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  1. I believe your MTD dining room is printed on your sea pass on Allure.
  2. I got off the Allure on Super Bowl Sunday and it was hands down one of the smoothest sailings that week. It was Western Caribbean and we even sailed through a thunderstorm on the last sea day without issues. This time of year there are a lot of cold fronts that pass. Even if they are hundreds of miles away and it can churn up the ocean pretty good.
  3. Over Memorial Day Weekend, The Flight show stopped twice for 2 technical glitches. First a guy was stuck upside down hanging from rafters and second time the plane was stuck and couldn't take off. They had to rewind the set and had to reset the entire scene and start over from the beginning of the song. Show ran 30 min late.
  4. The 8/31 sailing has finally been revised: Day Port Arrive Depart Sat Miami, Florida 3:00 PM Sun Cruising Mon Costa Maya, Mexico 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Tue Cruising Wed Miami, Florida 6:00 AM Port of Miami will be at capacity Wednesday with so many ships coming back across all the cruise lines.
  5. Website has been updated to remove the error for the 8/24 sailing. Still no official confirmation on exact plans for the 8/31 sailing of Symphony but glad it does not look to be outright canceled.
  6. There is no official cancellation on the 8/31 yet. The 8/24 sailing on Symphony is showing as extended to 9/4 but at the bottom of the page it has: We are currently working through confirming new ports for additional itineraries that are impacted due to Hurricane Dorian. We will have an update for the below sailings by 3:00 PM EDT, on Friday, August 30th, 2019, or sooner: SYMPHONY 8/31/19 & SYMPHONY 9/3/19 Maybe they are waiting for updated estimated port closure in Miami but Symphony is listed as being in Nassau for tomorrow. Hopefully by morning there is an update on this sailing.
  7. In the 10pm update it has Symphony now staying out until next Wednesday but not returning this Saturday 8/31 to pickup/disembark passengers, looks like it is canceled. Symphony 8/24/19 Sailing We’ve replaced our visit to CocoCay with Nassau, Bahamas, and extended our sailing. DATES DAY ORIGINAL ITINERARY REVISED ITINERARY 8/24 Saturday Miami, Florida Miami, Florida 8/25 Sunday Cruising Cruising 8/26 Monday Cruising Cruising 8/27 Tuesday San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico 8/28 Wednesday Labadee, Haiti Labadee, Haiti 8/29 Thursday Cruising Cruising 8/30 Friday Nassau, Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas 8/31 Saturday Miami, Florida Cruising 9/01 Sunday - Cruising 9/02 Monday - Cozumel, Mexico 9/03 Tuesday - Cruising 9/04 Wednesday - Miami, Florida
  8. I don't know how many times per minute I refresh their site looking for updates. Sail Sat 8/31, no update yet but original return was Tuesday. All others are now back Wednesday so I would expect at least that. More important is when they plan on closing Port of Miami and if ship will even sail on Saturday. Board flight tomorrow afternoon and rather not get stuck in Florida for storm with no way back to NY.
  9. I believe it is just for suite guests and is not an open invite.
  10. On Harmony in January you could no longer get cash at the cage, they would only give you a slot ticket which must be played through once and had no cash value (like the way the free play promos work) or promo chips, no cash. You were allowed to charge to the room via the slot machine up to $300 per transaction with no fee. It transferred $300 to the machine and you can then cash out the ticket and exchange it for cash at the window or just use it to play. If you wanted more you could do a second or more transaction but limit was up to $300 per transaction. This was for everyone, not just prime and I think max per day was like 3K or 4K. This may just be on Harmony and not all ships. It made it more convenient then having to go to the window and have them process the room charge.
  11. On Harmony last week they have a new certificate for a free Jr. Suite for earning 8000 points. In the past the max certificate was a balcony for earning 4800 points. Trade in value on the Jr. Suite certificate was $1250 off any sailing not on the short list of free cruises.
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