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  1. Viatour are a US? tour company - they don't run tours in Australia - they are promoting someone else's tour. Greyline is a well-known tour operator here.
  2. But Cunard is owned by Carnival Corp - which IS a US company - so I really don't understand...
  3. Why? There are plenty of Australian only port schedules e.g. QE Melbourne-Sydney sometimes via Tassie. I think they do a "fake" port of Willis Isl in Qlds if they want to open duty free. The WA cruise segment may not be allowed to operate the casino though WA has quite restrictive gambling laws
  4. How much is a latte or flat white on board? The coffee package maybe of interest to us
  5. Maybe Ibought the wrong jackets - but the one's my partner has don't really crease - he got a light weight suite carrier from the shop he bought from so we were just going to lay the whole thing at the top of the bag. I've never found ja Shirts are more of an issue - they crease more - but figured with wearing a jacket over the top he can just iron the front in the hotel before we board!
  6. Departing Sydney on the 17th - can't see anything to worry about - rough sea is the only thing worrying me about this cruise - i get sea sick on the ferry to Manly https://www.windy.com/-Waves-waves?waves,2020-02-20-00,-26.746,148.931,4
  7. This made me LOL ! Seems like a totally sensible test to have! You made the right choice there! Christchurch was never the most interesting city - but now its still very much a construction site post the earthquakes. Akaroa is delightful - I assume at some point the ships will go back to Lyttelton - which is at least more interesting the Chc - but Akaroa is a gem
  8. Looks like it would be the 11th - because I just saw this advertised on the Cunard site https://www.cunard.com/en-au/find-a-cruise/M104F/M104F
  9. The Queen Mary 2 has been divereted to Fremantle https://www.cunard.com/en-au/contact-us/travel-health-advisories maybe there will be an opportunity for a short Australian based cruise on her
  10. You must have had a great day in Wellington today! You caught one of the 5 good days of this summer! Waved to the QE as we passed but won't be in position to reproduce this pic of her as she leaves tonight - this was her last ( I think) visit in December
  11. I've been in and out of China recently - you need a visa - and you are clearly stamped in and out with date and departure city clearly stamped in English. HK doesn't require visas for most but I'm pretty sure they stil lstamp in and out.
  12. I'm starting to wonder if I need to pick up one of those roll-along chiller bins in Sydney to carry all the booze....
  13. First paragraphs help. Second - what do you expect them to do - provide a different mattress in your room compared to the other 1000 odd cabins?
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