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  1. The cruise-ship season in Canada is all but dead as the federal government is extending the ban on ships in Canadian waters until the end of October. Transportation Minister Marc Garneau says passenger ships with overnight accommodations for more than 100 passengers can't operate in Canadian waters until at least October 31st.
  2. Excellent point evandbob. I have to say with all the ideas, thoughts and questions that have been floated here, I am so very glad that I got to sail before everything changes. I remember wishing the services offered recently were as good as at the beginning of the 2000's, many had already vanished. I can't imagine what's in store for my Feb. 2021 cruise.
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful answer to the question. I am wondering just how much we will be able to accept, and still be willing to cruise...It is all part of the experience, the pools, shows, casinos, bars. Also can the cruise lines survive the costs of these types of changes? Prices will surely rise. Can customers survive that?
  4. I am wondering what a cruise will be like now? Everyone talks about the buffet but I think that will be the easiest thing to accommodate. Plexi shields to keep us away from the food & servers to handle the serving. Pour your own beer/pop will be gone I suspect. BUT what about the pool, lounge chairs, theaters, lounges & bars? How long will boarding take in between sailings with sanitizing now a priority? A full ship would make money but a less than full ship? With all the new mega ships that have recently come on line & are still being built, that need to be paid for. I have to admit as this thing continues I am becoming less hopeful for my future sailings & so much more appreciative that I got to sail in "the old days"
  5. Loved the cocktail party! All the people dressed up milling about in the atrium, conversations, drinks in hand. Other ships had them in the showrooms. So great..
  6. Sorry, I should have asked for one for myself also . Patwerbowski1010@gmail.com
  7. We leave on Friday and would love a copy. Could you please send a copy to charlestwerbowski@gmail.com. Thank you very much.
  8. Free Room Service...not just Continental breakfast...
  9. Please add your "wish" to the list; please be reasonable and who knows we might just get it! I'll start with the Baked Alaska Parade at dinner.
  10. Saint Greg, we are on the Glory as well! Midnight Buffet, throwback sea day, specialty drinks. Doubt there would be on board fireworks. We are meeting between Cozumel & Costa Maya so who knows maybe some on land?
  11. We booked through an agent.The pricing was no different than doing online for us. We have sailed Carnival previously but being Canadian I think makes a difference on getting deals. That Dollar exchange is the culprit. Our travel agent was really surprised at the number of cabins sold already but when I mentioned the "party" we both agreed that sales may not come up on this. These 5 ships will meet up on March 7th between Cozumel & Costa Maya
  12. Booked the Glory for March 5th sailing from Nola.. Will meet up with the Breeze, Pride, Mardi Gras, Sunrise and Vista.
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