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    seems familiar

    anybody recognise sanddyanytimecruiser10 ????
  2. Ive just made a booking on the Pacific Dawn for oct 2nd 2010 ,they have released the new itinerarys but its not on the website ,just ring them and ask.If your looking for school holiday cruises ,im told they are selling fast. Happy cruising Wayne
  3. We are booking a cruise on the Pacific Dawn tomorrow for next year . Can anybody reccomend accomodation near Portside Wharf .We would like an apartment or similar close . Doesnt have to be 5* but modern and clean. any advice would be most welcome. thanks Wayne
  4. cruisyguy

    best month

    Hi everyone ,just wondering if anyone has a theory on when is the best time off year to do a south pacific cruise on the dawn from sydney , my personal experiences tend towards late sept early oct ,ive cruised 7 times and the couple ive done at that time of year seemed to be smoothest . Only asking because our daughter is prone to seasickness and would love her to experiece a smooth cruise . Any opinions would be apprecieated Thanks in advance Wayne
  5. Its been a week since we got home and Ive already seen a couple of reviews from the cruise after us so I had better put my two finger typing to work and get this review done .We spent a week in NSW before the cruise which we had intended to spend in and around Sydney when we booked but didnt know about world youth day at time of booking ,so we decided to get out of Sydney and have a look at the Central Coast mainly Port Stephens and surrounds .Stayed at the Oaks Pacific Blue Resort at Salamander Bay what an beautiful spot and a fantastic hotel .Went back to Sydney and stayed with reletives for the last two nights before the cruise. SUNDAY 20 JULY 2008 SAILAWAY DAY We had arranged to be picked up from reletives home in Hornsby Hieghts at 9.30 am as we had read on cc that there was a good chance of embarking early .We were leaving from Circular Quay , there was a bit of traffic getting to the terminal because half of the CBD streets were closed because of WYD. Once we arrived we no longer had checked our luggage in than we were told to evacuate the terminal .We grabbed our hand luggage and walked to a grassed area halfway between the passenger terminal and the ferry terminal.There were police cars everywhere and what looked to be the bomb squad ,2 or 3 choppers overhead ,anyway we had to wait about 90mins and then were given the all clear to enter the terminal for check in . Did I forget to tell youabout our first reactions to the sight of the majestic Pacific Dawn it looked awesome and the kids eyes were almost popping out of thier heads .Anyway headed back towards the terminal to be confronted by a massive line ,we quickly found out that this line was for people checking in thier luggage which we had already done a couple of hours ago.So we went straight upstairs and went through customs and got our cruise card etc and before we knew it we were on board.After all the time studying deck plans and reading all I could i,it was so easy to find our cabin c168 , it was supposed to be c172 same as fellow ccer Newyork Newyork had earlier in the year but for some reason it was changed. Anyway we found our cabin and I was so pleasantly surprised , the last ship I was on was the Fairstar so the cabin was a quantam leap in size and comfort. We hadnt been in the cabin more than 3 minutes when we had a call from the dining room regarding our daughters dietary requirements as she has coeliac disease and needs a gluten free diet .They asked us if with kids would we like tobook an early dinner and discuss Kaylas needs .We went exploring the ship and were not disapointed in anything we saw she was a beautiful ship.That evening we went to dinner at six pm as we aproached the dining room doors we were greeted by Geronimo and introduced to the matrie d Fabio who was such a nice man and he had a genuine interest in Kaylas diet ,he told us they could make a gluten free version of almost everything on the menu if they had enough time to prepare it ,so they would at dinner give us the menus for the next day so a choice could be made . Kaylas food was amazing and she loved it all including dessert with almost every meal,she was in heaven.I must mention Gerado and Viji who were our waiters they were so good with the kids and thier service could not be faulted. Larry in the dining room was also instumental in ensuring Kayla got her GF food .We went for a walk on deck and the had an early night as we were all buggered . more to come later:):):)
  6. We just got off the Pacific Dawn last Sat and I will review the cruise soon but I have been told by 2 separate people who work on the ship that P&O AUST currently have a brand spanking new ship under construction in Italy .They even told me the size would be 85 000 tonnes and that it is being built to suit the conditions that can be encountered in the Pacific ,with a V shaped hull rather than the rounded shape of the Pacific Dawn. This ship is supposed to enter service in 2010 based in Sydney and the Dawn based in Brisbane .I suppose P&O wouldnt anounce this yet as it may have an effect on booking leading up to 2010 with people delaying thier cruises until the new ship arrives .As I said this came from 2 different crew members but only time will tell .I do hope its correct info as I think Oz deserves a brand new custom built ship . wayne
  7. cruisyguy

    Just Home From P/d

    Just arrived home today ,from our cruise on the pacific dawn ,will write a full review soon but expect almost all of it to be glowing .We had an awesome time and cant praise the crew and staff enough .Must go as have to be at work early ,gee im looking forward to that (NOT) WILL POST REVIEW SOON WAYNE AND KIRRA AND KIDS;):):D
  8. cruisyguy

    Island Smiles

    Can anyone tell us if boarding for the Pacific Dawn still gets underway before the official time given by P&O as I have read a few times in various CC posts that you can check you luggage in any time after 9am and quite often be aboard b4 lunch . I hope this is still happening as we are staying with relatives in Hornsby Heights and have a mini bus booked for us all at 9.30 am to take us to Circular Quay ,is this p/u time seem ok as it is on 20 July (world youth day )? Any feedback would be great .Cant wait our holiday starts a week before that with a few days on NSW Central Coast,Port Stephens etc .Any recommended things to do up there as we are just going to drive around and stay wherever there is a vacancy . Thanks Wayne and Kirra and Kids:):):):):):)
  9. Just got on the Fremantle Ports website to check on the arrival of the Sun Princess on Thursday and I found out that the passenger terminal is closed to the general public ,even friends and relatives of passengers about to cruise .This has happened once before that I know of and thatwas on SP s last visit.The reason the Freo ports are giving is that with 2000 passengers disembarking and another 2000 embarking with only a ten hour turnaround there is no room for anybody else .I know that the Freo terminal is as big as Wharf 8 and the Overseas passenger terminal and also the Pacific Dawn has roughly the same amount of pax and it usually has a nine hour turnaround so the reason they give is not valid because as far as I know you can still go and farewell pax in Sydney . Who is going to throw the streamers ,its all part of the cruise experience .Can anybody confirm this still happens in Sydney and what do you think of their lame reasons ,I think there may be a security staff shortage. Interested to hear your views .Regards Wayne :confused:
  10. Just wondering if anyone who has cruised on the PD ,if they still cruise through the Boulari Havannah Passage ,the Fairstar used to cruise through there nearly every trip and it was listed in the itinerary as cruising .Maybe the PD does go through the passage but its just not listed anymore ,I hope it does as it is very senic .Weare sailing on PD on the 20th July W821. If anyone can shed some light on this I would much apprieciate it . Regards Wayne
  11. cruisyguy

    gluten free diet

    I did ask about this a few months ago but I thought some new people may be reading this now or some that have cruised on the P/D recently . Our daughter has coeliac disease which means she requires a gluten free diet. Now she is only 10 years old and gluten free meals like a salad will not always be what a kid wants .At home my wife bakes g/f cakes ,bread etc and we buy g/f cereal ,g/f pies , sausage rolls and g/f icecream cones . We are thinking of bringing a box of some foods to supplument what P&O can provide ,will they let us bring this on board?.Does anyone out there PARTICULARY with kids have any experience with gluten free diets on the Pacific Dawn.We are sailing in July so any info would be great . many thanks Wayne and Kirra
  12. Can anybody tell me if there is live satellite sport in the sports bar / casino on the PD and if there is do they show any AFL or is it just ARL (which I dont mind by the way ) just hoping to catch the West Coast Eagles while on hols. If not I suppose I could get score updates on the internet or even listen to a bit on the net but it would probably cost to much to listen to the whole game . T he wife hopes its not on but its only 3 hours once a week . Wayne