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  1. How extremely stressful this must be for your family. Hoping that his condition improves. Thanks for drawing attention to the very personal nature of the conditions we face.
  2. I hope you are wrong as well, but as of now I think you’re correct. A vaccine appears to be at least a year away and there doesn’t seem to be a viable prophylaxis on the horizon. We can all pray for those discoveries. Initially I thought that those least at risk could, within months, return to travel, but that reflected my inability to think in societal rather than individual terms. In her post, uktog spells out the dilemma. We have now written off our much-anticipated Scotland Intensive Cruise in August. And now we wonder if next April’s will even be feasible. Out on my walk today, I thought about the wonderful staff who make sailing on Azamara a joy. And that puts my “problems” in perspective.
  3. Thanks for the information from Australia. It appears that much of what you describe and analyze may become true of life in many nations. Keeping our perspective helps. I, too, wonder what will be the financial impact on others, but especially our adult children. Loved your reference to Maslow.
  4. nordski


    I think you’ve nailed it!
  5. nordski


    Also. the Federal health agency is advising Canadians to avoid foreign travel.
  6. nordski


    I hope I would react with the same commitment to my colleagues.
  7. nordski


    Thanks for correcting my timeline on the potential recall. And I do admire you for heeding the request for help from your practice.
  8. nordski


    Thanks tor this update. I was wondering if you would heed the government's call to return to service after your retirement. No doubt a difficult decision but the advisory service you provide to the practice and the patients will be invaluable.
  9. A good point. Personally, I wonder how much political capital governments will be willing to expend, if necessary, on propping up the cruise industry if matters really deteriorate. Secondly, it is really interesting to me how the reputation of Viking has changed. In the distant past, when we sailed on river cruises and frequented that forum on CC, those choosing Viking were often viewed as the "rubes" in the marketplace, succumbing to colourful ads on PBS 's Masterpiece Theatre. Their payment policy was regularly derided as necessary to maintain "cash flow" to prevent an imminent collapse. We were those rubes. Thus, as pointed out on this thread, fairly or unfairly reputations can dramatically change. Thirdly, I think Viking and Disney have made the right choices in cancelling cruises. I believe Princess has done the same but that may be an issue of collapsing demand. As far as I know, Azamara is not alone in trying to maintain a schedule, Apparently Oceania's Riviera (an O ship) is now at sea with 400 passengers out of a possible complement of 1200. Because of these numbers, the specialty restaurants are open on a rotating basis. I'm not certain this will create the buoyant ambiance that cruisers would expect. Fourthly, it is easy to see the corporate culture at work here. Larry P. has ceased being very active on social media for some time. I haven't seen any personal messages from Frank del Rio, who now heads Norwegian but who played a personal role in the creation of Oceania. In fact, other than Tostein Hagen , has any other executive stepped up publicly? Viking is a privately held company. Fifthly, as Spursgirl has pointed out, on this issue the communications manual has been completely ignored. I shared this thread with a person close to me who is a Comms Officer and, regarding the policy followed by RCI. and others, her comment was "Wow, this should never be happening". For those still reading 🙂, I am not one of those who think the Azamara product has been eroding since we first sailed on Quest. Perhaps we are "rubes" again. In fact, I think the opposite has happened. But, referring back to my second point, reputations can change. Finally, and no doubt this should have been my first point since it's actually the most important. I hope no one that I have encountered on this forum suffers anything worse than a loss of money. a loss of an experience or a loss of faith in their favourite brand. May we all be posting somewhere on this board in a year's time,
  10. As the inevitable suspensions occur, I also would like cruise lines to address how they will deal with some of the most at risk in this situation--the staff. In particular, I am thinking of perhaps the most vulnerable, the hotel staff. I most likely will miss a cruise; they will be missing a livelihood. What will cruise lines do to soften this blow? Judgments about cruise lines should include that factor. I think some on this forum do communicate with staff members. I hope they can keep us apprised of how those employees are faring.
  11. I’m not certain what you mean by media “hype”, but faced with 463 deaths I can understand why the Italian Government adopted this policy. It seems most jurisdictions are considering forms of limitation on travel and social contact if they face a similar or even lesser mortality rate. That is one of the issues that potential cruisers must consider.
  12. nordski

    Thank you AZ

    I agree it might have been a good idea. However, who was Fain's intended audience? There was a suggestion that the audience might have been travel professionals. And how quickly would it have been dismissed here as "corporate boilerplate"? We will certainly agree that Fain should have personally reached out to cruisers who have sailed or propose to sail on RCI ships. He is the responsible spokesman for the corporation. In the long run, there may be larger problems than communications. The Canadian Chief Health Officer has now advised older people, and those with health issues, should not go on cruises. It may take a long time for that advice to be forgotten.
  13. nordski

    Thank you AZ

    We can agree/disagree about the timeliness of the Azamara response. No doubt its role within RCI was a limiting factor and prevented a more independent policy. I do think it is unfortunate to criticize Bonnie for her role here. If, indeed, Azamara (RCI?) was "dithering", then I don't know what she could have done besides referring people to corporate policies. That is what she did. On a broader note, in this era of mass cruising the only parallel drawn to this occurrence which I have seen commentators make, and that appears plausible to me, are the challenges created after 9/11. And we know some of the impacts that event had on the cruise/travel industry. It could be that the impacts of this pandemic could be longer and deeper. Initially, there were posts on this forum that plausibly suggested that there would be no great disruption. I was hoping that that would be so. As conditions changed, it has been upsetting to read the concerns and worries of passengers who should have been eagerly anticipating their upcoming cruises. I hope the change in cancellation policy largely meets their needs and relieves their anxieties Personally, since we fall into the group that is most at risk, it is difficult to see how we will back cruising before a viable and effective vaccine is available. Perhaps there are a significant number of Azamara cruisers in the same disappointing position. We will also reflect carefully upon our travel insurance needs. On the other hand, it's important for us to keep this disappointment in perspective. .But, to reiterate, It's fine to criticize a corporation on their decision-making process. In my view, Richard Fain and his executives should be the focus of those complaints, not the Comms Officer assigned to this forum.
  14. In Manulife’s case, it appears there may be a window today for new policies before the official announcement tomorrow. Although since that memo has reached the media, they may act immediately.
  15. The CBC is reporting that because of covid-19 two Canadian travel insurance companies, Manulife and Tugo. are changing their cancellation rules for new policies. The story is a bit vague, but the gist is that now travellers who are cancelling because of the virus issues, or changing flights for that reason., will not be covered. Because it is a "known issue" the changes seemingly apply even before a Canadian Government advisory is issued. TuGo's changes took place as of yesterday) Wednesday). ManuLife will institute the alterations tomorrow (Friday) From the latter, CFAR insurance will still be available. Obviously travel professionals will know more about this, although the ManuLife memo has not yet been officially issued. One expert expects other companies to follow suit to lessen their exposure to claims.
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