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  1. Can't find the video you are referencing, however it could be related to how they are partnering in regards covid protocols to resume cruising.
  2. Since offices are operating at different phases, the throughput rate will increase as the offices move up in the phases.
  3. If you miss it. Visit a Miller's Ale house. They show Chive TV
  4. By "order", I meant how they dismantled each individual ship. I.E. Front to Back vs Top to Bottom. 🙂
  5. Thanks Biker19. I was curious about the "order" they do when scrapping a ship.
  6. My guess cruise lines denying boarding to people not having vaccination proof would be legal as long as it doesn't violate Civil Right laws (sex, race, etc). This is private company so they can set the rules. An example of this is that for cruises departing from US ports, the cruise lines will not serve drinks (or even allow them to buy the drink packages) to people under the age of 21 even in international waters. There are no international treaties/agreements that require RCCL, Carnival to do this. Certain bars require people to be above a certain age before entering. Refusal to show a valid ID to prove your age, is grounds to deny entry. Even if state laws don't require this (of course many state laws require that bars verify the age of someone attempting to actually purchase an alcoholic drink, but not to actually enter the establishment)
  7. From my understanding, there are three basic strains and as you said their parts of the world that get the first (through no fault of their health care system). Based on these early reports the scientists decide which one will most prevalent, so vaccine doses can be produced in a timely manner for the US market. From my understanding the three basic strains may mutate but not by drastic amount so if even the correct vaccine was picked for that year it will be at least partially effective. I thought I remembered that there was a fourth strain that emerged, that caught the scientist by surprised.
  8. I can seeing Royal sending a ship or two that normally do 3/4 day cruise to test any new procedures. Then a very short time later the rest will start to move. The plus for the short cruises is besides the CDC they only have to deal with one other gov't entity.
  9. For those that want to participate, feel free to come to my house. I will be happy to provide all of the ingredients for everyone to make their own version for about $10/person and the necessary instruction. In all seriousness making quac is relatively simple and the ingredient list is relatively short. Most important is making sure the the avocados are properly ripe. I.E. not too hard but not too soft. After that you would need a lime for the juice, a bit of chopped fresh jalapeno, a bit of chopped white onion, some chopped plum tomatoes. And cilantro. And then a bit of salt. Instead of the jalapeno, I sometimes substitute several dashes of hot sauce. It is all about balance and the flavor profile you enjoy.
  10. The problem is that unlike other countries/political entities, the CDC has almost no guidance on what policies or procedures will be need to allow the lines to sail. So the lines have to develop everything in the dark, throw it over to the CDC to if the plans are acceptable. If CDC says the plans are unacceptable the cruise line have to go back to the drawing board. So there is no way they can let passengers now what will be required, until a plan is approved.
  11. Let me correct one thing, over night it occurred to me that the ship Queen Elizabeth II was named after the person name Queen Elizabeth II. So Cunard has had only two ships with that name or a small variation.
  12. Well Holland America has been reusing names for years (even before Carnival acquisition). Cunard has the Queen Mary 2. Along with the Queen Elizabeth, which I guess is the third Queen Elizabeth, since the previous ship with that moniker was the Queen Elizabeth II I like re-using names as it reflects the line's historical past. I am guessing cruise lines started to prepend/append the individual lines name in the name of the ship both for marketing purposes and because they were running out of names that other competing were using.
  13. Sorry, he may have been wrong a few times, but he does give valuable insight. Between you and him, I would give his posts a bit more credence than your posts. Things change. After all this is basically an opinion board. I post on my experiences and you post on your experiences. He posts on his experiences and real world expertise. The real world does change.
  14. Oasis Class ships you make reservations for shows. You will be able to make reservations pre-cruise. I think it generally opens at about 100 days out, but it can vary.
  15. Thanks for the video. I first sailed on her when she was only a year or so old and the largest cruise ship in the world. Later on my my wife and myself took a few short cruises out of Port Canaveral. The last time we saw her in person was after she was transferred. She happened to be having a turnaround day in Barcelona while we were having a pre-cruise (Brilliance) stay there.
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