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  1. In the 3 days, we fly to NOLA Boarding the Dream in 4 days!! Celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary After cruise stay at a haunted Airbnb... and planning to eat as much gumbo and shrimp as we can manage. The smorgasbord on the cruise should stretch out our digestive system appropriately...
  2. This calculator makes me feel in need of an intervention...:o:o
  3. DITTO. The last thing I want to worry about on the ship is a ballooning bar bill. That peace of mind makes the program worth it! We usually leave the ship with under $100 on our s/s account Bigger question: Where on board do I purchase the illusive $49 beverage??
  4. That would be helpful, thanks! lol I mistook your post for a pic, not a video. Just a click away from the truth. My bad on saying live instead of video... anyway I posted in haste about the story. It's just crazy... must be a good story behind this one
  5. Live action of the damage
  6. uhm, this but with lime. LOVE Bombay sapphire...:cocktail: Or I add club soda if I need to slow down
  7. BUMP! I am also curious about the wine list in the steakhouse. And I am THRILLED to know we are able to access the bar here without a reservation for dining! Especially if I can get an elevated glass of wine to take with me to the MDR!
  8. I am so hungry right now. This thread is not helping... I look forward to trying the smoke oysters in the Steakhouse. This is our first reservation there; after seeing the new menu, I am ready! AND of course I can't wait to get my remedies at the Alchemy Bar!!!
  9. Wonderful! Thanks so much! :) Did you try the Ox Tongue? Oh, and the ad pop ups were a pain, but probably pushed by photobucket.
  10. We will be on the same cruise! (Counting down to "one-derland") It will be my first trip to NOLA as well. Preparing my appetite... :p
  11. I like the option to take a nap right after eating lunch, so I need access to my room asap. We are night owls, usually have a difficult time sleeping in the best of travel circumstances. Sure, we arrive the day before departure. However, after a day of arriving ungodly early to a packed airport, transferring at least once, usually twice, waiting for luggage... you'd think I would crash the night before. I am usually too pumped up, excited and not ready to sit after a day on airliners. Plus, I cant always count on making it there the day before; we have had delays that bring us in on a red eye the following morning (most of these experiences I have blocked from memory). So, planning on boarding early usually means a gluttonous lunch and then finally passing out like a toddler to get a good rest before muster and sailaway.
  12. Do the 12 pack boxes need to be opened at embarking? Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  13. I've rented a car before and after out of Miami from National, and shuttled to and from the cruise port from the rental center I agree to look for discount codes. You can save a ton Sent from my NS-P10A6100 using Forums mobile app
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