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    teen message board

    you can also go to cruisemates and there is a teen board. if she has any questions about cruising or just wants to talk with fellow teen cruisers this is where to go!
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    it will be used for water shows
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    Two Questions

    These may be two really stupid questions but whatever 1. Is Allure going to be like Oasis? 2. Is the rock wall going to be like every other wall or is it actually going to be real rock? (I have read both)
  4. 1) disembarking 2) chair hogs 3) formal nights
  5. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    I just realized that forgot to write about the crowds during the cruise. Surprisingly there were no crowds to be seen except on the pool deck on sea days. There were some lines on formal nights for your picture to be taken, but that was about it..
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    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    Thanks. And i did talk to a few people outside of the club just didnt spend all my time with them
  7. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    Haha. Are you a doctor or something or do you just know a lot about med school?
  8. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    Its okay to be biased. I actually want to go to either JMU or UVA and then UVA med school. ANd thanks for the compliment
  9. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    i am not calling your group of teenagers jerks its just that the people i met were stuck up. nothing insulting just i didnt like it
  10. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    oh and i want to add that it is very windy on the top deck (though it is on every ship) so bring a hat
  11. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    i am sorry, but i wasnt cruising when the charge was in effect. and thanks moondawgie. i want to become a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon so we will see if that happens
  12. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    Thanks! And i am sure that your nephew will love Liberty. And just because I didnt like the teen area, doesnt mean that they wont. There will be different kids
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    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    Other Comments - Antibacterial hand wash all over the ship (mainly near the dining room and Windjammer) - Service was phenomenal - Ship was beautiful - Ate the mint chocolate everyday when we got in our room. It was really good - Went to Sorrentos a lot at night - AAA/Helen (our Travel Agent) left us a bottle of wine for us as a thank you for booking with AAA. Coincidence because Saturday was the day my parents started going out 28 or 26 years earlier. - We kept running into a family of three in the room next to ours - Also saw a honeymoon couple from Meet and Mingle a lot - Had room 6592 on Deck 6. It was a balcony - My Pullman bed came down from the wall and was over the normal bed - Person in Windjammer always said Good Morning when you walked in. - The bathroom in our room was pretty small and the toilet was very loud - I think my parents gambled every night. - Lost two contacts in the bathroom and I couldn’t find them Final Comments - Food: There was never a bad meal during our cruise. It was all very good and the presentation was beautiful. I ordered Caesar Salad every night. I also had Strawberry ice cream every night except Friday when I got the Apple Pie a la Mode. My mom never finished her meal. Haha. The Bar Service woman during dinner wasn’t very good though because she kept getting Miller Light and Merlot mixed up. She blamed in on her Bulgarian accent. Our waiters were Reyna from Peru and Sabydashi aka Das from India. Our waiters at Chops were Supra from India and Carlena from Bulgaria. All four of them were just wonderful. - Service: The service was impeccable. Abdel, our stateroom attendant, was very helpful and thoughtful. He did a great job with our towel animals. We never encountered a rude or inconsiderate crew member on board. - Entertainment: The entertainment was also wonderful. Every show brought its own style to the cruise and there was never a show that me, my parents, or anybody else on board disliked. My favorite show was Once Upon A Time. Quest and the Love and Marriage Show were very funny and nobody left them with a frown on their face. - Activities: There was so much to do on board. Rock climbing, surfing, ice skating, mini golf, basketball, ping pong, volleyball, swimming, running, etc. etc. We didn’t try the surfing or skating but we sure did watch a lot of people on the FlowRider. I am more of a adventure person not a water person so I stuck to the rock wall. Bingo, the Sexy Legs Contest, Belly flop contest, and all the other activities on board were a joy to watch. - Ship: Freedom of the Seas is amazing. All of the public facilities were very nice and locations were good too. I really liked the Royal Promenade and top decks the most because that is where most of the action. One thing I did notice were the water stains on the floor, but it didn’t bother me because there was nothing the construction workers could do about it unless they took up all the carpet and replaced it. - Labadee was very beautiful, but the locals were very pushy in wanting us to buy their things. The zip line was very fun! The “barbeque” on the island for the passengers had a lot of food options which I thought was very good. The entertainment for when we were eating was also very good. - Ochos Rios was very nice and it wasn’t what I expected. I had read that the locals were also very pushy but I didn’t see that at all. I really liked the landscape of Jamaica. If I even go back to Jamaica I am definitely going to do the zip line through the forest excursion because I have heard so many good things about it. - Grand Cayman was probably my least favorite spot, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. Seven Mile Beach was beautiful but I am not the kind of person to just relax on the beach. My parents really liked it though. - Cozumel was very fun. There was a lot of inexpensive shopping to do and this is where we found most of our souvenirs for friends and family back at home. The water here is crystal blue and swimming with the dolphins was one of the highlights of the cruise. All in all, this trip was one of the best vacations I have ever had. There was never a dull moment. The food, crew, entertainment, activities, and ports all added to the enjoyment of the cruise. We are already planning to go on Oasis of the Seas and I really hope that happens. If that doesn’t happen I am going to make sure I go on another cruise with my family. I truly see why people say that cruising is the best type of vacation. It is all relaxing and carefree and everything is just spectacular. Thanks for letting me share my trip with you and hopefully there will be another review coming from me in the future.
  14. firsttimecruiser44

    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    Day 8: Saturday – Day At Sea Today was our last day at sea, as well as the last day of the cruise. We got up at 8:30 and headed to the Windjammer for breakfast. Then we went to morning Bingo. My dad and I left early thought because I wanted to do the teen speed climbing competition. There were about 25 kids there. I ended up getting first with a time of 29 seconds. I beat the second place person by 10 seconds. After they announced first, second, and third, a few people came up to me and were saying that I was very fast and asked if I had any prior experience. In fact, I climb every Monday at a local rock climbing gym. Then my dad and I watched the bellyflop contest. The fattest guy there didn’t win or even come close to winning. He was from Virginia. My mom found us and told us that she had won the slot tournament. She won $347, a polo which she gave to my dad, and a trophy. She was very happy. Then all three of us watched the guests vs. staff pool volleyball game. The staff won every time and Richard Spacey was pretty good. Then we had lunch at the buffet and headed to the last bingo where the jackpot was $5,400. The woman who won didn’t show any excitement or happiness. All she said was “I got it” in a very dull tone. I climbed the rock wall one last time and then we went back to the room and started packing. L We went to our last dinner and said our goodbyes and then we went to the Farewell Show. The comedian, Max Bottichelli was so funny! Richard Spacey did his own Evolution of Dance which was very entertaining. The acrobatic couple, Artol and Laetia gave a stunning performance. Then the last song was from the Poseidon Adventure. We then went to sleep at 1:30 am. Day 9: Saturday – Disembarkation We got up at 6 and waited for our number and color to be called. It was called and then we went to the Café Promenade for our last meal. We said goodbye to Reyna, our assistant waitress who was working at Café Promenade, and then we got off the ship. It was a really easy process just some waiting. Very sad looking at the ship as we waited to be picked up. My cousin, Brian, picked us up at around 10 am and we went back to his apartment and took a nap. Then we went to Tony Roma’s for lunch, which was a good American style restaurant. Then we went to and walked around the University of Miami, which is where Brian went to college. We arrived at the airport at around 4 pm and then we went to our gate. There was a confrontation between the gate attendants and some passengers because their sixteen year old son couldn’t get on the flight because it was full, so the boy and his mother ended up staying Miami for the night while the rest of their family boarded the plane to Richmond. Our plane was supposed to leave at 6:30, but left at 7:30. The flight attendant on the plane was not very friendly to my mom because she didn’t have her bag under the seat all the way and the attendant said “you need to put in under all the way – what are you going to do if there is an emergency and we have to get out?” She also told my mom to put her pocketbook under he feet which it was. W arrived in Richmond around 10 pm and my friend, Cam, and his step-dad came to pick us up from the airport. We got home around 11 and went to bed
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    Freedom of the Seas Review 6/22 - 6/29. Very Late

    Day 6: Thursday- Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Today was a day in Georgetown which is located on Grand Cayman, the largest of the Cayman Island. Our plans for today were to go to Seven Mile Beach and just relax. We arrived to Grand Cayman around 7:30 or 8 a.m. and were off the boat by 9. The boat couldn’t dock so we had to take a tender over to the mainland. Then we joined our excursion group and headed to the beach via bus. On our way we passed a Subway, Burger King, KFC, Papa Johns, and Mcdonalds. Once there were receive a lounge chair and complimentary drink. We also bought an umbrella which was five dollar more, but it was worth it because it was so sunny outside. We also rented some snorkeling equipment for ten dollars (originally we were going to do a snorkeling excursion, but we felt that it would be cutting close to the time we were supposed to be back on the ship. We later learned that our excursion swam around and under the ship, so I kind of wish that we did it). When my dad and I went out to swim around, we saw a school of fish which was very interesting because they were swimming around a treasure chest looking object. After snorkeling, we went up to see if there were any openings for parasailing, but there weren’t any left for the rest of the day so we couldn’t do it. My mom and I then walked down about ¾ to a mile down the beach and then back. After we left the beach, we did some shopping and passed by Margaritaville. We were shopping for two hours because I was trying to find a shirt for my friends, Julia and Diana. After having no luck, we headed back to the ship and it was probably around 2:30 or 3 in the afternoon. Once we were back my mom ordered jewelry (bracelet and ankle bracelet). Then we headed back to the room, changed and went to dinner. Tonight was the second and final formal night. Tonight’s show was Tony Pace, who was an impersonator. He was very good but one thing annoyed me during the show – there was an obnoxious, most likely drunk, couple in the front row who kept screaming and jumping up and down. After the show we went back to the room and a stingray towel greeted us. Then I got in bed and watched some TV while my parents went down to gamble. Day 7: Friday – Cozumel, Mexico Today was Cozumel, a small island off the coast of Mexico. Our excursion today was swimming with the dolphins. We arrived in Cozumel around 7:30 (I think we docked at the International Pier) and we got off the ship at around 9:30. Our excursion was swimming with the dolphins, which didn’t occur until 11 so we went shopping. We bought A LOT! Such things included many shot glasses, t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags, and ceramics. By the time we finished buying all of these things; it was time to head to Dolphinaris. Dolphinaris is a nice place with twelve stations for standing. I think there were about 20 dolphins at the place but we only had two in our group. They were A Mis Clare, which was the largest dolphin there, and Sparta, a baby. Our trainer was Carlos. There were eleven people in our group and we all received a kiss, hand shake, and belly ride from the dolphins. The dolphins also swam around us, clapped, sang, danced, and flipped. I am surprised the dolphins aren’t fat because they are given a lot of fish during each session. Haha. We got out of the water and went to the store and bought pictures and a video of the excursion. I really enjoyed this excursion! Dolphins are such amazing, majestic creatures and I hope I have the opportunity to swim with them again. We went back to the pier and did a little more shopping and then got back on the ship. We went to dinner and then headed to the show, which was Once Upon A Time. This was amazing. All of the backdrops, settings, singing, characters, etc. were just fantastic. We went back to the room for a few minutes and found two swans making a heart as our towel animal. Then we went to the quest which was very hilarious. Some of the tasks were just really out there and everyone in the room had a good laugh. Then we went to Sorrentos for a slice of pizza and then it was back to the room where I watched another movie and then went to bed.