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  1. Terminal 1, Concourse C so that means for both arrivals and departures it is the first terminal on both levels of the loop road with the drop off and pick up door located at the end of the first terminal building. http://www.broward.org/Airport/passengers/Flights/Pages/WhereIsMyAirline.aspx.
  2. I'm not sure about other Princess ships, but the Coral Princess and the island Princess have a few suites right at the mid-ship elevators on Dolphin deck (deck 9).
  3. OP - Welcome to cruise critic! You might also want to post on the River Cruises forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/115-river-cruising/. You will receive even more replies covering more river cruise lines. The folks on that board are very helpful.
  4. If it follows the same schedule as in 2015 - 2018, it should be very late June through late August. I know we reserved an October 2017 TA in late June 2016. I have an October 2020 cruise already booked and am hoping it will be on the Sip and Sail promo this summer.
  5. Thanks for this tip. I just ordered them thru Amazon!
  6. The aft mini-suites (D-7XX series) on Dolphin deck are our favorites and are fully covered except for the last one on each side of the ship and just steps to the public viewing area (which most of the public doesn't know about!) on the stern of the ship. Those directly above them on Caribe deck (C-7XX series) are half covered (with the exception of the last on each side) and again, steps away to the stern viewing area. It's been a decade since we were in one of those cabins but I remember the viewing area as being twice as large at that on the Dolphin deck and having a half dozen loungers or so on it. My DB and SIL had a Caribe deck forward mini-suite (in the C-2XX series) with a fully covered balcony that had fantastic access to through the 'secret' door to the forward viewing area.
  7. We use a travel agent and have always (on 4 cruises) instructed her to inform Princess that we want Princess to pay for the air tickets immediately after we make final payment. On 3 cruises that was done within hours. On our upcoming cruise I made final payment on a Friday afternoon and the tickets were recorded as purchased on the airline's website on the following Monday morning.
  8. Seconded! OP - You can see the airport from the Port Everglades and vice versa. Check it out on a map. A section of the western side of the port is separated from the eastern side of the airport only by a highway. Welcome to cruise critic, congratulations on your wedding and have a wonderful honeymoon!
  9. Yes, the June 15th cruise. I have no idea what the suite price was since we are cruising with family and all wanted adjacent covered mini-suites. I do know that the current (post final payment obviously) online full payment (including port fees and taxes) is $4658 for mini-suites and is noted as new bookings only. There are two ME cabins available at that price. For months before final payment, I think the mini-suites were sold out. Full suites are now listed as sold out (maybe someone else took that upsell). When we booked last June, the ME cabins were listed as $5394 including Sip and Sail. With our TA discount we paid 7% less, received the exact cabins we wanted, the Sip and Sail promo was included (if we had to pay that ourselves on the ship it would be over $1700!), and - just as importantly - were able to get excellent air fare through EZ-Air (less than half price the airline's fare) by booking when the air fares opened. While it is possible to find great sales after final payment on many cruises, when you factor in the lack of promos, the possible need to spend much more on last minute airline fares, and not getting the cabin location that is important to you I am usually risk averse to waiting that long. We will do last minute Caribbean cruises because we can drive to Port Everglades if the price is right. I imagine the few remaining cabins on this cruise will be attractive to Brits who can easily get to/from Southampton.
  10. Crown Princess 10 day Christmas cruise - upsell from a BE balcony to a MB mini-suite for $129 per person. Took it! Upcoming Sapphire Princess 14 day Land of the Midnight Sun (Norway) cruise - upsell from an ME mini to a full suite for $1129 per person. Didn't even think about it!
  11. It's 1/3 mile away and a straight shot up Cordova Road after crossing 17th Street intersection (where the Embassy Suites is located). Check it out on google maps.
  12. capriccio

    Butchart Gardens

    The Butchart Gardens (which are fabulous!) web site gives some transportation alternatives: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=197. There is also a December 2017 thread here on cruise critic that has lots of information. Post #4 has lots of info on bus options.
  13. We always do the same! Even if our visitors have checked luggage, it is easier for them to take the elevator up to the departures level than us maneuvering through the traffic - much of it clueless - on the arrivals level.
  14. Port parking, while not the cheapest, is the safest and provides the fastest departures.
  15. Maybe closed and alarmed would be a more apt description. They could definitely be opened from the hallway to the elevator lobbies. I do take offense to posters making blanket statements saying that because something never happened to them it could never have happened to anyone else! There have been plenty of recent postings (since last summer) of it happening on the Ruby Princess. Unfortunately I can't remember whether it was an earlier cruise on the Ruby or another Princess ship where we ran into the same thing.
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