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  1. Cruise Mapper has her position just off the coast of Kent approaching the English Channel at 23 kn. I don't think she will be arriving in Southampton too late tomorrow morning.
  2. I think you meant Trifle 😁 Thank you for your review, I'm loving all your photos. And looking forward to Italy as I'm sure you are too.
  3. 30 days Explorer from Southampton & 387 days Brilliance from Amsterdam
  4. Agree - it would be quicker to jump in a taxi and be on your way. Looking out for a driver holding a board with your name on and then walking to his vehicle which may not be parked nearby would waste time. Taxi's are plentiful and will take you right up to the ship.
  5. Timewise it is doable. We did it in May. From landing at Barcelona to literally being onboard took an hour and a half. We did have a little bit more time to play with though because our flight landed at 09.45am and we were on board at 11.15am. I'm not sure I would be quite so comfortable with a flight that lands at 12. Not sure how it works for Canadian citizens - do you have immigration to go through? If so I'd be a bit twitchy on that timescale.
  6. Sailings from the UK screen matches on the big screen round the pool. And some of the bars do too. Look out for listings in your Cruise Planner. And some sailings from Barcelona. We were on Oasis for the Champions and Europa finals and both were shown. The Aqua theatre and theatre were the big venues. But we watched from the pub on the Royal Promenade 😁 There is always Sky Sports on TV in your cabin but not sure if all the ships have that. Or perhaps via your phone if you have internet.
  7. I had a colour and cut years ago on Brilliance. No idea if they still do colour it but I was very happy with the result.
  8. Yes, same for us. Email notification. Bkg: Notification of Change for Reservation ID: *******
  9. Yep, I think generally they just wander round the cabin and don't actually do anything except scare the living daylight out of you. So weird that so many people have experienced this. It can't be a coincidence can it? On Oasis recently and we were eating dinner in MDR and my daughter's friend who was travelling with us told us she saw a man in her cabin. This was her first cruise and we had never ever discussed ghosts or any such thing before our cruise and she would have had no idea it was a 'thing'. Personally, I've not had any strange encounters on a cruise ship but have had this happen in a hotel room. Since then I always, always leave the bathroom light on - I think perhaps I will do this on cruise ships from now on too.
  10. 3 night dining package on our Explorer cruise from Southampton in August is £62.41 pp which according to google today is 78.20 USD. That doesn't look too bad so I might go for that.
  11. Good price 😀 Not a GS but we got a great deal on an Explorer balcony for August 2018. Gives me hope that cruise prices from the UK are finally coming down. Note to self... keep checking those prices.
  12. Not a GS but USD123 pp per night for a spacious balcony cabin on an Explorer 13 nights from Southampton in August 2019 which I think is a blinkin bargain and the cheapest cruise I've ever been on 😀
  13. I though Cuba ports had been cancelled?
  14. Last month, sales assistant in shop on Oasis punched a hole in my card when I bought a lanyard.
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