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  1. I am not following you logic that you if can't afford an extra $200 for a pass, you shouldn't cruise. For many people, money is a finite resource. They have to take care of daily living expenses (mortgage/rent, food, fuel, water, electric, saving for retirement etc). So they may be able to afford to spend $2000 on a cruise but not $2200. Back in the day, I could not afford a balcony cabin but could afford an inside cabin. Using you logic I should not have cruised. Ditto in regards to doing two cruises. If someone can afford to do two 7 day cruises in one year for $4000 but not afford $4400. The options would be do two cruises. Or doing one cruise and spend the other week at home. I know which choice I would make. An analogy would be going out to a restaurant. People can afford the food, a drink, and tip. However they can't afford the $75 bottle of wine. Should they not go to the restaurant?
  2. They don't. The closest they offer is buying a drinks package which allows unlimited number drinks. Carnival offers something similiar but you are limited to a total of 15 drinks. Other mass market cruise lines (Princess, HAL) also don't have open bars, not sure about drink packages. Some of the up market lines do offer this perk
  3. Calamari, Some of the best calamari I have ever had and I eat a lot of calamari at numerous restaurants.
  4. Funny you should ask this. A couple days ago on one of the other cruise line forums, someone asked the same question. I did some research, and ESPN Caribbean 1 and 2 are showing the Women's World Cup. Based on my experience over the last year, Royal Caribbean ships have both both ESPN Caribbean channels available. We have done two Oasis class ships along with Enchantment (when it was sailing out of Florida) and they all had the two channels. Now if they are showing in the public rooms, your mileage may vary. For Harmony, I would head to the On Air Club as it is the defacto sports bar and see if they will switch one of the TV's to World Cup. I am big World Cup fan, but have never sailed during either the men's or women's versions, so can't give a definite answer. Over the last 2 years I have been camped out at a local "pub" watching the various matches. My wife indulges me with this passion. Please report back what you experience, to help us World Cup fanatics during upcoming cruise in the next few years.
  5. And I hope this thread doesn't go south like the Celebrity thread, which led to it going "poof" So far this thread seems light-hearted and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.
  6. So what do you do in regards using metal flatware in restaurants? Glassware in a restaurant has a breakage rate that is higher than the lost rate of flat ware. So the flat ware has many more lips touching them than any glass ware over their life span. Also keep mind depending on the restaurant, most of the glasses go through the same dishwashers that the flatware, plates, ceramic cups (think coffee cups etc). These dishwashers are not your run a mill household dishwashers. They are high heat and uses industrial grade detergents/sanitizers. Testing the dishwashers in a land base restaurant or a cruise based restaurant is a go to place for health inspectors. They test for correct operation (and observe use), test that water is at the correct temperature, and the detergent and sanitizer is being automatically dispensed at the correct ratio. In regards to the lipstick. Unfortunately, lipstick is a waxy substance so is thus is "sticky". I eat out and/or go out for a drink several times a week. I may average a lipstick glass once every couple of years. Once I notice it, I will ask for a fresh glass.
  7. So was Wifi for hotels. First the lower chains offered it for free, and now hotels geared to business customers on an expense account now offer a basic package. That access is free, however they do offer an enhanced service that cost extra. So never say never. But it will could be a long time coming.
  8. I am biting my tongue in regards "since this the government we're talking about". Not You get what you pay for and I haven't worked for the Gov't in the last 20 years. People seem to want Gov't on the cheap until they don't. Redundancy is not cheap, either in the Gov't or the private sector. Also there have been numerous IT outages in the private sector over the years. So it is not a Gov't issue. IT is considered a cost center and not a profit center, even though without IT the entire global economy would grind to a halt.
  9. This is not exactly a new process. Carnival rolled this out several years ago. Royal Caribbean has been rolling this out over the last few years, starting with their largest and newest ships. I have never have heard of anyone have any issues. If a card had "walked" by the time you get to your cabin it would be obvious. The seal would have been broken and noticeable. I have heard of instances where the envelop wasn't properly sealed, but the card(s) were all there. Under this not really new process, I have sailed multiple time over the last several years and have not have had an issue with cards being stolen. This is not a so new process and has expedited the checkin process. Just wait until you experience the ipad checkin process which the whole card at the cabin got us to this point. You will be amazed. Then disembarkation, at Miami no need to pull out your passport. Officials have ipad where they take a quick scan of your face and you are on your way. I believe they are rolling this out at other ports.
  10. Tons of people use Yetties or something similiar. Growing up my lunch box was always outfitted with a thermos bottle. A little soap and water and they all clean up just fine. A metal straw, using brush, soap and water will also clean up just fine. I normally drink wine. But I do like a margarita on the rocks. Neither requires a straw for enjoyment. Every once in a while, I do like a frozen drink during a cruise so in the last year I have started to pack both metal and bamboo straws (still trying to figure out which I like better)
  11. While I have not sailed on the Ecstasy, I have sailed on predecessor ships out of here. They definitely won't have to worry about raised pinkys and formal wear
  12. I have done an excursion without my wife. A couple years ago we did a Med cruise with my MIL, my wife's aunts/uncles and some of her cousins. One of the things the aunts/uncles wanted to see was Pisa so of course my MIL wanted to go with her brothers/sisters and their spouses. I did some research and decided I wanted to Florence (an hour 1/2 walking tour then 3-4 hours of on your own). My wife wanted to hang out with her MIL. So I went on the excursion to Florence by myself. No one was upset. The entire trip was like that where sometimes we would do things together but other times we would split up in subgroups. We did have dinner together where we compared notes.
  13. The size of the port is not the issue. Since this is an LNG fueled ship, it will be access to LNG that will probably be the deciding factor. If I remember correctly, both RCCL and Carnival have made plans and entered agreements with the necessary parties to home port LNG ships in Florida. This not a simple process, unlike deciding to send a conventionally fueled ship to a port, where the fueling infrastructure is already in place.
  14. As a point of reference when I mentioned "I was just passing by", it was in reference to the fact I have never sailed on Celebrity. For various reasons over the last year I have started to read this forum on a regular basis, one reason was because of Edge. I am well aware of some of the common posters on this forum. They like to say the same thing over and over again and start the same type of threads again and again.. In regards to "Next time keep on stepping unless you have something constructive to say". I believe my post was constructive. See above, why keep saying the same thing over and over again, nothing constructive about that. "because your post makes you look like a complete fool." Interesting debating tactic. Insult the other person. Having said that, threads that report Celebrity has actually started to change furniture or install curtains, is more constructive, than starting new threads about what is wrong. There are already many threads that cover "the what is wrong" scenario, so why another?
  15. Harmony and Symphony also have an outlet by the bed on the right side.
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