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  1. Not trying to end discussion - just pointing out that if one truly feels there is a better choice elsewhere, why criticize what exsists on X? (The OP's original purpose I believe.)
  2. And don't forgaet the Captain's Club points! Sky Suite - 8 per night Celebrity, Signature or Royal Suite 12 Reflection or Penthouse Suite 18
  3. Well this is the question I have. Why bother wasting everyone's tine whining on the Celebrity board, if there are better choices for your money?
  4. Just call. Most likely the representative will be able to assign you one of the 3 person cabins for the two of you. Cabin availability changes all the time. At the 90 day final payment date, many will open up, if you're willing to take the gamble that you'll be stalking the site at the perfect time. (Of course, the prices can go up or down too.) Or get a good TA, and they'll do it for you.
  5. Sorry for the above misspelling "inflammation" meant to be information. (Appropriate slip, lol!) I also believe that the Celebrity ships run on HFO, which is also banned in the Antarctic after the deadline in 2022. It's curious that other large ship lines are still releasing Antarctic drive-by itineraries for 2022.
  6. I agree with the logic, however, I rarely find a cruise that offers a RD for less than the $200 I would lose if I make a change. In other words, if the RD price is $400 more than NRD, why would I not just take the loss of the $200 change fee? I'm still ahead in the end. And it's very unlikely I would not use a FCC.
  7. There is a glitch currently in their system (SURPRISE!). It is a discrepancy in the pricing options,. I am able to get a much lower price when I click on the "lowest price" option, (rather than the 3 perk tab), then add the 4 perks after for only $280 pp, it came out much less than 3 perks. When I went into the agent portal, I was unable to duplicate the pricing, so I called, and the Celebrity rep told me she had no idea how I was seeing that rate. So I just booked it then transferred it to myself. Easy! Curious why the OP wouldn't just book online?
  8. I have a stake in this (non refundable deposit). I am hoping that I am missing some loophole here, or just not understanding the code or process. However, based on my knowledge of what happened in the Galapagos, and the way it was dealt with by Celebrity, I am not very hopeful. I am unable to find a single bit of inflammation that makes me believe they can be certified to sail in Antarctica in 2022 , nor do I believe they will break the rules if they are not certified. Sadly, they have every right to alter their itineraries without recourse, so those who booked the cruise believing they’d “drive by” Antarctica, can miss that potion.
  9. On one occasion they were sanctioned for breaking the regulations regarding food not sourced properly (lobster). Most recently was the licensing fiasco where they attempted to combine the licenses from two vessels (Xperience and Xploration), to one vessel, Xpedition, which is expressly forbidden.
  10. az-tchr, This seems to contradict; https://www.blt.com.au/cruise-news/ By 2022 (when the Grandfather Clause expires) there will only be around 15 vessels allowed into the region. None of these vessels carries more than 200 passengers, reducing the number of available berths to fewer than 20,000 per season. From 2019 we will see a reductions in available berths – read on for the list. Cruise Lines like Celebrity, Crystal, Holland America, Hurtigruten, Ponant, Princess, Seabourn, etc will not be able to offer cruises to the Polar Regions.
  11. Thanks for the input. Seems like this will be a moot point after next year.
  12. Sounds like another Celebrity debaucle, similar to the Galapagos issues. How can Celebrity be taking deposits on cruises in 2022, for a ship that does not meet the requirements to sail to that destination? I guess, by cruise contract, they have the right to alter the itinerary.
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