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  1. Haven't refunded my last cruise, why would I throw them more money. No bookings until I am paid up!
  2. wow! What happened to the stories about after 9/11 that wasn't possible. Maybe they were just stories? Do they offer good prices to fill the ship or just treat yu like you are desperate to get on the ship and charge outrageously high prices like the cruises going out now?
  3. I am tired of planning cruises and then having them canceled. Thinking of doing last minute cruise deals. Who has info as to when is the latest you can book with Carnival on a cruise. I live in Florida so it would be a short drive to any departure port.
  4. The refunded portion is for taxes, ports etc. and is not transferable. Yes I want my money back asap. Carnival didn't hesitate to charge me again the same fees when I rebooked. Hire more people to handle the refunds.
  5. Ok? That was the answer I was looking for not your editorial. Oh yeah, Thanks!
  6. Anyone have one? Tried to find it on Carnival website but no luck.
  7. That good news. Now they can use that money to pay me back on my refund! 37 days left on the 90 day ticker!
  8. I received OBC when I canceled a cruise for May. I see different answers on other posts to the following question. Now that my August cruise was canceled do I get an additional OBC as stated in the letter? I would think the answer is yes or otherwise everyone would just ask for a full refund.
  9. Oh, so now my post yesterday was accurate instead of your "get to know your facts comment" Have a safe and wonderful day firefly.
  10. well said! I still haven't received the first promise of a refund. And yes, they charge you port fees etc AGAIN when two credits will be outstanding. So rebook as an option or ask for a full refund! Who thinks that full refunds will happen when they don't refund past credits?
  11. I agree with the original post. FYI it is a new post stating there will be little chance of sailing this summer at all, and lucky if any sail in the fall/winter. Go online and try to book a cruise before September, not available. I think Carnival is tired of booking cruises and then canceling, offering more FCC and OBC and listening and handling thousands of refunds, rescheduling , etc. How do you know all the crew members contracts are wrapping up?
  12. Is Heald the official spoke person for Carnival? Was he really the awesome CD that everyone drools over? When he walks on water over to Princess Cay or Half Moon vs taking the shuttle I will be a believer.
  13. I would call. My call was picked up in less than 30 seconds. Reason I say call is I had to "remind" them the price of my cruise went down and an additional OBC was offered.
  14. I was hooked up almost immediately when I called to reschedule my cruise. I mentioned to the girl that it was quick. She said thats because you chose the option for booking a new cruise not dealing with an existing cruise which is true for you. They will help you move all the FCC and OBC when you speak to them.
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