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  1. In the short run they will be shut out but when/if they appear to actually be on verge of bankruptcy, political pressure will yield them some financial help, IMHO.
  2. Most troubling very recent news is Dr. Fauci's mention last night of possibility of another wave of the virus coming in the fall for Northern Hemisphere countries. His hope was that we will have made progress in learning how to treat/prevent individual cases by then. However it added greatly to my pessimism of returning to a world with cruising vacations anytime soon.
  3. I agree unduly harsh. I stick by my overall point, but could have stated it more courteously. Unduly influenced perhaps by our most recent Oceania cruise (on Riviera) where we were especially underwhelmed by the entertainers.
  4. Have cruised Oceania 7 times; twice on R (smaller) ships...rest on O ships. Like the informal dress, food, smaller size and general ambience of Oceania. Will cruise them again. Downsides, IMHO are lack of many enrichment/lecture programs on sea days, inflated price of tours and alchoholic beverages, often inflexible, less than friendly attitude of senior officers and usually poor quality of evening entertainment. To be fair, we have occasionally enjoyed very talented guest entertainers, however the crew entertainment is not much better than what we see at musicals performed by our local high school students.
  5. Keith, so enjoyed "joining" you guys on this trip. Your patient thoughtful observations made for especially interesting reading during these (to say the least) uncertain times. Speaking of uncertainty in terms of travel,I see on the Cunard board that Roy finally made it back to Maryland this morning at 1a.m. Ed
  6. When you disembark in the USA you will find stress levels high nearly everywhere.
  7. The late Senator Wesley Jones of the State of Washington would be highly offended that you mischaractarized his legislation.😀
  8. Canada's announcement banning cruise ships from visiting their ports til July 1 could mean a longer suspension for Alaska cruises.
  9. As I read the notice posted above, you are incorrect. The requirement regarding timing of the doctor's note is stated as follows to account for folks who depart on their trip more than 7 days ahead of embarkation: This easy-to-complete form must be signed by a licensed medical professional and be dated no more than seven days prior to the date of embarkation or seven days prior to the start of a guest's travels if the guest is traveling for more than seven days before a voyage.
  10. Now it is in Newsweek with quotes from email: https://www.newsweek.com/norwegian-cruise-lines-leaked-emails-show-company-urging-employees-lie-about-coronavirus-1491777
  11. Byline is by very credible Wash. Post reporter. While initial source you point to is questionable, I believe the Post would have verified.
  12. From this morning's Wash. Post...Norwegian management memos urged false information about Corona virus be used in sales pitches to customers. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/12/norwegian-cruise-line-managers-urged-salespeople-spread-falsehoods-about-coronavirus/
  13. Refillable containers are being forced/encouraged by environmental movement. California will be banning small plastic shampoo bottles in most hotels by 2023...all hotels by 2024.
  14. Have used Froom for 3 cruises and have 2 more booked He has also booked land casino comp for me. He has a caring helpful staff.
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