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  1. LOL - yes I was reading between the lines and thinking we'd go for the more upmarket versions - I like the idea of parking up each night being able to go off and eat onshore (and drink...)
  2. Yeah us too SF-Bcn . If it doesn't happen we'll fly to Europe instead - but hoping that this plays out before the end of the year so we can know which airfares to buy 🙂 - and by then hopefully we'll know if we can leave the country too!
  3. This is interesting - at the moment QE is scheduled to leave the UK Feb 22 to relocate for the Japan season and then later in the years relocates to Vancouver for the Alaska season. I'm wondering if both seasons will get cancelled. Japan is not yet open - and I imagine the ship won't leave in Feb until the country is open - so I imagine a decision will come in the next month or so I keep an eye on this site for whether Japan is likely to open anytime soon or not https://www.japan-guide.com/news/alerts.html
  4. I'm eying up one of these - not too bad I thought for a week https://www.sail-croatia.com/croatia-cruises/explorer-cruises
  5. Antarctica - did a 7 day trip with this company last summer - because we'd spent no travel budget on anything else - this is probably going to be my "only got 6 months to live - make sure the funeral cheque bounces" cruise https://www.heritage-expeditions.com/destinations/antarctica-travel/ross-sea-cruise/
  6. I hate wearing bras - and only wear non-underwired ones - which basically gives me only one brand to buy in NZ. Since Covid I find it takes me longer and longer to get out of PJs and into clothes and a bra!
  7. You got free wifi at sea? Which cruise line was that?
  8. It would work if you have acess to wifi -either paid from the cruiseline, or on shore via free wifi at say a cafe or via your cell provider. You won't generally get cell coverage unless you are pretty close to land - so it depends on the cruise itinerary.
  9. Cruised Cunard last year - didn't take high heels or cocktail dresses - mainly because I own neither
  10. That's very sad for your friend - I'd hate to be so scared of medical costs to have to keep on working.
  11. Nope - we have a freehold house that's a safety net. And the government pays if you can't afford hospital level care here. Plus Idon't intend to rust out anyway so won't need assisted living
  12. That's very sad, what a waste that she will won't spend it all. Our financial planner kept on saying we were well underspending our goals. So in the depths (well I thought so at the time but this year has been worse) of 2020 I challenged him, thought of an outrageous travel budget and said we wanted that on top pf our normal payment for the next 5 years. The figures still worked. I need to try harder ... hopefully we'll have a chance next year. Having bought the car and finished the reno I need to travel to fulfill by financial spending goals
  13. What do you mean? I imagine that all the early flights will be returnees - unlikely to be tourists as they would be stuck in NSW and not able to go elsewhere
  14. Wow - just saw this https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/453598/victoria-records-2179-new-covid-19-cases-nsw-dropping-quarantine-for-international-visitors didn't expect it to happen quite so fast! At least means that if I have to leave NZ there will some airfares available ex Sydney. Also suspect that it means the NZ/Oz bubble is dead until we all open up as normal. First dose figures in NZ now over 84% so here's hoping it won't be too long
  15. I'm not sure what happens to close contancts ie people sharing the cabin - with delta I suspect they all go into quarantine. The whole ship is not confined to quarter -that was 2020 not now
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