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  1. Reached Diamond level last week. How long does it usually take status to be updated fro Emerald to Diamond?
  2. Will they allow my wife and I to each carry on a 1 liter bottle?
  3. Can I carry on a couple bottles of water? Is there a size limit?
  4. We are B2B on Rhapsody on 2/15 and 2/22. Fortunately got the same cabin for both.
  5. Do they allow water. Another cruiseline has stopped water.
  6. Thanks Bob .. was wondering as on another cruise line in Port Canaveral we all gathered (72 of us) .. went on and off together in less than 5 minutes .. had a little reception with food and mimosa's .. and had a group picture taken. More concerned about getting off and back on quickly .. don't really care about the rest.
  7. Will be doing our first back to back cruise on Royal. How do they handle? Does everyone gather and go off and back on the ship at once? Is there a reception for those doing back to back?
  8. Anyone know what happened to video? It appears it is no longer available on You Tube.
  9. Thanks for your reply. We are happy just being at sea but I do enjoy snacks throughout the day and late at night. I am sure we will try a cruise with MSC. In my opinion there is no such thing as a bad cruise.
  10. What about hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, etc.
  11. Thinking of trying MSC. Besides the main dining room and buffet, what other options are available for free. Everything looked like there was a flat charge or a la carte.
  12. Bob, Thanks, I hadn't heard anything either since the changes several years ago to get rid of Seaview Cafe, etc. Friend told me that Serenade had the Colony Club totally redone and all the wood removed. I was hoping he was wrong. That section is the prettiest part of the ship. It is ashamed they do not better utilize that area with more entertainment, parties, etc.
  13. Heard rumor some changes were made to Colony Club area on several of the Radiance class ships. Wood removed, remodeled, specialty restaurants added. Please tell me this is not true.
  14. Will be on the Crown in March and have never done anytime on Princess. How does it work? When does it start? Can you reserve a table for same time every night? Sounds like one dining room open early and then another after early traditional dining is done. Any suggestions .. we like to eat early between 5:30 and 6.
  15. Pier 27 to 39 is .8 miles and 39 to Fisherman's Warf is .4 miles
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