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  1. 30 Nov 2020 is the limit - its on the refund form https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/request
  2. I wonder if covida-19 will become like yellow fever. With yellow fever you need to show a vaccination certificate if you've been to an affected country within a certain time period. I can see it getting to the point that you'll have to prove either a vaccination or immunity to covida before you'll be allowed to board. That would the simple solution as far as the cruise lines are concerned.
  3. We were on the same sailing and have exactly the same debate here - do we take the refund and run - or do we gamble take the extra $1000 in FCC and hope that Cunard will still be in business to offer future cruises AND that NZ will have enough airlines flying to it that we can afford to fly somewhere to join a ship! You'd have to think that Asia and possibly Australia/NZ are going to beat this virus before Europe and North America. The QE was due back to Australia next summer - maybe Asia will be the first region to see cruising start again in Aug/Sept???
  4. The government is spending billions on a wage/business package of about $525/week for 12 weeks for affected people (not just employees ). I also bought some gift cards at my local Indian before it closed .
  5. I had to google it - but yes https://www.redcross.org.nz/stories/new-zealand/even-lockdown-meals-will-keep-coming/ same as personal care for vulnerable people/elderly.
  6. That's interesting - NZ went into total lockdown last Wed. Our only steel works is closed, but the Aluminium smelter is carrying on (its very difficult to close or restart a pot line).
  7. LOL how is that a lock down!! No takeaways in NZ - I did a big order from my favourite Indian before the deadline and have several frozen meals. Just made muffins for the first time in years - missing my cafe fix - had to freeze most of them otherwise I'd just eat them
  8. Its interesting - quite a different approach. NZ is saying total lock down for 4 weeks (minimum). Nothing except essential services: health, police, government, transport (freight). Schools closed, all non-essential business closed, all bars, clubs, restaurants, closed (inc take away), all transport except for essential workers and freight. It locks down Wed evening - so had 48 hours notice. My nephew is stuck in Dunedin - he's a first year student - his parents live in east coast USA (he's a NZ citizen) - even the Australian's with him in residence can't get flights home. His parent's tried to get him a flight at least as far as LAX but I don't think they managed it. Frankly he's probably better off where he is - but a bit nervous that he'd be the only one left in the hall I thin. I can still work- as I work online from home - but not sure how much longer there will be any demand for websites!
  9. New Zealand PM annouced that the whole country will go into lock down as of Wed middnight - everything closed except essential services inc supermarkets. Schools close tomorrow. https://thespinoff.co.nz/covid-19/23-03-2020/the-stark-choice-jacinda-arderns-national-shutdown-speech-in-full/?fbclid=IwAR3fiK-Mp-7VXrvYj-g1aeNjNzBIt3cpcxgkWAbuLMMWylu6XPswfT62NJ0 We're hoping to stop it before 10,000s die
  10. New Zealand has just announced complete lock down from Wed midnight https://thespinoff.co.nz/covid-19/23-03-2020/the-stark-choice-jacinda-arderns-national-shutdown-speech-in-full/?fbclid=IwAR3fiK-Mp-7VXrvYj-g1aeNjNzBIt3cpcxgkWAbuLMMWylu6XPswfT62NJ0 The idiots are out swarming the supermarkets - but I was happy to note that everything I needed was still available in the craft store. Plus we can buy wine and beer in the supermarkets (which should be empty because everyone else will have enough food for the next year - judging by the traffic backed up trying to get into the parking lot!
  11. She appears to be staying - currently heading up the Queensland coast. However Australia will close their borders to everyone except Australian permanent residents and citizens (with a few exceptions) tomorrow. I don't think many will be flying in to cruise on her anytime soon.
  12. 12-18 months they are saying https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/coronavirus-vaccine-test-opens-as-u-s-volunteer-gets-1st-shot
  13. The trouble with diabetes is that it diagnosed with blood sugars over a certain figure. My partner had that twice - got the diagnosis. It was probably related to his other conditions because its dropped down since and has not reappeared. But apparently once you've had diabetes you can't unget it - mad - particularly as some people reverse it with diet alone
  14. How ironic - we've only done one cruise - and the reason for it was my partner's underlying health issues (cardiac) . We normally travel independently, but he really liked the cruise lifestyle. I'd much rather be carrying my own bag around the world - so maybe we will just go for a full refund on the next one - not a future cruise credit. Its nuts if peopole were denied for diabetes. Its a long-term disease - its not something that is going to kill you even on the longest of cruises
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