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  1. The 4/5 nights on Adventure in the Med could be interesting for a b2b if they mix up the ports. But not so interesting if the 5 nighter is just an extra sea day.
  2. I could quite happily stay onboard and not get off as long as I could benefit from a few days sunshine. But as I would be sailing from the UK I would want to be heading south, somehow I don't think a 7 day cruise would be long enough. If sunshine is not top of your list then a Fjords cruise would be nice. There are plenty of fjords I would be happy to sail in and out of without stepping foot on dry land. And of course heading further north there are always the northern lights which don't require anyone getting off.
  3. On UK site October 14th 2021 12 night Southampton to Miami
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8703133/First-major-post-coronavirus-cruise-departs-Italy-new-strict-safety-restrictions.html Here is another report.
  5. Thank you for replying. RC are so frustrating to deal with when there is a problem! And I used to love that bouncy happy music they play when you call them - now it drives me insane! Grr! August 2021 is a long time to wait for a confirmation invoice for a booking that was made in June 2020. All I want is to have the price I am going to be paying confirmed somewhere in writing because without a confirmation invoice I have nothing. If they are able to adjust the price at final payment - why can they not do it now? They are still going to run into the pr
  6. I don't understand? L&S T&C is that the original price/deal is protected. Why do I have to pay more for a guest that I didn't book for? My original booking was for one person. The second person has been added by RC in the L&S process.
  7. I don't understand? L&S T&C is that the original price/deal is protected. Why do I have to pay more for a guest that I didn't book for? My original booking was for one person. The second person has been added by RC in the L&S process.
  8. Original booking was a guarantee double ocean view balcony on Allure for a single passenger (me). I L&S this to Odyssey for August 2021. Problem is there were no single occupancy balcony guarantees available - so RC have added a 2nd passenger to the new L&S booking. I am now sharing a room with myself. The new invoice is a scary amount of money and much higher than the original. It is also more than double the price of the other 2 identical guarantee cabins I have booked for the rest of my family. Those 2 bookings have been repriced correctly because there
  9. I have an ongoing problem with an L&S to Odyssey. It's been many months and numerous expensive phone calls (over $50 so far) and I still haven't been issued with an updated invoice. I'm done with calling them and have made a formal complaint to ABTA I'm a UK cruiser.
  10. What do you call a Škoda with a sunroof? A skip 😁
  11. It's sail by date on my Cruise with Confidence FCC too.
  12. I would go back to doing what we used to do. No flying European road trips. With epic train journeys and lots of ferry hopping. I only stopped doing them because of the planning but I'm happy to take up the challenge again. If we managed to do it with 3 kids in tow I'm pretty sure it will be a doddle now it's just the 2 of us. The children used to call our holidays; Mum's Grand Expeditions. I can't be doing with 2 weeks staying in the same place on the beach type holidays so when we discovered cruising it was a no brainer. We only did it e
  13. Oh dear, it's going from bad to worse. I wonder will Odyssey still be doing the Med next year do you think? I am in the process of trying L&S from Allure this summer to Odyssey for next summer and despite numerous phone calls over the past 3 weeks and a phone bill of over £50 in excess of what I usually pay, I'm still being given the run around and have not received a confirmation invoice of the new price adjustment. It's not looking good.
  14. Dining time is on your confirmation invoice. Call RC and ask for a copy to be emailed to you.
  15. I would feel very peeved if I'd paid higher prices for a new amped ship and then didn't get the amp. Especially if you booked to sail because of the new amped version. In a perfect world RC should re-price and allow price drops for cruisers already booked. Unlikely, I know. For the right price I would happily sail again on an un-amped Explorer. We paid a very low price when we sailed on in August 2019 and yes, the windows in the Windjammer need replacing as does the carpet. The 2 spa pools in the Solarium don't work so could do with a fix. There was a bad crack in the vanity
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