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  1. Just starting to pack and drive over to the NA! Enjoy your week!
  2. I’m not sure it is any different than any other cruise line. I’m not making an excuse, just an observation. You simply get what you pay for. Carnival is a public company. Review their financials and make your own observation. Are all these cutbacks delivering staggeringly increased profits, or are profits directionally similar as a result of low prices/less amenities. Further, cruises more than 6-months out in 2097 were typically higher than cruises that were closer as well.
  3. While I agree with everything you are saying, I think it’s important to note that cruise fares are at or about the same price they were when we travelled on our first cruise in 2008. I’d imagine HAL has a difficult time making amenity decisions when passengers aren’t willing or able to increase their spend.
  4. The 5:00 hour made attending very difficult. I too wish the mass was at 8:00am. maybe this was just a difficult itinerary but we didn’t make it to one service...
  5. I hear we have a celebrity priest on the Nieuw Statendam next week...? This should be considered the best excursion that HAL has ever offered!
  6. Jacqui: I probably typed it wrong, but our December Cruise is on the Nieuw Amsterdam (12/7-14) sorry!
  7. By any measure, in my humble opinion, they are worth it.
  8. Good evening, Jacqui!!! Nancy and I have booked the following: November 10th 2019 Nieuw Statendam 7-days Eastern Caribbean December 7th 2019 Nieuw Amsterdam 7-days Tropical Caribbean thank you doing this!
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