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  1. Every carnival ship has a hidden coin. One is in public places. Why is it ok to post a picture of the coin but not to reveal its location?
  2. A question and a why. What is call sign for carnival panorama? Why? I have a cruise friend who likes to put call signs on his cruise tshirts. I thought it might be a cool gift to etch on shot glasses. Post your CARNIVAL cruise trivia questions and if possible, why you asked.
  3. I wouldn't complain about muster drills and their location. The suction of the toilet. The popcorn at the dive in movies. But diet pepsi? Maybe i could acquie a taste on a long cruise. And should days on qurantine on a ship count as VIP days at sea?
  4. But i want the side i can see the pier runners.
  5. Topics that caused fist fights like "smoking vs no smoking." Is it a "boat or a ship." Can my kid swim in "adult only" pools?
  6. Ah the passion is still there. I wonder if buffets will even exist but still dont like the change to pepsi.
  7. It seems that a few weeks ago the hot topics were butter pats, wearing rude cruising shirts, and whether the platinum gift was good enough to gain our loyalty. I miss those days. Any other vip topics you miss?
  8. Carnival has ordered infared cameras to detect illness in crew and passengers as they board
  9. My first cruise on premier/disney. Miss the grand midnight buffet The sculptures
  10. One other consideration is how fast will a replacement cruise fill up. I considered wait and see for more obc to cancel my may 2nd cruise but looked at october for the same cruise route and found it almost full. So i chose quality of cruise over waiting for more obc and cancelled and rescheduled. He who hesitates may be losing out in long run. Just my humble suggestion. Cancel and reschedule another cruise. There are literally thousands waiting to do the same.
  11. How are you keeping your carnival spirits up? I rebooked a carnival cruise for fall and my wife really perked up. I didnt realize how important that was for her. Hope you are keeping positive ideas.
  12. The state department recommends o er 60 not cruise..but but 60 is the new 40.i am at disneyland this week and i will cruise in may 2020
  13. Certain Cruises meant those up to may 31 2020. There is more info on the Radiance yet to.come. i meant to modify so people further out did not get confused or hopes up. There is a separate thread on what is the obc I am just curious about how to spend it. Happy cruising. And no you can't use it to buy 200 dollars of toilet paper at costco. Jimbo is a great source of details and always spot on.
  14. Imy wife reminded me there is a pandora on the horizon. I might need a bar crawl on the first night.
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