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  1. In December 2016 the Crown Princess used the dock 'downtown'. A smaller Seabourn ship was also in port and they were relegated to a dock quite a ways out of town.
  2. In our experience (2 Christmas/New Years cruises) some may be taken down after New Years and all removed by the time the next group of passengers boards the ship after New Years.
  3. We've had embarkation lunch on over a dozen cruises on almost as many Princess ships and the lunch has always been from noon to 1:30. I think your experience on the CB was an anomaly.
  4. Terminal 26 info from the Port Everglades official website: https://www.porteverglades.net/cruising/cruise-terminals/terminal-26/
  5. Here's a map of the port: https://assets.simpleviewinc.com/simpleview/image/upload/v1/clients/porteverglades/Port_Map_Update_Feb_5_2019_c3513794-cec5-467a-899d-9242d64c9c90.pdf Port Everglades is an industrial port with lots of truck traffic. Personally even though I walk 2 miles everyday I wouldn't do the Terminal 25 to Terminal 2 walk. You don't say when you are traveling but don't forget you will need to contend with Florida weather that can be hot (there is no shade on the walk) and humid even in the winter. Take a cab and tip the driver since he will have to wait in line again for a hopefully more lucrative ride. I do like Waynetour's idea of just stopping to drop off luggage and then continuing your taxi ride to a further destination. Las Olas Blvd is a great downtown area. From there you can sightsee on the water taxi (www.watertaxi.com), disembark at the Hilton Marina and walk the 2 - 3 blocks to terminal 2.
  6. The terminals are at opposite ends of Port Everglades and it is not a very walkable port given the ever present truck traffic (it is a large cargo port). See the map on the official website: www.porteverglades.net or at https://assets.simpleviewinc.com/simpleview/image/upload/v1/clients/porteverglades/Port_Map_Update_Feb_5_2019_c3513794-cec5-467a-899d-9242d64c9c90.pdf. A taxi will charge the minimum $10 fare and it is recommended to tip well since they lose their place in the taxi pickup lane.
  7. The address of the Harbor Shops Total Wine location is 1906 Cordova Road. You can order for in store pick-up on-line (https://www.totalwine.com/totalconvenience) Just hop out of your taxi/uber, pick up your order, and be on the way to the ship within minutes!
  8. We have been provided a free shuttle (we were obviously responsible for our luggage) to our departure terminal/garage when our Princess ship returned to a different terminal and that could very well be the OP's case if the Regal departs from terminal 2 but returns to another (since I presume the Sky will get terminal 2 that usually goes to the newest Princess ship in port). Just ask at the Purser's desk halfway through your cruise.
  9. Exactly. I know when we were on the Ruby (R/T Seattle) in the summer of 2018 NO ONE could access cabins before 1 pm because the hallway doors were locked. They did have a drop off area (Crown Grill IIRC) or you could take your carry-ons with you which is what we did and had no problem placing them nearby our table in the MDR for embarkation lunch. The tradeoff seemed to be that they were allowing people to board well before 11 am (we arrived around 10:45 and they were calling group 9 already). Personally, I'd rather be able to board early and hang out on the ship than sit around in the terminal!
  10. Each cruise line has their own forum so this would be best posted - if you haven't already - on the Carnival board (https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/133-carnival-cruise-lines/) where it will be seen by more Carnival cruisers.
  11. I seldom remember entertainers' names but Phillip Browne was on our Sapphire Princess cruise this summer. He is a fantastic entertainer with an incredible voice and great personality and I"m not surprised he was chosen as Entertainer of the Year. You (and your fellow passengers) are in for a treat!
  12. We are elite on Princess and have never used their hotel/transfer combinations because they can run twice that of a similar hotel and taxi or uber/lyft transportation. Do some research - the West Coast Departures board here on cruise critic (https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/315-west-coast-departures/) is a good place to start. TripAdvisor is also informative.
  13. No doubt they paid big bucks to an advertising agency to come up with them. Its like Uniworld thinks that millenials can't remember a name longer than 1 letter!
  14. According to the deck plans on the U by Uniworld website (https://www.ubyuniworld.com/us/ships) both the A and the B (what kind of odd names are those?!) now have guest laundries.
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