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  1. Are saying you use a chair for storage of chapstick while you are using the pool?
  2. DW and I find two chairs and use them When we have finished we take our towels and leave the chairs We have never once saved a chair, but occasionally one of us will leave to get two drinks - we are never away from the chairs we are using for more than ten minutes Use of chairs any other way is disrespectful to every other passenger on the ship - No exceptions
  3. I think I can partly answer the original question. The perks will remain, but there will be alternative experiences added to counteract/balance the benefits. The MSC 'experience' categories will be the inevitable outcome. So, you will get people in the same category room but with different cruise experiences based around their preferences. In addition to this, different ships will offer different versions. So, Spectrum for example offered a completely different experience for Diamond Plus etc., on the way to China to what it provides now it is in China. The current move is towards a ship in a ship. In 20 years time it could be, ship, within a ship, within a ship - bit only on certain classes etc. which all differ among themselves. So, the benefits will remain. They may even improve. But it will be more experience led. You get some that like drinking for nothing, others might like a spa oriented experience, or a dining package experience, and these will be in self contained areas of the ship. I am surprised there isn't already a Chef's Table restaurant for premium paying guests already, but it will happen and Pinnacles won't be allowed in. So, in a nutshell, rather than have the run of the ship, new areas won't be accessible without paying for them.
  4. I am not asking about a free upgrade There are various categories of balcony cabin. I just want to know that if everyone books a guarantee, will the Diamond Plus etc., get the better categories? For example, not the ones with obstructed views
  5. The gty price is a third of the normal balcony prices for the Dubai cruises on the Jewel early next year I would presume that will mean most would book the cheapest rate We will be Diamond Plus for that cruise, and we put upgrades on our preferences, so my question is... Will that mean we are less likely to be given one with an obstructed view, so a higher deck or whatever?
  6. That sounds very sinister If Tripadvisor owns this website, I cannot see the relationship - They do not own or are associated with any of the cruiselines It is a very strange rule - Cruise lines are ravel agents, it really is that simple
  7. Slightly off topic but why are we allowed to discuss Royal Caribbean as a travel, but not other travel agents? Is Cruise Critic now owned by the cruise lines?
  8. Out of interests, what do you American folk make of proper bacon? You can't beat a BLT with American bacon, but there is so little meat on it, I can't believe you guys have it for breakfast. It is literally just fat
  9. I hate the American tipping culture But I always tip the man that makes sure my wife's clothes go to the right place on vacation 😲
  10. I have never smuggled But I applaud all smugglers - it's the true essence of sailing 😉 For those hoping smugglers get caught. Seriously - get a life
  11. Rule of thumb for formal night: UK Departures: Formal European Departures: Smart Asian Departures: Smart American Departures: Scruffy It depends on your starting point: Some people believe Chinos and a shirt not made from polyester that has a collar is suitable for formal night So, as most posters here have said, wear what the hell you like - It is your vacation
  12. DW and I are thinking of sailing over on the Odyssey or Allure from Europe and renting a place in Florida for a couple of months We then want to spend another couple of months on a ship before returning to the UK As far as I am aware, we are only allowed three months with our ESTA, and they don't stamp departure when we get on and off ships, so is there a risk of overstaying our Visa? Thanks for any help anyone can provide on this before I contact the US Embassy
  13. Yes You are the first person to put your clothes on the coat-hangers, and underwear in the drawers You are the first person to sleep in your bed You are the first person to walk around on the carpet bare footed Unless they put up a pre-inaugural, of course 😉
  14. I know, but who designed it in that travel brochure?
  15. Do you have a contact for this, I want to book straight away?
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