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  1. Thankx- this is helpful. Do you know if these mini buses are at the dock? Or should I try to contact a company before? after the caves we’ll probably split up & take buses to wherever we want to go. there are 10 of us, but not sure how many will want to go to the caves. B
  2. Thank you i am very familiar with ferry & bus system. was hoping to be able to take a shuttle or taxi from the dock to save time. B
  3. We will be in Bermuda Oct 7th & 8th Has anyone taken one of the shuttles or taxis waiting at Dockyard to go to the Crystal Caves? Do you remember the price? Do you remember if there are large shuttles vans for 8-10 people? My other choice would be to take the ferry to Hamilton & a taxi to the caves. Can we pay the fare on the ferry? or do we need tokens before getting on the ferry? THANKX Bonnie
  4. We will be in Bermuda in October & a few of us want to do some fishing. We are not looking to CHARTER the whole boat for a full or half day. We would just like to book 3 or 4 of us on a fishing trip. Any recommendations? I remember seeing signs along the dock in Hamilton for fishing excursions. Does anyone have experience just walking up to these boats and going out fishing? I usually do a lot of research on things, but there is no way to research these. I seem to be only finding fishing charters - to charter the whole boat. any thoughts and / or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You Bonnie
  5. For those of you who have already sailed on the Symphony out of Miami, do you know what the early dining time is? I looked it up & it said 6:15, but I want to check. On another cruise, I was told that the 6:15 was the early time when the ship was sailing from a European port & when it sailed from the US, it was 5:15. THANK YOU!
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