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  1. Paradise Beach and enjoy a day on the beach. 3.00 to get in and spend 10.00 on food. Taxi is about 17.00 per car.
  2. no regular breakfast on brunch days. Brunch is in place of morning breakfast. Brunch goes till about 1:00
  3. Mr Labrador fruit dog got me for taking a bananna off. Mexico does not allow any fruit to enter. Now you will see whole cows and chickens hanging in meat market with no refrigeration etc. lol....Be careful. Cereal used to be in small boxes and now it is going to be in large containers you self serve. We always bring peanut butter crackers to take to the beach etc.
  4. i paid my 20.00 and the two guys got into a heated discussion about who was getting us to pay.
  5. Thanks so much for all you go. Patty looks great. Way to go... Retirement must be great.
  6. goaties


    I highly recommend Ron Lobo for your tour needs. He was great and very knowledgeable. Syl travel
  7. We just got back. I highly recommend Dora the Explorer. google her. she was outstanding. Very knowledgeable. nice tour and small groups.
  8. marva shaw tours. google javia and marva shaw. we have used them several times. Scotchys to eat lunch. :)
  9. We have used them for over 15 cruises with never a problem. Maybe they have new employees?
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