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  1. Let's start with whats coming with RealID, what you can/can't take on the airplane, etc. etc.the long lines at the airport, and time. For cruising I think much more screening instead of just a simple question form when you get on, maybe temperature at a minimum maybe even a on the site swap, would you feel comfortable with someone taking your blood or swabbing you? I think the cruise will have lots of changes in protocol. Lots more evasive cleaning of public spaces, self serve buffets will have to change and dining protocol will also tighten up where menus and need sanitation and servers wearing gloves for each round and between customers. Customers treated like they might have a disease. Or asked another way would you cruise again knowing the Grand/Diamond/MS Zaandam
  2. Another line and couldn't be worse press, dead on board, and likely nowhere to go: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/27/us/four-dead-holland-america-cruise-ship/index.html Seems like we got two ships now that will have a problem, one ship with thousands of passengers where many likely have virus but no symptoms and another with the sick, wow oh wow.
  3. How does your retirement kitty look? Last I check rental income will plummet, housing will be flat at best and stock market and bond markets and interest rates are a wreck.
  4. I think those with yachts will indeed keep sailing, but group cruising whether 2000 or 250 similar issues and likely bucketed together from regulation and docking stigma. You planning to take one of the smaller more expensive and hope to come back first? This is like arguing is the folks sitting up front in the airplane going to start flying first and are safer.
  5. This was a incident of a few people sailing a ship into the rocks. This current situation is the interconnected globe and jamming a bunch of people all togather eating, sleeping, swapping germs in close quarters from all over the world is very different. Cruising will never be the same again, like flying was never the same after 911
  6. Vaccine, the only hope here so far is the mutations of COVID19 seem to be limited. Unlike to cold and flue that has many variants and mutations making a cocktail vaccine less than 100% effective. Hopefully COVID19 won't mutate much more and then the worlds collective medical come to a 99% effectiveness. To start any cruise the original poster forgot the number 0. World getting back to some normal!!!! That has two phases: Enough countries get out of outbreaks and re-outbreaks. Even China is no where near that after four months Western world is where China was in January and I'd say the US states are still not uniform in doing what we need. US will lag the rest of the world in recovery of any kind because of this Then the Southern Hemisphere and Africa haven't even started into this. Then next year we'll have a northen hemisphere resurgence. Of course maybe we get luck and a vaccine appears. Till we close the above don't even need to talk about normal leisure vacation where we put thousands of people in close proximity for a week sharing elevators, stairs, dining rooms, pools ( mostly older high risk folks ) and traveling from all over the world bring the bug /sickness dejour. Cruising will not be close to anything we 've remembered every again. Kind of like flying before 9/11 and now, cruising in 2023 will never bey like 2019, sigh. I rather enjoyed my 2019 cruise We will be where Italy is now in about three weeks, everyone remember Italy was barely making the news beginning of March with Lockdowns starting. Sad what it has come to, and cruising will not be on anyone's mind for a long time.
  7. No, there are a few articles already about the many uber/lyft drivers in places like bay area, with shelter at home, nobody is taking them to work/errands etc. Yes you could get infected, but more relevant and real is the plummeting demand.
  8. Tom, enjoy that dividend, LOL. All the lines are going to have a serious cash flow pinch and throwing dividends out will be problematic with all their other real costs they can't fund. Last I checked all of them are desperately looking to extend their credit and their debt levels will climb a lot, dividend will be the last usage of cash in this situation
  9. Thanks, I totally agree, they got a serious cash flow problem!
  10. You got a new pathogen that attacks the respiratory track, hmm why would it be a surprise those with weaker respiratory or weakness to secondary things be more at risk, new virus attacks everyone equally. Those that are healthy or have immune systems that are robust with out going into overdrive show little symptoms and possible recovery without knowing anything is wrong ( think all those spring breakers ). While the old and those overweight, diabetic, or just weak for other reason will struggle with the new pathogen, exactly what we are seeing across the world, old, weak, and those with secondary medical conditions are all at risk. Seem obvious those that are weak simply need to practice more caution, now what will the hospitals do/choose when they need to decide to save is also skewing the mortality rate. Likely a lot of the older and at risk could be saved, but when given a choice who do you save?
  11. Everyone has went looking for credit and companies with heavy debt loading will be in big trouble shortly. CCL has some serious obligations this and next year. 90 days is the least of their long term problems but sure easy way to hold on to cash and suspend any refunds.
  12. Cruises will be closed at a minimum thru summer, look only at Italy and see where the US will be in 4-6 weeks.
  13. Really tragic, we likely will all lose someone we know to COVID19, even those young folks who seem to think not me. Real death rate w/o overloading the healthcare likely < 1%, but as we saw in China and now in Italy it'll be > 3% and likely 20% for the older and weak Yes it will never be normal again as even China, So Korea and other places will see a second hump, and in the southern hemisphere it is going to get starting just about now. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56
  14. For people with 30' to read: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56
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