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  1. Too bad your cruise is over. I am so loving this vicarious travel. If I didn't know better I would think it was real....but there are no pictures. Can't wait for your next one. Where will it be ??? Maybe Hawaii ??
  2. Finally received the last of our refund today from our cancelled April cruise - total 6 partial payments in just under 4 months.
  3. Finally got a chunk of change today after 106 days. All this has been paid out over 5 payments. No clue what each one was for, but I'm getting close to my total refund. There is only $200.02 left of $6814.00. I think the $200. is my deposit as I booked this cruise on another sailing, but the .02 ???
  4. Who knows what happens with them, that's why when I get to my cabin I ask the cabin steward to remove those extra pillows along with the throw that goes along the bottom of the bed.
  5. Having the same problem. I was told my airfare with United was approved on April 14th, 5 weeks ago, still waiting. Also still waiting for the rest of my cruisefare of $2500.00. I have no idear how they are trying to work out their method of payment, but ut
  6. Finally got some money refunded to for April 20th cruise which was cancelled on March 24 and refund requested the same day. It came in 3 different amounts so I have no clue what it was for. It is only about 60% of what is owed. I wonder how much longer for the rest. !!
  7. THat would be terrible for the chair hogs at the pool.....what would they put there....
  8. For my pre cruise trip to Hawaii on Friday , water shoes and packing cubes. Never used them before, but everybody said they are great so decided to try them out.
  9. Yes you can transfer within 60 days. But email your TA now, as a lot of them are working from home and she can take care of it.
  10. I wouldn't count on the Infinity getting it's dry dock !!
  11. The cruise I am booked on for next month to Hawaii is well over $1,000. pp in a lower category and only 11days instead of 13 for next year and the year after. Crazy !!!!
  12. If Celebrity does not follow suit, it would be a stupid move on their part. They would land up losing a lot of loyal clients !
  13. Viking has just sent out a letter to all that they are suspending cruises till April 30 for now and REFUNDING money paid or FCC at 125% with 24 months to use. Now Princess has suspended sailings too. Celebrity are you reading this !!!
  14. We're on the Hawaii to Vancouver next month. I personally think all cruises should get cancelled this they get this under control. Booked this almost 2 years ago and very unhappy to be saying this. If it get cancelled, are we reimbursed.
  15. My flight has already been switched. We were supposed to Honolulu go through San Francisco and has now been switched to LAX.
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