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  1. Double yes. We have done this many times over the last few years, both in the Med and the Caribbean.
  2. I second the ocean view balcony for the same reason
  3. That is my rule of thumb. To the OP. Out all of the cruise you have booked this is the first time that there was a price reduction relatively close to sailing. So now you recommend everyone to wait until nearer the cruise, where based on your own experience prices go up as the sailing gets closer. So most times they will be paying more than if they booked earlier. In regards to the agent and the 50% thing. I am guessing he was just informing of the ramifications of cancelling and rebooking at the new rate, instead of out and out offering a possible solution.
  4. Interesting info about the Marriott last year I tried the Marriott route but never got a response from them (by email), so booked the RCCL Cockleshell beach excursion. I agree that the 2 1/2 hour beach was a bit short. Three hours seems about right. So we are just going to find a taxi after getting off the ship to get to the beach.
  5. My bank allows me to order foreign online and then give me a choice of having it mailed to me or picked up at a banking center. If it was over a certain amount then, you have to have it delivered to a banking center.
  6. Hate to break the news to you restaurants of all kinds have staff clear the tables and then reset them. In the past I worked as a busboy. The job description was when the guests were seated I was to fill their water glasses and drop off bread. Then assist the server in clearing plates as courses were completed. Then when the guest leave clearing any remaining items (plates, flatware, etc) and reset the table. Unless I got food on my hands, very rarely was hand washing was done. This type of activities continue to this day in restaurants all over the US, corporate or independent.
  7. After working in the restaurant business, this could be very well be a way to check for over pouring. A half/ounce to one ounce over pour can significantly affect your margins if it is repeatedly done. While these are "free" drinks, there is a cost center that these drinks are being charged to, so I would think they would want an accurate drink count. Now if they think bottles of liquor or wine are being "walked" out, then it would be a simpler matter of double checking out what is going on. In past days, I worked in a resort. I would have to fill out a "pull" list and submit it to the powers that be whenever I retrieved anything from "central store". During the reorder process from suppliers, it would be apparent if things seemed to be out of whack in relation to amount of people staying on property. They could then go through the receipts and see oh we had a bachelor party that ordered tons of shots or whatever, so that would explain the spike in usage. On the other side if there was no reasonable explanation they would start to track particular employees and see if there was a trend.
  8. Put the patch on before the cruise starts. Takes a bit for it to take effect.
  9. However most of them that include cancel for any reason, require you to buy the insurance within X number days of the initial booking I wasn't aware of that in regards to RCCL insurance. I normally only buy travel insurance when we go overseas.
  10. Yes. However they go after two different markets thus the differences you have experienced.
  11. I am not going add more to the list however here is my response to some of you bullet points. 1. "Cattle". So you NEVER stand in lines? I assume your significant other does the grocery shopping, and shopping in general. there are lines everywhere in life. The only way to avoid them is to never you leave your domicile 2. "Unknown how long the food has sat there". Restaurants have "hold times" where they can only be on the line for a certain period of time, once that time has been reached it is removed. 3. "Gluttony" This seems to be a self control problem. I have no issue in self regulating the amount of food that I put on my plate. Don't feel the need to pile on the food. 4 and 5. "Devo" and "Corollary" . Again sounds like a self control problem. When I go to a buffet it approach it in courses. I first go up and get salads, or soups. Then when I finish that course, I get my main coarse and sides. If I desire dessert then I get that. In regards to the amount of food I pile on my plate, I don't dump the food on my plate, I do try to make it like what you would see at a restaurant with plated meals. I understand that they won't run out of a particular item, so I can always go back for seconds if so desired. 5. Tablemates. Sounds like you have rude table mates. All it takes, is an "excuse me" from them, while they go get more food. How do you feel about people leaving your table to use the rest room and as extension if you are sitting in lounge in conversation with them. I assume you would find this acceptable (and probably have done it your self). Excusing oneself to get more food (or in my case my next course) is no different.
  12. All of your ranting caused the above part of your message to get lost. If I was a Celebrity newbie the above quoted would have been the most meaningful.
  13. First off, since you are talking about submitting things in regards to class assignments. I am guessing you are needing a VPN type of connection to do this . Royal Caribbean has been locking down VPN connections based on protocols over the last few years. It varies ship by ship. You may have run into this. Anyone who absolutely needs a "full" Internet connection during a certain time frame should not book a cruise that takes place in that time frame. Ever since Internet became available connections could be problematic and onboard staff didn't have a clue about resolving the issue. Back in the early "oughts" I was onboard a Med cruise, I became the defacto tech support for a few fellow passengers (including one needing to use VPN). Worked out great for me as I got a few free glasses of wine (this was back in the days before unlimited drink packages) I have done over 15 Royal Caribbean cruises, along with many Carnival and Princess cruises, throw in a few Disney and one Holland America. One thing I have learned a long time ago is that customer service is not any of their strong suits. Although some have gotten a bit better in regards to cruises being cancelled.
  14. As an FYI it is common that when you preplace things for breakfast, you put the coffee cup face down on the saucer. If the diner wants coffee they turn it face up, the server then knows to serve coffee.
  15. Actually back in 1982, I was on Carnival's Carnivale and they did run out of butter around the fifth day.
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