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  1. I've only done one cruise - on the QE last Feb to PNG ex Sydney. It was great, and because we booked a future cruise on board which was cancelled I have FCC burning a hole in my pocket. Currently I'm seeing some good prices on QV for the trans-Atlantic in Feb 21 . My question I know the QV and QE are sister ships. Are they identical? We really liked the QE - particularly enjoyed hte space, the main public rooms, the commodore club and the pools and promenade deck. Does QV have the same ? I assume the QV itinerary is part of a round-the-world trip. Does that make you 3rd class passengers coming on for only part of a RTW? Will anyone speak to us who have been on the ship since the UK? Its a long-shot - given that Australia borders are still closed and NZ will charge us on return for 14 days quarantine - but I'm dreaming ok!
  2. lissie

    Dress Code

    Actually on Gala evenings on QE in Feb I saw several men wearing white jackets - that apparently was fine. Also a young(er) guy with neon pink which was also apparently fine. In all cases they were wearing bowties and formal shirts and black trousers. I always understood that if you are actually going traditional - white tie with white dinner jacket or black tails is more formal than a mere tuxedo in black .
  3. I have prescription drugs - but haven't tried them yet as the Cunard cruise was so calm! Lying down focusing on the wall close to my face and not moving - works fine - its a tad limiting though LOL Yeah fresh air isn't a big deal but it would be nice - I mean I'm like 50% the cruise won't happen anyways - but if it did ... Its a $1 deposit sale that's the only reason I'm considering it
  4. OK never cruised on P&O before. Have done only one cruise Cunard to PNG - loved it. BUT I very prone to sea sickness and swore I'd never cruise out of NZ because of this (the Sydney to PNG itinerary the sea varied from slight to calm - no movement at all). On that cruise we were an interior cabin on the lowest deck and that was fine for movement - but because the sea was flat it was no real test. Now looking at a short 4 day cruise ex Akl-Napier -Akl next February on the Pacific Explorer. The seas could be rough - cyclones hitting the Coromandel is fairly common that time of year. I wouldn't mind a balcony - because I expect the decks will be a whole lot more crowded than Cunard - and the price is fine. But my choice is a balcony midships on deck 9 and an oceanview midships on deck 5. How much difference in movement is there between deck 5 and deck 9? Obviously lower is better - but how much better? Please don't tell me I wouldn't feel the movement - if its bad weather I will - and no its not all in my head! Did a crossing on Cook Strait and even though the swell under 2m and you're really only exposed to it for a 45min and that was enough for me to start sweating. Money is not an issue - the price difference is minimal - I like the idea of a balcony - but not if its going to lay me low for 12 the trip!
  5. On the cruise we did in Feb - Syd to PNG and back - the weather was usually around 28C every day - no wind. The BEST meal we had was the Aussie BBQ on the rear pool deck. We were up there swimming late afternoon, and then the setup around us and it looked good. So stayed for dinner - so I've dined on Cunard in a swimsuit, sarong and bare feet. It was awesome. 1/2 our table ended up being there impromptu. I love the warm nights of the tropics - there's a reason that Aussie is the home of the BBQ - but having it at sea without insect was just amazing!
  6. To be fair May has been the low season in Queenstown - for ever - after Easter through to June/July when the snow comes was always the quiet time. It makes sens for larger places to mothball - and then look at opening up either for the ski season or summer. I think many/most AirBNBs will become private rentals again and that will help with the over-supply of hotel rooms
  7. We can do a prisoner swap - the Ozzies can fly to Queenstown for the snow and we're fly to Queensland for the beach and sun! I wouldthink that that the state borders need to open first.
  8. No not yet https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/warriors/121385241/queensland-nrl-teams-cleared-to-travel-but-no-green-light-for-warriors-yet supposed to be going tomorrow. Can't believe the arrogance of the sports officials- they are some sort of special compared to every other business
  9. Gawd I want to move to Canada! The ONLY pre-existing conditions covered automatically in NZ are things like asthma (onset under 60) high blood pressure (but no cardiac issues) and similar "simple" things. As soon as you have anything that relates to major organs (lungs, heart), joint replacements, diabetets, joint replacements, organ replacements etc etc - its a lottery if you will get insurance. My partner has afib and a valve replacement - his specialist is very happy with his progress. He can get expensive insurance for most of the world - but nothing for North America. Once he his 70 in 2 more years - its going to be even more difficult. Many of us have to travel without insurance or not travel. This is nothing to do with cruising - just travel in general.
  10. Administered to the patient who has to produce an official record of same. Same as yellow fever has been for decades
  11. I never made it past the queue to the Queens room - but they tasted good in the buffet. They won't taste nearly as good if I have to make them though!
  12. Maybe I'm wrong - but has there been ANY virus on Cunard ships? I think they are doing the key thing right - not swapping staff between ships the way that say Princess does. That said I've been kinda shocked (only done one cruise ) - how many medical evacs happen, and how often. We had 2 on a 14 day cruise - and that was withing days of embarkation - maybe it was an accident and therefore bad luck - but it seems airlifts of very sick people is very common. I thought the dining and shows were segregated because of the different dining/show times. We often had empty seats around us in the theatre - because most people were too lazy to walk down a few rows to where there was space. I like the idea of the buffet being replaced with something more like a food court with food being served - I can see lots of advantages to that. There is talk in NZ that we may open the border to Australia before the end of the year - my pick is that QE will start an Australian-based season later in the year - maybe slightly earlier than planned?
  13. Or a phone call - which is how most agents operate anyways. One of the upside of lockdown is that people who have never used things like online banking have now been motivated to sort out the technology
  14. Really? Havent found a cruise line yet that doens't accept bookings via a website?
  15. Roaming has improved a lot I paid about NZ$20 for 7 days and that covered roaming in Australia and PNG - but also covers most of Asia, UK, US, most of Europe etc etc
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