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  1. Hi. I was due on Jewel on 16th March (from UK). I had booked a package with them inc flights and transfers. This morning I can see a full refund has gone in of everything including an excursion which I cancelled a week before Royal pulled the cruise. Everything is credited separately but the total is right. That’s taken 3 weeks to come through. I wasn’t sure if we were getting FCC, cash or a mix as we had 3 emails for each scenario... I think EU package holiday rules meant £ only refund. I’m sure everyone will get sorted, it’s just a long wait.
  2. Thanks so much for posting. We were due to join you on 16th March so have really enjoyed your photos, hints and tips. We will sail again when the world heals... stay safe 🙂
  3. I think if we look at Italy at the moment, they are in full crisis mode. They are weeks ahead of the UK and US in terms of having the disease but are nowhere near to seeing an end to it. As much as any of us crave that holiday, this could very well be a lot longer and worse than we imagine. Stay safe everyone 😉
  4. Made me jump when I opened the bathroom door...
  5. I cancelled my drink package and excursions... our sailing on Monday is cancelled so I did it myself a week ago, just so I feel like I have some control! So far I have had 3 emails from royal telling me 3 different scenarios that I will get my money back from the cruise fare - 1. Mix of FCC and cash 2. Full refund 3. Full FCC so my thinking is at least the drinks coming back should be given!
  6. Don’t worry it’s quite the norm. I had to cancel my cruise for this Sunday and then Royal cancelled it anyway. I have had phone conversations and emails (back and forth) and it’s still live. I look at it and dream! I just accept that it will get sorted at some point.
  7. Hi. Cancelled my cruise last Friday - booked direct with Royal (UK), was told they fill out a form and this gets sent to another department to sort. I chased Sunday and again this Tuesday as have had absolutely nothing and the cruise sets sail on 16th March. I am now reading the cruise is cancelled by Royal (Jewel 16th March) but again nothing as yet. The cruise is still ‘live’ on the system so I’ve cancelled all the excursions & drinks packages and will just wait. When I chased I was told they are busy and it will get done eventually... I have noted times of call and names of
  8. I’m wondering if this is the same for the UK? I was told yesterday that it is for new bookings only so couldn’t apply to my October cruise.
  9. 8 days... Jewel from Dubai with my aunt for her 70th... Just had to cancel as my husband has just returned from Italy ☹️ So now focusing on Allure 224 days to go!
  10. It seems like things are changing daily... hopefully we will get an update before next week! Part of me so wants to get in the sun & cruise and the other half is wondering ...
  11. Thanks for the update... I am due on board Jewel 16th, a week on Monday. I wonder what royal will do as we are having an overnight in Doha. I’m not really wanting to ‘cruise’ just being in Dubai, but we will see. Any other updates much appreciated. Safe travels.
  12. Here is the link to Royal’s own update https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  13. Can I just ask please, is the SL on every ship - with alcohol menu available? Is this for GS and above? Many thanks.
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