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  1. I have a question for people that understand Schengen rules. After 31st December, British people will only be able to spend 90 days in any 180 days in a Schengen zone country. I was planning on spending January to March in Spain next year, but I am booked on a 12 dayer out of Rome on the Odyssey on 5th May, which is within 180 days. Does anyone know if that counts? The cruise goes to Greece (also Schengen) and Israel (obviously, not)
  2. I notice a lot of caution on this thread. It appears the US is ahead of the US in this virus' infection progress, so I will update you on where we are at present. After a gradual lifting of our lockdown regulations, infections have increased. We are now at a stage where there are more infections than at the peak back in March/April. However, death rates are tiny. Ten times more people are dying of flu every day that Covid. It is not revealed whether people are dying of or with Covid. Many suspect, there are hardly any dying directly of Covid. The reason for this is treatment has advanced tremendously, and the vast majority of those infected are young (under 45), who are 99.9% likely to survive. The UK has knee-jerked into Draconian new measures, all of which will hit the economy for generations to come. The fact is, the working age people of today, will be made to pay for many years, and they are the ones who are 99.9% safe from dying. We all have our theories on masks, reliability of information, political decisions etc., but they are mostly personal opinion. The two things all know is the vulnerable need to be protected as much as possible and the world's economies also need reactivating as soon as possible. The cruise industry will take every precaution available. They have been hopeful for a December/January restart for several months (most that have been paying attention, will know this by now), and any further delays will mean further financial decisions that will leave the industry in tatters. If we all apply our own version of common sense, using all the information available, and put up with some sensible restrictions (and idiotic political decisions), we will be back on ships soon.
  3. The Royal Suite price is less than £1700 for a 7 day on the Jewel out of Stockholm next summer !!!
  4. The cruise company CEOs have all pleaded to re-start after October 31st
  5. What does "if my babies fuss" mean? Is it wriggle around and be a bit of a nuisance to you, the parents? Or is it, scream their heads off in front of other paying customers?
  6. The actual phrase is 'pneumonia and flu' but newspapers use flu as the shortened explanation. So, it is true Good of you to say you are the thread police though
  7. Yes, exactly, which makes the UK's current Covid policies even more bizarre Summer flu is killing more than Covid
  8. That sounds a little tin-foil-hat, if you don't mind me saying Although that is perhaps an American thing. I can assure you that in the UK, the trials, experiments and progress is all being monitored daily by our government with international (including American) cooperation
  9. More Transatlantics via Greenland (the cancelled Brilliance trip this year was way over-subscribed) West Coast of Africa via Morocco and Namibia to South Africa East coast of Africa, via Mauritius and Seychelles to South Africa
  10. I don't doubt your expertise, but we are actually in the guinea pig phase now, in the UK, and I am pretty sure in the US and Germany, plus probably China We have thousands of volunteers all taking a cocktail of different drugs and suppressants. What we are waiting for are the most successful results, which are taking months to learn their effectiveness Something people have to remember, is scientists are not just looking for a vaccine - They are looking at treatment and suppressant drugs The medical profession knows a lot more now than it did in March. back then, people were put on ventilators too quickly, people were left to lie on their backs. Lesson have been learned and treatment across the board has improved immeasurably. Lives are being saved with additional knowledge We may or may not have a vaccine some time soon, but lessons are being learned daily, treatments are being developed quickly, and all of this knowledge will be shared internationally because we live in a global economy - The very thought that the US will just treat its own citizens and ignore their businesses that rely on international trade, is frankly preposterous It is also bizarre to think you may be experimented on. We haven't got a few students mixing chemicals in some test-tubes. We have the best virologists in the world all working to find a solution
  11. I would suggest you ignore this Both Oxford and Cambridge University are running final tests at this moment in time with major pharma companies They will share with the US, as the US will share with the UK
  12. I love the way so many Americans talk as if their country is the only one on earth If there is a vaccine, it will be shared internationally, and big pharma will not have the power some may presume That is of course, if the first vaccine is produced in the US - Oxford University are allegedly currently competing with a German pharmaceutical company to win the race to the first vaccine
  13. For me, it's great news that Venice has been swapped for Ravenna Been to Venice several times now, and Ravenna is right near to San Marino and Rimini, which is great for a beach break pre or post-cruise
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