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  1. Do you know if he will be on the crossing from Barcelona?
  2. Just me, but at the end of my cruise I want to hide in the closet to stay on the ship. I would book the 12:30 so I can have breakfast and not stress about getting to the airport.
  3. Yes. Thanks. Grandeur is only ship listed on the schedule and I believe we go through customs in Portland so I am looking for to an uncomplicated disembark
  4. I realize that all cruises are different and circumstances can change but please tell me what time you disembarked. We are arranging a ride service home in September and would appreciate advice regarding pick up time. TIA.
  5. If you have not already been there I suggest you book transportation which includes a stop at Windsor Castle
  6. Your pictures are gorgeous. Thank you for taking the time to post. Have a wonderful trip Sharon
  7. Several years ago we had a fabulous half day tour with Barcelona Day Tours. Pick up at hotel. Skip the line guided tour of Sagrada And tour of Gaudi houses and surrounding areas . drop of at ship guide was excellent
  8. When we stayed at the Intercontinental last year we took an Uber to Trulucks. We would not walk it, but it was dark when we went.
  9. Yes. We always check to make sure our numbers have been added.
  10. The F2 is a great suite. If your budget allows it is much better choice than the G on the new ships That said, we book the G on the Mariner and the Voyager Sharon
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