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  1. goaties


    I highly recommend Ron Lobo for your tour needs. He was great and very knowledgeable. Syl travel
  2. We just got back. I highly recommend Dora the Explorer. google her. she was outstanding. Very knowledgeable. nice tour and small groups.
  3. marva shaw tours. google javia and marva shaw. we have used them several times. Scotchys to eat lunch. :)
  4. We have used them for over 15 cruises with never a problem. Maybe they have new employees?
  5. We are going to do the Panama Canal partial transit this November. It includes new ports for us from Galveston. Costa Rica, Columbia, Curacao, Aruba, 4 new ports for us. We are excited they started doing this from Galveston. 14 days.
  6. JUST WALK OUT AND ASK FOR TAXI. They are mini vans and should hold everyone:). we get a taxi to the beach no problem.
  7. I am going in november.
  8. deck five can look up into your balcony on the Magic. Be sure you are not over the bar b q. smoke came into ours during the hours it was open. very little privacy on deck 6. hot tubs with people under you in some areas. look at the deck plans.
  9. goaties

    Eagle Beach

    BABY BEACH is said to be the best for kids. Comments i have been reading. it is a ways out to it is the only drawback.
  10. We saw a lot of them in St Martin and i have seen pictures of them in Aruba. Never in Mexico have i seen them.
  11. ANYONE Ever hear is this tour was ok? We have booked with him in November.
  12. We went there and it is a sand bar in the middle of the ocean. Very little island .... Rained and stormed and there was no place to get out of the rain except a small tent they were cooking under. No chairs. No umbrellas. Just beach and rocks. Snorkeling was a joke. They took you out from the bank. I enjoyed the tour to Banister or Starfish island much better than this one to Goff's Caye. Boat was way overloaded and too much confusion as to where to find them once we got off the ship tender. I would recommend taking the tour from the ship.
  13. they have changed the rules for porters when getting off they are not allowed to help self assist anymore. Gr......
  14. They do enforce the rules. long line of people out front waiting to get in the terminal. they check you boarding pass.
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