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  1. On the miracle in 2016 we went to the chef table. Most of the dinner was in the frankenstein night club. I thought it would be not as good as other ships. I was so wrong. The amazing table magician was the best. I would pay just to see him again
  2. We once had a bowling alley balcony on the miracle in 2016. Same price as a regular balcony.
  3. Last night i realized that my wife and i book the same lido balcony cabin on different ships for our next two cruises on horizon and panorama. They are just steps away from lido and the red frog bar. There is a ez door to go through and be away from crowds. We have been in almost the same location in our last two cruises. Do others like a room or location on cruises?
  4. When i first saw this topic thought that no cruise ship is going back to freeport for a long time. But i read that one minor cruise line will return in a couple days. Article in cruisecritic news. This is not just for relief supplies. So who knows how soon carnival will return.
  5. My phone is not letting me cut snd paste link from cruise radio.net. ez to find
  6. "responding to a poster who’d suggested that anyone else associated with this particular gift “should be fired immediately,” Heald did not hold back. Instead, he said this particular complaint would “have to wait while I help people with hurricane questions and while I consider again if we should just stop the gift all together." I am not sure i can post the cruise radio link. He may be referring to the lanyard only.
  7. I read a story on google that inferred JH is thinking carnival should cut out the platinum gift. Some cruisers did not like the lanyard. I have just become platinum and like free stuff. But maybe the gift could be optional. Click on it when filling out boarding info.
  8. Reading through the responses i realized there is a difference between "cuts" and "phase out." A phase out would be something now dated that needs to be replaced. There is a site that has all the things phased out at the disney theme parks. The cruise experience should be the same. Not everything phased out is for a finAncial reason (other than it doesn't work as well). I have always thought the shops on the ship are out dated. You have thousands of folks on a ship and empty shops. I seldom even go in the shops. But i did go for ice cream in the shop on the vista. That was a good change.
  9. Personally i never liked this but...a couple years ago a friend set up his wife to participate..she and our cruising group had lots of fun ...two years later we celebrated the husbands passing on another cruise...i have pictures of that competition and the friend's wife was so happy..they made a memory of a lifetime and that is what cruising is about...i will still never participate in a hairy chest contest but i dont want it cut..and don't touch shrimp cocktail..turn the library into a harry potter bar or crafting club
  10. Thanks for the ideas. My favorite is cutting back on all the paper in our rooms. I always feel bad dumping it all. However i think the hub, tv and maybe some electronic message boards can replace it. Overall i think i learned that everyone likes the cruise experience and would cut very little out.
  11. Every day i read about cuts carnival has made that upsets someone, e.g. tablecloths, chocolates, automatic 2 room cleaning. But i have cruised since the 1990s and have seen many changes. I know there are things i dont use like art auctions but it is hard for me to think of something i would cut to keep cost down. Any ideas?
  12. 2012 is long ago..lots of changes on carnival. With regard to tableclothes..did they change them between seatings? Not always. A sneeze at early dining trapped for late dining. A new move to eco minded ships. Less use of washing materials. Ever been asked to reuse a towel in hotel? Even the best hotels. Times are a-changing. But i stll love carnival.
  13. I googled the name and found a mention in a review DOLPHIN CRUISE LINES.S. SEABREEZE7-NIGHT CRUISE TO THE WESTERN CARIBBEAN WITH STOPS IN:Playa Del Carmen/Cozumel, MexicoMontego Bay, JamaicaGeorgetown, Grand Cayman, B.W.I.JULY 21-28, 1996..reviewer met him and said it was his 103rd cruise. would that be the same cruiser ?
  14. I buy the ship water. I read that aquafina will start selling in cans. I will try it before i change my ways. I know some do not like sodium in water. One never knows the source of the water. I once looked at a bottle that indicated it came from the municipal water of las vegas.
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