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  1. You have waited too long for most independent policies to cover pre existing conditions. However Steve at tripinsurancestore.com offers one policy which covers pre existing conditions as long as policy is purchased by time of final payment date. I suggest you give them a call. Policy is "CSA Freestyle." Much better than purchasing Celebrity's policy.
  2. Exactly. If you will be cruising to a fairly distant location, the cost of evacuation can be $50,000 or more. So the limits of Chase Saphire figure into the answer to your question.
  3. While it is often helpful for the aggrieved customer to have in mind a proposed "solution" to the issue caused by the company, Oceania is not our boss, so the saying is not fully applicable IMHO.
  4. Lyn, I think you will have no trouble finding more basic menu items on Crystal. With a day's notice they will make almost anything for you. For example, on our last Crystal cruise my DW had a craving for homemade tomato soup. She ordered it and they made it special for her... Each night she wanted it for rest of the cruise. I certainly would not pay to go on Crystal for tomato soup...but the point is they are very flexible...seems nothing is too much trouble...we appreciate that.
  5. Crystal is a wonderful option. Great entertainment and very good food..debatable whether food is as good as Oceania. Oceania cruisers will have to get used to serve yourself zero sneeze guard situation in buffet and some other food venues on Crystal. Pros and cons to every cruise line....of course...
  6. Agree wholeheartedly. My "constructive criticism" concerning cruise directors who insist on interrupting the serenity of my vacation with intrusive announcements, outdated gym equipment in poor condition, poorly handled noro virus situations...you name it probably go into the electronic version of a dumpster. I no longer bother with post cruise comments or any other feedback to Oceania management other than to complement excellent crew members...they probably prefer it that way.
  7. Likely they are just being polite. In most cases they most appreciate cash, as they often are primary support for families back home.
  8. Non smoking casinos on all Celebrity ships is a HUGE plus. HAL has designated five of their ships to have non smoking casinos, but smoke permeates to a large part of public areas on their other ships, including their two newest. That alone is a disqualifier for me.
  9. Sounds like you will be giving it a shot. I think you will enjoy Oceania. One thing about this Oceania board. I believe it is one of the toughest, more judgmental on Cruise Critic. Folks can be blunt, sometimes even nasty. However, if you can deal with it, the advice is usually very helpful and accurate.
  10. Apologize for duplicate entry.
  11. We get ours 6 to 8 weeks out from our TA. TAs generally receive seven to eight weeks out. Last cruise we were visiting family out of town during the normal "arrival" time for our booklet, so I had the TA hold it until we were going to be home.
  12. Line of credit using markers (identical process as land casinos) also works. Just fill out the application on line. Only hassle is that the Ocean Players Club is very hard to communicate with..they are slow to answer emails if you inquire as to the status of the application. You must fill out an application prior to every cruise and they often do not notify you of the approval until a few days before sailing. However once on board the marker process works smoothly and is identical to U.S. land casinos.
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