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  1. I guess I did, the way it was worded I thought Hawaii. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. We are probably on the same cruise as you and have also been checking Hawaii sites daily.
  3. This baffles me, knowing what they have known for months, why would they be accepting flights from China, Japan etc.....
  4. Thanks so much for this review. We will be boarding the Eclipse in two months for our first ever in Hawaii. !!. I am now even more excited to go !
  5. nikel

    Oahu day tours

    Looking to do an all day tour of Oahu in April. We have narrowed it down to Roberts Hawaii, 8 1/2 hrs. and Oahu Nature Tours 11 hours. Has anybody done either and which would you recommend. I only have 2 days there and the following day will be Pearl Harbour etc. Thanks for any help.
  6. That is not safe either. You stick your fork into the tray of seafood or shrimp and then proceed to the chicken tray with the same fork.....cross contamination....there goes someone with a seafood allergy into anaphylactic shock.
  7. Agree...I am in my last CC cabin in April. After that I have only booked veranda. Don't need the extra points since I'll never make it to Zenith in this lifetime. Elite plus is fine with me.
  8. They are going in to a short dry dock April 6th to 12th. No clue what is being done. We board on the 20th, so hopefully people on the week before post the info on these boards.
  9. Last two cruises I was on they didn't even have those health cards !
  10. Don't say how much you love it or Celebrity will take that away too !!!!! (Love them too by the way)
  11. If possible please see if you can also find out what they are doing in the 6 day dry dock in April, and also who will be on staff, eg. captain, CC host , CD. Thanks
  12. Call Choice air directly. We had a plane change in Amsterdam and then spent 4 days there before continuing on to our destination for the ship. There was no issue whatsoever.
  13. My TA always asks for final payment 10 days before Celebrity. There has never been a problem even if there is a price drop in between, they will honour it.
  14. Thank you for posting this. We now will need distilled water on our next cruise so its good to know.
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