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  1. Except for my very first cruise, ages ago, I have always been able to buy a future cruise for a $100. pp deposit. I now have non of those anymore. So how does it work cost wise, deposit amount, refundable/non refundable, etc. I know I will get better information here than if I call Celebrity ! Thank you.
  2. We cancelled on the 2nd and our port fees and taxes showed up today on our CC. Now to fill out the tons of paperwork for the insurance company.
  3. I was referring to the upcoming ones for the Xcel beginning Nov 2025
  4. Celebrity used to be so classy.....little by little they are destroying the look. Also from what I can see so far the new itineraries are only 5 - 7 days. Carnival here we come !
  5. Thank you, that's enough for me. I hate searching for bkfst restaurants when I start my day.
  6. That cruise was a fun roller coaster ride !!
  7. Happy to hear the hotel is good as we will be there in November. Did you happen to have breakfast included and is it good ?
  8. Anybody know who is on the Apex for the next month ?
  9. No it was much later than 2008, but I can't remember the year, somewhere in the late teens. Too bad we are not on the same TA, but we wanted the feel of a new ship. Hope you are both well and enjoy your cruise.
  10. Yes bookings are good.....but thats because people are still using their old FCC from when they cancelled during covid. The future will not be so. There is just so much garbage you can feed people ( food or other stuff) This is the first time we are cruising since 2008 where we have no other future cruises booked. Only going on this one since it was booked years ago.
  11. And get mashed potatoes every night with their dinner.!!
  12. She was a great "skater" when it came to the MDR dining....nothing has changed.....
  13. Apex TA this year is 6 ports. Next year Apex down to 2 !! Jacked up the price and did not even offer to move those that have been already booked (twice) for the same price as original booking.
  14. They call it a "Lemondrop martini'
  15. In the days pre covid you could make your own flatbread, it was the most fue. We took items from the salad bar. Always had our dinner family style and also included lamb chops and, veal and ribeye. Mac and cheese is amazing as well as the warm choc chip cookie. I wish the E class had it. Rooftop is not the same !
  16. I was not able to book the Jazz for this November till 10 months out, and I emailed the hotel directly. The even gave me a special code to go online for a discount.
  17. Rack of Lamb Decent Prime Rib Kids Filet Mignon Sea Bass Sushi in buffet Cheesecake Chocolate Cake That was my diet for the whole cruise, don't know what I'll eat now !!
  18. Yaay, it worked, thank you !
  19. I seem to have lost all the signatures, ( including my own)and cannot figure out how to get them back . How can I do this ?? Thank you
  20. Yes I was, and is Azamara still included in Celebrity ?
  21. Specialty should be a choice because you want something different....NOT because the MDR is so bad !!
  22. Does Royal Carribean still honour CC points from Celebrity. Thanks
  23. Good way to get rid of the chair hogs if they have to pay for 2 chairs per person. !!
  24. Always have the cabin steward empty it when we get to our cabin. Usually just fill it with water or some fruit.
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