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  1. In the US we’ve just been told to keep wearing masks and socially distance between doses and after completing the 2 dose regimen. It takes a week or so after the second dose to reach full immunity. Maybe it is due to the differences in vaccines (assuming UK is disbursing Astra Zeneca)?
  2. When we received our initial shots in Florida yesterday they did ask for Medicare part B or private insurance information. I don’t know what would have happened if we didn’t have one or the other.
  3. I second your recommendation and will add a recommendation to cruise over the summer solstice. The sun didn't set for 3 days on our cruise! We did go to Flor og Fjaere in Stavanger and it is beautiful and quite amazing.
  4. Coral - we were on the same cruise a year later and I remembered your many comments that were so helpful in our planning stage including your recommendation of Blue Puffin (IIRC) as a tour guide for the North Cape. I don’t have access to our pictures right now so I declare a wild card!
  5. I too was fortunate to have a high school history teacher and later on a world history professor in college that got me interested in this. In 1976 DH and I visited the Pergamon Museum in (then) East Berlin and saw a replica which was impressive. Actually that entire museum is on the best we have ever visited. We've visited the Louvre a couple of times and I didn't realize that the original was on display there. Something else to see the next time we are in Paris!
  6. DH and I received our first doses of the Pfizer vaccine this morning. I was very impressed to be handed handed a 2 sided paper that gave instructions on how to sign up for v-safe, "a smartphone-based tools that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins after you receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Through v-safe you can quickly tell CDC if you have any side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Depending on your answers someone from CDC may call to check in on you." V-safe sends a text message each day during the first week after receiving th
  7. Enjoy. I'm sure you'll like the location.
  8. You can check your application status on-line: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/need-passport/status.html
  9. We were in cabin 16019 and loved the location: around the corner (on an extremely quiet corridor) from the concierge desk; just a few more steps to the lounge and up one flight of stairs to the dining room.
  10. There is a water taxi right stop next to the hotel located under the bridge. Since you are there in December take an evening cruise on the water taxi to see the beautifully decorated houses (mansions is a better descriptive) and yachts.
  11. Just an update - I went to the Post Office in the next town (about an extra 5 minute drive) and there was only one person ahead of me in waiting line and it moved very quickly. In order to get tracking on the envelop it needs to be sent via certified mail. The cost was $4.25. I will update again when I receive the new passport.
  12. The local Sun-Sentinel newspaper recently published an article entitled Danger Road: Politicians leave Florida’s busiest highway unprotected. Everyone is on 95. Except the police. (https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/transportation/fl-ne-state-neglects-i95-safety-20201007-gdycjt6mnbanxjzj6wuboo3svu-htmlstory.html). Highlights from a very long, well researched article are: It’s the deadliest highway in the state, a lawless ribbon of asphalt that police have largely ignored, according to an investigation by the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Dangerous and drunken driv
  13. And if it is raining the traffic is worse and the number of accidents is off the charts! I once checked the drive from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Palm Beach Airport to give someone considering flying out of PBI after disembarkation a drive time estimate. It happened to be a rainy morning (but not Florida downpours where you can't even see the car in front of you). Twenty-six accidents (total for both directions) were reported at that point in time.
  14. I have decided to do the same although I wish I could avoid going into the post office at all (ours always had long slow lines before covid and I dread visiting it now). But my family's track record with the USPS since before the election (when 2 absentee ballots were mailed at the same time and one arrived within 3 days and the other floated around for a nerve racking extra 10 days) and through Christmas makes me nervous about using 'just' first class mail.
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