agree to.
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