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  1. We've been to Cyprus many times. It is a beautiful place. There could be worse places to be quarantined for 14 days. My SIL has an apartment there, she would have no problem with us staying there.
  2. All these cruise ships heading to the UK. Does anyone know if there have been any reported cases of Covid-19 onboard?
  3. It'll be the service charge/tips. They always add them, I think it must be the default setting on their booking screen. You have tell them you don't want them on your booking.
  4. Mediterranean Oasis/Allure yes definitely dress formal. And people really do get turned away from the dining room. Sailing from Southampton another yes. Caribbean less so.
  5. I love a good tipping thread! No, I won't be tipping less. I never prepay tips but I am happy for them to be added to my seapass account to settle at the end of our cruise. We always give our room steward an additional cash tip on the last night and in all the years we have been cruising on RC we have never had a bad room steward. We haven't had the same positive experience with waiters, so sometimes they get more, sometimes they don't. We don't spend on board because all excursions and drinks are paid for in advance so the only charge on our sea pass is for tips. My UK culture I guess. Tips after service - not before.
  6. I think Lift and Shift and Best Price Guarantee both come under Cruise with Confidence so they should do. I had a price drop last year but everything on your booking has to be exactly the same. They are really strict on this. If you booked when there was a special promotion on ie on board spending money, then the price you want them to match has to have that exact same promotion on. They are forever changing promotions and that's why price drops are few and far between.
  7. OK thanks, I really didn't want to call RC again. I'll keep a look out for the new ones.
  8. Is the price of the new lifted and shifted cruise price matched to the original one? I've been sent new invoices and they are scary amounts of money.
  9. There are guarantees available for 2 persons sharing but not 1. I just called RC and they are blaming it on a glitch. Operator couldn't fix it. His supervisor couldn't fix it. They are too busy to sort it now and so I have to wait for a call back from the operator who did the switch yesterday for her to fix it. No confirmation invoices yet for the 2 reservations that did appear my planner, but I've just received a confirmation invoice for the one that isn't 🙃 so they have been trying to do something. I haven't been assigned a cabin - it still shows XB (which I hope is a guaranteed ocean view with balcony) They have added an imaginary friend sharing my cabin, cruise fare is up, flash sale gone, C&A discount is higher because sailing is not till 2021, they have added service charge and the only good thing I see is taxes and fees are lower. I am hoping this is all going to be adjusted because price for my cabin now that my new friend has joined me has gone from £1401 to £2897 😱
  10. Ok thank you, I will have a look again. They are closed now so I will ring tomorrow if it hasn't appeared by them.
  11. Looks like I spoke too soon. Only 2 out of the 3 bookings have appeared on Cruise Planner. And guess who's booking has vanished? Mine 😩 It'll be because I'm on my own in a double cabin and it was a guarantee. Will they have to assign me a cabin?
  12. Just an update …. I've just successfully Lifted and Shifted a 7 night Allure/Barcelona August 2020 which I booked 3 days ago to a 7 night Odyssey/Rome August 2020. No problems, it took about 35 mins but there were 3 reservations to switch. I now have to wait 7-14 business days for new invoices. That's about it - it was simple really. For anyone wanting to L&S from Brilliance/Amsterdam. The operator said I would be able to switch my cruise to one sailing from Southampton if I wanted. It just had to be the same number of nights - unfortunately there aren't any in my 4 week window. So I'll be waiting up till final payment for them to cancel for a refund or take a FCC which I will put towards Odyssey next year. Whichever comes first. Thanks to every one who posted help and advice - I would have had no idea about L&S if it weren't for cruise critic..
  13. L&S is RC's way of spreading out their losses over a much longer period than that. It could be wise move - only time will tell.
  14. I think unless there is a second wave, quarantine restrictions will have been lifted by then. But that is just me thinking out loud 🙁
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