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  1. A good NYT article on this: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/19/opinion/coronavirus-herd-immunity.html We can already see two narratives; New Zealand, Taiwan, China and many other countries, then most of the traditional Western cultures like US leading the other side of things.
  2. Indeed, you can't have an robust economy with a pandemic, anyone who thinks they can ignore a pandemic and the economy can hum along is living in a alternative reality, but social media has really made that so easy.
  3. So that means there is a 0.005 chance they will die from it, did you do the math, or are you really that hard? Currently in the US the official number for those that got COVID was 8 million and official deaths something like 200K so that puts death to case at 2.5%, but we well know that the number of asymptomatic and those that got it and never tested and recovered is likely 2-5x of that. So your number of 0.5% is probably about right give or take a little , that is a HUGE number. Why don't you take your country's total population and multiply by 0.005 and tell me is that amount of execessive death is an acceptable cost. For the US population of 330 million that would be 1.65 MILLION DEATHS, I guess not a big cost at all, wow do you have no empathy or appreciation for the value of any life?
  4. Sadly the US was once the greatest country the model of the world, but that comes with leadership, stewardship and a unifying leader. This was an opportunity to show how America could unify and become great, but it is nothing but petty blaming going around. There is still hope as like life, it is never too late to change your attitude and approach. Cruise in 2022 probably, sadly.
  5. Studies of the great flue pandemic has shown every city that embraced containment versus economy was far stronger economically after the pandemic passed then the cities that embraced the economy over the flu. In those days each city was more like a country how transportation and economy work. If anything science and history can tell us about the past, but the future is murkier, but wishing for things w/o understanding the lesson of the past is plain stupidity.
  6. Sorry for your loss, I think there are many stories like that currently in this terrible time that are forgotten or not acknowledged. Many die every minute and many extra from COVID and all their deaths are a tragedy. One of the challenges or most difficult things in life is to rationalize when doing the right thing doesn't result in a good result, but those stories abound and good people do usually overcome those challenges, may your faith, spirit and good character help you thru this difficult time. Since you mention your children, I could ask what role model and story would you like to tell them when they are older. 1) The very sad ending to their grandmother and the sacrifice you all made? 2) the one you posted above, ignore the rules and sacrifices we were asked to make, because to any one individual it made no difference so if I could do it again ... The rational of 2) reflect the rampant division going in the US where freedom/liberty and what is important to ME is more important than the larger community, with that line of thinking very easy for society to descent into the chaos we are currently in. Other countries likely have equally tragic stories but are in a society far better alone, that we should all learn and model from. Makes me feel you have a very POTUS view of the many futile sacrifices many make in the name and dedication of country...
  7. Cruising and the lack of it is just symbolic of enjoying life's many pleasures. We are at a unique place in human history where we are choosing between the value of selfish pleasure versus a little sacrifice from all for a while so more people can enjoy a few more pleasures before they pass. Part of pleasure is capture memories in pictures, this year I sold my D4, Df, D810 and have my D5 for sell. Keeping my lens as they don't depreciate and the next time I need them things all these tools will be even cheaper, for now my iPhone12 will be mroe than good enough upgrade from my iPhoneXs I'll likely have to wait till 2022 to visit the big house, shoot my daughter, and take a cruise....
  8. How sad we are comparing and calling this not bad, your prospective will change if it by next year a neighbor, co-worker, family member is among the needless deceased.
  9. A study of cities 1918 that chose economy over containment showed those that chose containment had far stronger economic recovery than those that shunned disease mitigation because they curtailed the economy, they lost in the long run. One of the most basic lessons in life. I really wanted to cruise this coming year but nobody is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to make this possible and now it makes even 2022 look tenuous. Silly short sighted leaders and people of weak spirit.
  10. With cases rising across Europe we all know how this will end, the cruise company and the cruisers are just hoping to be lucky and squeeze one more out before they party ends.
  11. For those with WSJ subscriptions an excellent article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-long-shadow-of-the-pandemic-2024-and-beyond-11602860214 Basically anyone who thinks vaccine at WARP speed is going to change anything is blind and living in an alternative wishful reality. The title says it all, BTW even after 2024 somethings will NEVER be the same.
  12. And we opened up restaurants, sorry what is your point? It's like looking at the stock market in melt down and noting a few stocks went up today, step back, take a deep breath and notice not one or two trees but the whole forest before you open you type anything 😉
  13. Sigh, even nudist who really enjoy their freedom and liberty know to wear the one thing that matters to care for their fellow humans, what is wrong with everyone 🙄 https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-masks-nudist-resort-vacation-sandiego-reopen-coronavirus-11593705954
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