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  1. Actually I've just thought of an alternative - by about October our vaccinations in NZ should be well advanced - we're only using Pfzier - hope over here for a quick jab and a holiday! How it will actually roll out will vary by region - and although the next step is over 65s and pre-existing (and small country towns it sounds like) - the rest of us line up in July. You'll need a 3 week holiday to get both jabs.
  2. So they pay the government for the tests they use for non-residents??? Its the US government I'm sure they can accept cash or cheque!
  3. I agree I assume its at cruise line expense
  4. No they can't - there's some stupid US rule which requires non-American flagged ships to not do "domestic cruises " (or even cruises to nowhere). They literally can't do what Cunard is doing in the UK with local cruises - its illegal in the US!
  5. The US list is a bit odd. It discirminates against some countries. Cook Islands and Niue have had no cases yet they are in the "unknown" group ?
  6. The Alaska season also needs Canada to open up as well doesn't it? If Australis is still closed to non-local cruisers next summer then I'd say Cunard may more to an extended season in Japan or even other Asian ports - Singapore and Taiwan have been cruising for months remember. We have a booking next July which is the repositioning from west coast USA to Europe - and I'm watching developments in Alaska with interest because I think that is what may kill the repositioning.
  7. I think this was over blown in the original report - Australia has always said END of the year - now its saying next year - that may literally be the difference between December and January. This is probably better reporting from a state news organisation https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australia-s-international-borders-will-remain-shut-until-2022-josh-frydenberg-says
  8. You can be a citizen without being born in a country - that's why the temp ban on arrivals of citizens from India is so controversial.
  9. Given the NZ/Oz bubble then I can't see why local cruises can't start next season ie October or so. If it doesn't that's purely political nothing to do with public health . There is an obvious hole in Australia telling citizens they can't travel overseas - fly to NZ and fly on from there. There's never been a ban on NZ (or others) leaving NZ - just getting back in can be an issue. I suspect we will start opening up to the rest of the world once we're all/most vaccinated - end of 2021 . By open - obviously I mean open to vaccinated people only
  10. Sorry I didn't explain myself. Its hugely risky to rely on internal Chinese flights - the military controls all air space in China and will delay flights regularly for their own purposes. I've never done a WC - but I've travelled a bit in China.
  11. We are due to stop in Salafaga for Luxor in October 2022 - QE repositioning cruise from Barcelona to Australia
  12. I can't see China overland's happening - even pre-Covid those would be internal flights - not overlands (even with fast trains HK is nowhere near Xian or Beijing. For Xian you'd have to cross the border to Guangzhou and that's 1/2 a day just there (and not a fun 1/2 day) - its possibly worse now with the politics in HK. Beijing is a 9 hour train trip from HK. Egypt is large and without a fast train network - if you went Cairo-Valley of the Kinds overland you'd miss the Suez Canal!
  13. Even in the before times its too early to book - you need to look about 14 months out - but some won't be bookable until 12 months out. Now, who knows? Until Australia opens up again - unlikely before the end of this year , the airlines and routes are totally up in the air. That said the usual options include Dubai, Doha, Singapore, KL, HK. There was also a direct flight Perth/Heathrow - which is different and Perth is worth a few days stop over
  14. We booked last year - Nov I think . Basically we have until January to make a decision because up until then we can cancel with nominal loss or transfer with no loss. I figure that's about the time we'll need to book some airfares to SF (we're coming from NZ). What we've done is set some critieria. Its not just that the cruise is going our criteria are: we're vaccinated (very likely by the end of the year) Cunard requires over 90% of the people on board to be vaccinated. we can get travel insurance (that will require the NZ government to take US, Europe off "do not
  15. If you are cruising trans-Tasman- that's one of the rougest bits of water in the world - you may not want deck 8...
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