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  1. The vloggers I watched last night, who boarded yesterday, said that only the unvaccinated passengers were tested at the port — which is in line with what Royal has communicated to passengers recently. The first sailing had no pre-arrival test, but did have to test at embarkation. And of course there is no change to the end of cruise test protocol.
  2. Oh, well there you go — that makes everything all hunkie dory. Just tell that to the people at check in when you refuse to present testing results or wear a mask, I’m sure they will escort you right on board. 🙄
  3. How can you say you disagree with something you haven’t even read? Basically, you disagree with what you imagine someone said?
  4. Wrong. One test before you leave home. One test within 3 days of returning to the US. Maybe you are reading too fast, or maybe properly spelled words vs text lingo doesn’t register for you. And even if your comment I’ve just quoted was correct, that is still FAR different than “testing all day long” as you railed against in your previous posts
  5. Did you even read my post? My logic is that if you refuse required protocols that cruise lines have in place (or airlines, foreign countries, etc) you won’t be allowed in. Period. Pretty simple. I made ZERO mention of whether anyone SHOULD be tested or not. And yet, your response seems like you think that’s all I said. 🙄
  6. Where did anyone (other than you) say testing would be done all day? Not aware of any cruise line that is suggesting anything like that. Daily isn’t even on the table. Where did I say I wanted to be tested or that I think constant testing of vaccinated people was necessary? I never said that, so the answer is “no where”. What I did say, to be CLEAR, is that you can say all day long, til the cows come home, that you don’t want to wear a mask, or be tested (which is fine, if you stay home all the time) but in the REAL world that is not going to work. How will YOU feel when you get
  7. It would depend on the country. From what we heard reported on the first AOS cruise, Bahamas and Mexico both required masking unless eating at a restaurant. The beach/pool specific question was less clear, but I assume in the water = no mask.
  8. I would love more Pacific Coastal cruises, particularly round trip, or alternating north/south for a B2B. We’ve done a couple, but we rarely are able to do cruises spring thru fall when they are offered.
  9. I’m going to respond to your two comments in just this one response — I understand you don’t want to wear a mask, and for whatever reason, have a problem with testing. But since you don’t own the cruise line, I’m assuming, it’s not really going to be your call. If they require testing to board the ship, and you refuse, you won’t be allowed on. The US is requiring testing to re-enter after international travel, so I guess you won’t be coming home either if you are booked on a foreign departure cruise. If your departure port requires air travel, you are going to have to wear a mask
  10. I was reading an article today about the situation in Brazil, and one of the studies is showing 23% of recovered people have at least one of several different chronic problems — myocarditis, lung damage, psychiatric, and one other that escapes me right now.
  11. Definitely plays an important part — my argument is not that robust immunity is not possible, my argument is that it doesn’t seem to be as consistent across the population, like some other viruses. So without each individual being regularly tested, they don’t actually know their own status. And, studies are indicating that convalescent immunity is not proving as effective against some of the variants.
  12. It does indeed, which is why I can’t understand why you are so convinced of your absolute immunity
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