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  1. I am planning my days in Amsterdam prior to the cruise. So much to do! I can’t seem to find out what time we need to be on the boat for embarkation. I’d like to go to the Van Gogh museum that morning if possible before needing to head to the boat for check in, and need to book these museum tickets in advance. What time is Uniworld check in, and what time does the boat leave that day? I know I could call Uniworld but thought I’d check with you experts first! Thanks!
  2. Love the trip reports! Enormously helpful! Thank you!
  3. Oh my...that would be awesome to see the storks! And thanks for the tip on the German lunch!
  4. We are boarding in Amsterdam on June 30. Thanks for your input on what you are going to do!
  5. Thanks everybody! I think the extra expense excursion is the Romantic Heidelberg. The others appear to be included. Everywhere I read says to do the vinegar tasting! So excited for our first river cruise, and only second time to Europe! I appreciate your link to your review. It is soo helpful!
  6. We are leaving on a Uniworld Rhine cruise Amsterdam to Basel in June, and I am interested in hearing what are some favorite excursions people have experienced on this journey! Specific questions on the following days, as well as any input on the other days. Rudesheim: Castle Vollrads wine tasting OR hike from Rudesheim to Assmanshausen Strasbourg: Strasbourg panoramic tour with cathedral and Old Town walk OR Do as the locals do Strasbourg walking tour Breisach: Alsatian Village Day OR Colmar City tour I have bookmarked the Marksburg Castle in Koblenz, the vinegar tasting in Speyer, biking in Boppard, and possibly the Romantic Heidelberg excursion at an extra expense (is it worth it?). Thanks for your help and guidance! I’ve learned so much from these boards!
  7. Thanks so much for the links to the train schedules! It was very easy to see the train options to the airport with no changes on the loco2 website. My understanding is I don’t need to purchase the tickets until the morning of travel, correct? If I purchase them online in advance is it only good for the particular time I book or can it be any scheduled that day?
  8. How do you find the train schedule for Lucerne to Zurich airport? I want to make sure to go to the airport and not the non-airport location. Our flight is around noon.
  9. We are doing this Rhine cruise in late June (can’t wait!!) and I was wondering what time we are to check in with Uniworld on Day 1. I believe it departs Amsterdam at 1600 but not sure. We will be in Amsterdam a couple of days prior on our own, and I am trying to plan our time there. I already have a canal tour, Ann Frank house, a guided city tour, and the Rijksmuseum on my list. Just trying to figure out now the placement of those puzzle pieces! Anything else you all recommend for our time in Amsterdam? We also are planning a Lucerne couple of days at the end! Advice welcome there too! I am leaning towards the Golden Round Trip tour of Mount Pilatus and Lake Lucerne.
  10. I have the same question on these beaches. I am looking for the same type beach you’ve described! We will be in Antigua at the end of the month and am thinking of going to Valley Church Beach. I’d love any thoughts or advice on that.
  11. Thanks for your reply Stinger-pr! We may just enjoy our time in Old San Juan. At least storing luggage at Barrachina is easy!
  12. I’m curious what you decided to do as we are in the same situation. I was thinking a few hours at the beach would be really nice, but we would want to clean up before our flight home so don’t know if there are facilities to do that and store luggage. We’ve been to Old San Juan before, but may consider dropping our bags at Barrachina and spending a few hours there. Not really interested in the rum distillery tour, and a trip to El Yunque may be too far and time consuming.
  13. We are trying to decide on what we will do with our time following our cruise next month since our flight is not until 4:00. If we decide we would like to have a beach day, is there somewhere in Isla Verde that we can store our luggage and spend a few hours at the beach and have lunch? It would be even greater if there were shower facilities!
  14. These boards are so helpful! Thanks everyone! We will be taking the train at the end of our cruise from Basel to Lucerne, and staying at the Hotel des Alpes for 2 nights. Is there a need to get this train ticket in advance, or just purchase it when we get off of the cruise at the train station? We’ll plan to go to the Lion Monument and eat at the Old Swiss House as suggested! The next day we will plan to go to Mt Titlis, Mt Rigi or Pilatus and a lake cruise. Any suggestions on which one? We will have the full day. The last day will be taking the train to Zürich for a noon flight home. I understand that the train can be taken directly to the Zürich airport from Lucerne...yay! Is it best to purchase this ticket in advance since it’s crucial timewise thst we arrive in plenty of time? How do I do this?
  15. Thanks everybody! That is very reassuring! I will be looking into hotels now for Lucerne, and see that they are in walking distance to the train station. For our flight back to the US, how early do I need to arrive at the Zurich Airport? Does the train from Lucerne go directly to the airport?
  16. We are taking a Rhine cruise Amsterdam to Basel early July 2019, and are considering doing a 2 night extension to Lucerne. I need help to figure how to do this on our own without booking through the cruise line. Is it easy to figure out the transportation with the trains to Lucerne if we only speak English? I would like to see Pilatus while in Lucerne. How easy is it if I don't have a car? What are some hotels that I should look into that are mid-priced and in a good location? Should I return to Basel to fly back to the Washington DC area, or go to Zurich and fly home from there? Thanks in advance for your help!
  17. We are booked on Uniworld Castles Along the Rhine for September 2019. I’ve been reading about the low water levels this year and I’m second guessing my booking! Would June be a better month for this cruise? Or what other time of year, or itinerary? This is our first river cruise and I don’t want to be disappointed! Any advice is appreciated!
  18. Thank you so much for your great information and attaching the dailies! We are doing this same cruise September 2019. We may try and do 2 days on our own in Amsterdam prior to the cruise. I'm starting to look into hotel options. I'd love to hear of anyone's input on that! We are not sure if we have the time to do the post cruise to Lucerne, but that looks awesome too!
  19. I think I’d prefer to start in Amsterdam so I can fly in a couple of days early and spend that extra time there. These boards are so helpful to me in figuring all this out! You’ve been so helpful.
  20. You all have given me other factors to consider- hadn’t thought about length of daylight hours or the speed of the current on a the river! I’ll look a little closer at the itinerary too. More research! Thanks everybody!
  21. We are looking at an Amsterdam to Basel cruise on the Rhine, and trying to decide between a mid-June cruise or early/mid September. The June cruise costs a little less. Which is better concerning weather, crowds, water conditions? Also, which direction- Amsterdam to Basel, or the reverse, or does it matter? Thanks!
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