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  1. Yup they are organized by roll call people. We have done a couple. Ours are poker cabin crawls with a $5 entry, so you need a minimum of 5 cabins (from interior, to suite is a nice mix) to participate & they are the hosts. They provide a deck of cards with a cabin # marked on them & hand one out to each visitor. They also provide a drink, shot glass size & some snacks, small. After meeting at a location on deck, the hosts start out as a group visit each others cabins and spend 5 minutes in each cabin & get a card then return to their own cabins.Then the rest begin a crawl that was predetermined bottom to top decks. Give a list of the cabin #'s The # of people participating is divided to make manageable group sizes. Each group leaves at px 10 minute intervals which allows the group ahead a 5 minute visit per cabin. The last cabin is the largest & that is where it is determined who has the best hand & wins. We have always divided the prize money for a first & second place. I suggest you figure on a couple of hours to complete. It is loads of fun!
  2. So as of now, the Canadian ports will be open Nov 1st 2021.... Hoping it stays that way.😉
  3. From the postings I have seen she is done. Only had her hull repainted.
  4. We just booked the Panorama Havana cabin 5202 for 2023 and I was wondering what time they closed the hot tubs & pool at night. Anyone know? Anyone have info on this cabin?
  5. We booked the Glory from Nola, leaves March 5th & the meet up is Mar 7th. Lots of 50th Birthday "throw back specials" to happen plus the 4 ships meet up at each of the locations & party on the decks...Looking forward to this one... Just look up Sailabration & you will see the who, what & where.
  6. Thank you for the positivity. Living in BC & being so fortunate to have many of the same experiences in our back yard, I was looking for something a bit different like the Russian aspect. BUT being able to cruise and hopefully seeing calving glaciers is the main reason for me! PS, sister lives in Beeville Texas..enjoy visiting when we can.
  7. Vancouver BC. Originally St Catharines Ont.
  8. wrk2cruise you are right, this was not in the original lift & shift that has expired. This one was a new offer as of Friday I believe. All offerings & pricing remained the same. The only caveat was the limit to moving within a specified time frame of the following year.
  9. Today we got the L&S for our June 26th Alaska sailing which moved to June 27th 2022. Sitka was changed to Icy which is disappointing.
  10. No I am not "in the know" The post was from the other side of the world where it is tomorrow for us! I had heard it from several sources and this seemed to confirm it. That being said, there is nothing certain in the realm of travel anymore.
  11. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15TH, 2020 Celebrity Eclipse was meant to go into drydock for her refit on October 27, 2020. Instead, she will begin her refurbishment on March 7th, 2021. The work is expected to take a month, meaning that a full four weeks of cruises in March and April, 2021 will need to be cancelled. Celebrity Cruises apologised for the inconvenience the schedule change has caused and is in the process of contacting affected passengers to re-accommodate them. The rescheduled refurbishment means that Celebrity Eclipse will be going into drydock a year after the cruise line’s new Edge-class ship Celebrity Apex is launched, which will give Celebrity the added capacity needed to withdraw Eclipse from service for a month. The reschedule also means that passengers have more time next year to enjoy the 2,850-passenger Solstice-class vessel. Celebrity Cruises has added two new cruise itineraries in Asia for 2020.
  12. I understand that at the present time Eclipse is still scheduled for refurbish in April before the May Alaska sailing season starts. First Celebrity & first Alaska for us. I HOPE!
  13. The cruise-ship season in Canada is all but dead as the federal government is extending the ban on ships in Canadian waters until the end of October. Transportation Minister Marc Garneau says passenger ships with overnight accommodations for more than 100 passengers can't operate in Canadian waters until at least October 31st.
  14. Excellent point evandbob. I have to say with all the ideas, thoughts and questions that have been floated here, I am so very glad that I got to sail before everything changes. I remember wishing the services offered recently were as good as at the beginning of the 2000's, many had already vanished. I can't imagine what's in store for my Feb. 2021 cruise.
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