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  1. Those are some greart suggestions. I'd encourage anyone doing research to get assusrances from companies/agencies contacted that they will meet the Polar Code regulations do be able to sail if they intend to travel after 2021.
  2. I'm booked (rebooked) on the Infinity for a February 2022 Antarctica cruise. I'll be very surprised if the itinerary remains as published. Unless the Polar Code (see thread in "Antartcia Ports" forum) is postponed, it is doubtful that the Infinity will meet the compliance regulations to sail in the Antarctic region. The Code is due to go fully into effect in January of 2022. Celebrity denies any knowledge of this.
  3. Have you tried the Celebrity Captains Club Facebook page?
  4. Yes, I undestand that completely. What we were told today during the TA webinar is that if we are cruising prior to the completion of the sale, our corresponding loyalty level would be honored by Azamara. After the transfer is complete, we would be starting at the base level of the Azamara loyalty tiers, no matter what our Captains Club status is. It would be great to learn that they will honor the terms under which you booked and that only applies to new bookings. Since posters here feel I am not correct, I will reach out to Azamara again. One of the reasons we booked (with friends who
  5. I attended the travel agent webinar. If you have current loyalty status with Azamara, it will remain. After the finalization of the sale (approximately 60 days), they will no longer recognize reciprocal loyalty benefits from the other RCCL brands. Since I am Elite + with Celebrity and none of my points were earned on Azamara, I will not be eligible for any loyalty benefits on our cruise in 2022. Spounds like you have already earned stsus with Azamara, we have not.
  6. We had just booked our first cruise with Azamara. However, since they will no longer be recognizing loyalty status from X, or the stockholders benefits, they've already lost us.
  7. been waiting since November 11th. We were told up to 45 days, so I called last Friday and was told 45 BUSINESS days. Still waiting.
  8. Take a look at aft photos. The balconies vary significantly in width, with the 4th from the starboard side being quite a bit wider.
  9. We have sailed in S1s on multiple cruises on S class. Decks 7, 8, 9 are our choice. . The pole is really not an issue at all. Best choice is to have cabins above and below. Best cabins ever!!!!! Check out Youtube for videos.
  10. I went to the Galapagos in 2018 on the Celebrity Xpedition and loved it so much, we are rebooked for 2021. (I am also a TA). Although the Flora is high end luxury - the Xpedition is comfortable (the zodiac boarding was easy - not sure why some feel that is a drawback). I was on the Xpedition when she carried 100 passengers, but really looking forward to the next trip with only 48! I obsessively researched itineraries and best time to go. In the end, I concluded it really doesn't matter at all! The Galapagos are a year-round desrtination. You may see different things at different times - for
  11. Two years ago? And I thought the refunds were taking a long time!
  12. That is a great price - I paid $649 for ours. Just cancelled because the sailing is now not happening, however, they are offereing some great Black Friday Specials. 😔
  13. I believe the spa and gym are forward, as is that cabin (yes, but near a staircase).
  14. I believe they were actually chartering a vessel for their new "Expedition" offerings, instead of using one of their own ships. I seriously wonder if they were having licensing issues since the regulations are very strict, and no new licenses are being issued.
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