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  1. So if my April cruise gets canceled how long do they give me to book another cruise.
  2. Upcoming Liberty April cruise will probably be canceled. If so when I am offered a full refund does that include EVERYTHING? Taxes, port fees and cabin costs? Only thing I lose is OBC which wasn't mine to begin with correct?
  3. Last time they went to the Superbowl , man landed on the moon.
  4. I have over $500 in FCC and $300 in OBC. Thinking of booking a cruise that is only $425 for the cruise. I assume $120 in port and taxes. Can the leftover FCC be applied to the port/taxes? If not what happens to the remaining amount?
  5. Germany is sailing no ports just days at sea
  6. I was on a May Fascination cruise as well that got canceled. To answer the original post I am just waiting. I have been on that port intensive cruise ( reason I am going back ) and until I know I am going to St. Lucia this cruisers not booking!. Good Luck!
  7. Yes a valid concern. What about all the OBC and FCC that will be applied once it starts back up. What cash infusion will keep the ships going?
  8. quite the statement. Waste your time at the casino? I don't waste my time at bingo or the trivia
  9. I agree with Firefly. Tempted to book but they already have so much of my money in FCC, and part of it the promised refunds pending. There are plenty of other things to do and see. I too would rather be cruising but oh well.
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