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  1. Though we've never sailed on a Royal C “Jumbo” we look forward to sailing on Beyond. Having sailed on the QM2, I don't see why X's modern luxury or elegance can't be just as viable on a larger scale. It all depends on the ship's design. 😊
  2. My guess is that there won't be any IV's on Beyond. I also think that some of the extra space added to Apex will be devoted to suite guests, with a larger Luminae, Retreat Lounge and pool area. Though speculation is always fun, I'd like to see the final product a lot faster. 😁 Patience is not one of my better traits...
  3. Talk to one of the Retreat concierges after boarding and explain your situation. You should receive luggage tags for disembarkation that have the number 1 on them which means you can get off whenever you want once the ship has been cleared with the local authorities. The concierges do not have a dedicated elevator, but do have a key card that allows them to go straight from one floor to another.
  4. Good catch! But I think the blue paint is actually a protective undercoat and that eventually the area around the MC will be painted white. Time will tell. 😉
  5. You’re welcome. 😊 lt is truly a wonderful experience.
  6. I don’t understand the “rubbing it in comment”, I was simply answering the previous question.
  7. I never saw any indication of chairs being hogged in the Retreat on the Edge. When we were there I observed guests removing their towels from the loungers when they were finished. I also don’t think the majority of the suite guests spent all day in the Retreat pool area. 😉
  8. Please don't turn this into a dress code thread... 😉
  9. If those names were true, why didn’t X trademark them?
  10. Yes it is. We visited the Carrieres Lumieres on a private tour while on the Reflection a couple of years ago. http://www.carrieres-lumieres.com/
  11. I agree with your feelings about Beyond. 😊 The prices are already sky high and at this point I have no faith that the prices are going to come down. 🙁
  12. We heard that Beyond was going to be larger than the E class ships from Capt Costas on the Edge TA. And he said that it will be different from the first two ships. Definitely looking forward to the updates!
  13. Funny, I was going to suggest AX (pronounced axe). 😊
  14. Your flights are already booked? I didn’t even think to check! I feel like such a slacker... 😜 On a side note... perhaps we could move our engaging conversation to a new thread (don’t want to hijack). This is, after all, supposed to be for news, updates and photos of Apex. 😊
  15. I don’t care for Apex either. Interestingly, there was an article (can’t find it right now) where a X executive was talking about the Edge and described it as “the pinnacle” so I have a feeling that Pinnacle may be coming.
  16. I made commemorative door magnets for us and friends of ours on the Edge Inaugural. It was their first time is a suite. Our magnet came home with us, theirs went home with someone else. As others have said, don’t put anything on your door that might have sentimental value.
  17. I read that article too. X is keeping to their usual new ship launch. 😉 Anyway I'm looking forward to the reveals.
  18. I should have known this was going to cost me... Good thing I have the Premium Beverage Package. 😁
  19. That kind of flattery will only get you a free drink...
  20. Um... that was me. 😎 And Beyond has been confirmed as number 3.
  21. ... Personally, I think that the naming ceremony will actually be before the “Inaugural Cruise”... Though it would be SO COOL if you are right! 😁
  22. 👍🏻 😉 12264. As you said, “If all the stars align.” 😊
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