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  1. The reports that I read just says the person fell. The definition of falling is... "moving from a higher to a lower level, typically rapidly and without control" When a person drops from a higher location on board ship to a lower location they did fall Sometimes the reporting provide extenuating circumstances. If they just say a person fell without any other information they are correct and you are over-reading the reporting.
  2. I would definitely recommend you to go over the Celebrity board and read the threads there. When I am looking at a cruise line that I haven't been on before, I go to that particular cruise line board and just read, to get a feel of the cruise line and perhaps the particular ship. Once I get more serious, I start asking particular questions.
  3. This is called capitalism. Charge what the market will bear. Now would I pay that about amount of money even split between 8 people, no. If some do, so be it.
  4. It didn't matter who you booked the hotel room through. If you booked a room with two queens, the hotel may have allocated a room with two queen size bed per your request. Now lets say other people booked up all of the rooms with king size beds. Now assume none of these people have cancelled prior to your arrival. You show up at the hotel and now ask for a room with a king size bed. They don't have any available so deny your request. Doesn't matter how you booked the room, they just had other people who had booked a specific room type, that you now want. None were available so you were denied your request.
  5. Here is an applicable link. Definitely contact RCCL ASAP. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/partial-cruise-request I am not sure how PVSA applies to St Thomas and San Juan, but it definitely applies to getting on a ship in Ft Lauderdale and getting off the ship in Key West before the ship returns to Ft Lauderdale. Now if he gets off in Nassau, Jamaica, Cozumel it is more straight forward gov't rule wise. He just need to make sure he has a passport, but you still need to let RCCL know beforehand and they may or may not grant the request.
  6. The cheng has pointed out on threads about other incidents (and may even said on this this thread). That there is fair chance one generator will be out of service for any particular cruise. They have to be rebuilt every couple of years, and this not an overnight process.
  7. Based on your requirements Western Caribbean would be your best choice.
  8. And your bet would be wrong. That is not how it works in the restaurant/bar business. On the soda side of the house, they go Pepsi or Coke but not both. Beers, wine and hard alcohol come from different distributors and restaurant/bar businesses will play each of them against each other.
  9. If you book a cabin that has a non-show, you will be refunded the port fees and taxes. The OP has a situation where they may or may not have a second cabin mate. Easier to change the name after the fact than try to add a person to a cabin. Several years ago, my wife was going to do a trip with my MIL to Israel. I decided to do a Caribbean cruise during that same time frame as I had no interest in joining on what was essentially a pilgrimage. When I booked the cruise, I put my wife's name as the second person in the cabin. Lol and behold, the Israel trip was postponed due the fact that missiles were being fired. My wife was able to join me on my cruise with no fuss and no muss.
  10. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carnival-cruise-line-selects-pepsico-as-preferred-beverage-partner-300957283.html
  11. Not really and it is slower than a taxi. We did the tram outbound and a taxi back to the port. Next time we will do a taxi each way.
  12. I stand corrected in regards to beverages not being returned at the end of the cruise. I was thinking about when people would buy bottles of rum etc in port and bring them on-board. They would ask you go to a table and check them in and you could retrieve on the last day or so of the cruise. Some shops have a delivery program back to the ship where this is not an issue, but others do not so you have to carry the bottles back to the ship. Agree with the need to contact Special needs and health care provider about necessary documentation needed to bring on "outsized" bottles of water etc.
  13. It is 12 bottles of non alcoholic bottles that are less than 500ml or less per cabin. If they found that you brought more than 12 bottles of non-alcoholic bottles they "could" confiscate the overage until the end of the cruise. For non-medical reasons if you bring bottles of non alcoholic beverages. greater than 500ml in size they may confiscate at will. Doesn't matter if the total volume is less than 500ml x 12, as long as a bottle is greater than 500ml then it may be confiscated. This is no different than bringing one 1.5 liter bottle of wine vs 2 750ml bottle of wines. The 1.5 liter bottle is subject to the possibility of being in confiscated. While the 2 750ml would be passed through even though the total volume is the same. The rules are what they are. Now if they are equally enforced and how enforced is a different story.
  14. Coco Cay is a small private island owned by RCCL so the beaches are "free". There is no taxi's per se. They do offer trams which are free, which should fit your needs. For Nassau, there is a free beach to the right of the exit from the pier. Their is usually transportation from the ship to the exit gate, I think tips is form of the payment. Once exit, you can get get a taxi to the free beach. It should not be more that $4 each way. An alternate would be using the Jitney's, basically the local public bus service. They are privately owned but the fares are posted.
  15. Over the last two years. Escargot would be on the menu for 3 or 4 days on seven day cruises. Then a break of one day and then another appearance. On shorter cruises they were every day.
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