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  1. So if you were on the cruise and the minute "Princess " found out would you have been livid if they locked you down right away versus let you party away for the last night going to shows, eating and smoozing in the elevators with COVID-19 spreaders? Of course if they implemented the quarantine earlier, likely there would have been what maybe 1/2 the number of cases because the whole cruise was a spreading situation. I think most cruisers would have been up in arms complaining, so Princess did the logical thing, in absence of data, do the minimum and only act when the government demanded and we know how efficient and decisive governments are in making decisions, only China and dictatorships can make decisions quickly.
  2. A recent study showing death rate based on age of the infected, not pretty for the elder folks Will be interesting to see what happens to all the Princess confirmed cases if they end up with a similar profile or based on Japanese and possibly better care it has a different trend.
  3. If I was a bug looks like the perfect jumping ground and welcome to good ole USAwhere it spread far faster than China
  4. A bug like this really hard to contain without really draconian and severe civil liberties restrictions and even i China containment isn’t happening, forget containment happening in Western counties
  5. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fear-and-boredom-aboard-the-quarantined-coronavirus-cruise-ship-11581705677?emailToken=1875538ad283ba98582fb5c5d176933eKHq/ezRcW+mUd4XtX+PN0KkTQE+zO18AAncqAnGVJL6Mz3164tROXmBvO0RZ2HPJer91WlAcbC57DuZBjRFhp0Ru7aQqMNd7meQf2Vjp7TKBXOtyTwXJ/6TGL4qXdeiX&reflink=article_copyURL_share this article is even more fun reading, the blurb about the family in an inside cabin, the quote about fear of dying when seeing people outside cabin in full hazmat, “I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I could die from this cruise,” said Gay Courter, a 75-year-old Amer­i­can nov­el­ist con­fined to a cabin with her hus­band. “I go look out­side and there’s peo­ple in white haz­mat suits.” ”Anx­i­ety and bore­dom ap­pear the most com­mon symp­toms aboard what amounts to a float­ing petri dish. Aun Na Tan, of Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia, her hus­band, a 19-year-old son, and a daugh­ter, 16, are stuck in a win­dow­less cabin with two bunk beds. While the teens prac­tice hand­stands, Ms. Tan said, “my hus­band is try­ing to learn.” wow the risks and joys of sailing with thousands eating, partying, sharing the elevator theater and bathrooms and narrow hallways is all become so clear of the risks!
  6. You obviously didn't read the news release, may it was wrong....
  7. Yup, a good picture is priceless 14FPS baby!
  8. Cruise ship in a foreign country with foreign country controlling what happens, but I'm in my smaller than closet room, shower smaller than what most people need to turn around, got fast wifi and meals delivered to my room, and I got room with view, got upgraded wifi and limited onboard channels, Oh and the people who take care of me live in cramp confined quarters, get payed almost nothing, no onboard medical, likely all of them sleep, eat and shower elbow to elbow, then suit up to deliver me my food in hot and uncomfortable gear that they likely look to circumvent when nobody is looking, give me the ship baby LOL
  9. Not enough information, an 1.5 hour suggests you are on the west coast doing N/S of course that is low risk, but flights have been known to be held at some places, direct low risk. Anyone flying during winter or summer where there is ice/thunderstorms/show and connections are simply crazy to not fly in a day earlier, everyone takes precautions differently. Do you carry clean wipes, wash vigorously with soap and water, and wear masks, use toilet seat covers, if none of those go for fly in on the day, LOL
  10. No need to worry, Japan is now infected a health official caught it on the ship
  11. I highly doubt that Wuhan was negative pressure, but agree the ship cabins are most certainly positive pressure with very high humidity condensation duct work, a recipe for nasty mix.
  12. Remember when they do a test the are testing for the antibodies, thus testing before you have symptoms like the 3K on the ship is a terrible waste, no symptoms like fever, cough etc. means your body doesn't know it got invaded. Even once invaded the current assumption is 14 days before your immune system discovers it was attacked and starts the battle with antibodies, inflamation etc.etc. at that point a test is effective. Currently when they release whom ever they release it is almost certain there will be an asymptomatic carrier with no reaction and thus no way to test that will go off and to some distant corner of the world and stat an infection, that is how infections disease escape, always has and will.
  13. You think the crew are walking around in their crowded quarters off shift with mask and full hasmat protection? THis is like asking if the doctors in the lounge are wearing their mask and hasmat protection, likely not. Remember who these people are, the are mostly working on minimum wages for tips and how much are they going to get on this segment. They like the passengers can't wait for the quarantine to be lifted and get to their next gig and make some money
  14. 135 and counting, looks like the Princess is following the Wuhan trend! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/10/business/coronavirus-japan-cruise-ship.html Having 3K people confined with no escape from the bug is giving the bug lots of carriers to transfer to. Wonder if anyone is considering spreading them out. We already know from Wuhan that confining a lot of people together is a recipe for lots of people getting it! I feel for those on the ship, would you be comfortable that the people that feed you, bring you supplies live, sleep and eat and bath and pee/poop in group conditions deep below deck likely without any of the precautions that they put out in public, doesn't sound like a good place for prevent bug transfer!
  15. The incubation guess of 14 days isn't for the virus out of the human body, a good wipe down and a few hours is all that is needed, if you needed a month perhaps all of China and the Far East should be avoided, LOL
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