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  1. Just a quick question. Are bathrobes available in the cabins. We've been on the Gem before but can't remember if they have them.It would be one less thing to pack 🙂 thanks in advance
  2. No need to be rude. My question was asking for ideas not rude remarks!
  3. Our cruise is coming up and we signed up for the meet and greet and gift exchange through our roll call. Just curious about what people buy for these. My question is what is the best gift you have received or have seen at one of these exchanges. Trying to get ideas. Thanks in advance.
  4. Lol first time I tried one I asked for just a small bit of everything...my salad was so big it it would have been enough for a family!!! Be careful lol
  5. Your review was great! We were on that cruise as well...loved the ship. We had signed up for the Meet and mingle But didn't get our notice :(
  6. Love the dress...absolutely wear it. There is a wide range in dresses on formal night..you will look lovely!
  7. I do have silver strappy shoes . I do like the nude also but don't have any. My dress isn't super dressy but I think the shoes and jewelry will dress it up enough. I don't know how to post a picture on here. Thanks ladies!
  8. So happy to have found this thread. I think it's the perfect place for shoe advice. Here goes: I have a navy blue dress for dress up night ..what color shoes would look the best. It is very dark blue thanks, ladies
  9. I have never had to reserve shows on previous cruises.
  10. I usually gain between 3 and 5 lbs every time I cruise. I watch what I eat, walk everywhere and don't even drink that much. My solution is I try to loose weight before the cruise ! Like some of the others I do get alot of water retention
  11. Thanks for all your responses. At this point, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. The cruise leaves on June 14. Have never booked so late so this is all new. You are right about the website.. it's horrible. I was trying to reserve for shows and nothing is available.
  12. Booked our cruise late, so we're currently on a wait list for the late traditional dining. We have never been waitlisted so I'm wondering what my chances are that we'll get our preferred dining time. Also when would we find out?
  13. I'm hoping you can answer my questions. We just booked the Anthem for 6/14 and tried to reserve for the shows and nothing is available. However only 3 shows were even listed. Do you need to reserve a show for every night. Or just certain ones.
  14. Thanks so much for your excellent review. I really enjoyed reading it. I just booked this cruise today for june 14th looking forward to it even more now!
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