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  1. Unfortunately Geo Blue is unavailable to folks who live in some states including NY and Maryland.
  2. There is no Tuscan Grill on Edge Class. May be confusing it with the Tuscan Restaurant which is one of the four "main" dining rooms.
  3. The OP did not ask an insurance question. However, if you are insistent on making the point, it is important to point out that "cancel for any reason" coverage is unavailable in some states, it rarely covers 100% of trip cost and is usually rather expensive.
  4. Just fyi, I found this review of TAP business. Sounds like it is not bad.. https://simpleflying.com/review-tap-air-portugal-a330-900neo-business-class/
  5. Not exactly continental breakfast since you can get eggs/bacon/sausage there.
  6. Thanks, Hawaiidan. You said it better than I did. Now that U.S. carriers are starting to adopt true premium economy, hopefully it will be more available with more choices, including not always having to connect at Heathrow (BA or Virgin), Paris or in Germany.
  7. For North Americans, best use of Oceania air is for transatlantic cruises where, if you do not have airline points, cost of one way transatlantic air is quite high. Pay one half the air allowance cost and take credit for domestic portion. Otherwise usually best to do air on your own.
  8. I can assure you that unless the ship is in port, casino will be open with one primary exception. On Alaska cruises when ships call at Victoria, when due to short distance between normal previous or upcoming ports of Vancouver or Seattle, ship is in Canadian or U.S. waters most of the evening between ports. Otherwise, between Alaskan ports, no problem.
  9. Credit card trip cancel coverage does not normally cover pre existing medical conditions. So, it is indeed risky to rely on it.
  10. Keith, Your helicopter comment came to mind this morning with news of Kobe's tragic death in a helicopter crash. How sad. Ed
  11. We have taken 3 Alaska cruises, albeit none on Celebrity. Casinos were open each evening..out in international waters...no problem.
  12. Look on the deckplan closely. Each cabin shows a wider area in part of the cabin. If the wider area is near the window the bed is there, if the wider area is away from the window, the bed is closer to the bath. There have been reports that the deckplans have some errors, but it is a place to start. Then go to the Edge class stateroom matrix sticky at the beginning of this board and if cabin you are checking is entered there it will indicate position of the bed. If cabin you are checking is not entered on the spreadsheet, you can usually figure it out by looking for nearby cabins and the fact that IV cabins alternate location of bed. Hope that helps. Ed
  13. Wolber can only look to the future, but it remains inexcusable that the company has been unable to focus on rolling out the Diamond Class on a faster track. So many distractions with the River cruise business and Expedition. It really speaks to the greatness of their product, though, that a cruise line can go fifteen plus years without rolling out a new Ocean cruise ship and still be so successful.
  14. Seems you have a great reason for not liking the IVs. However, majority viewpoints on cruise critic usually do not reflect a fair assessment of overall opinion (IMHO) since the folks with negative feelings about any subject are more likely to express their view that those with positive feelings.
  15. They are not God awful! Some like them, some do not. We found the extra space in our cabin very nice to have and found we could open our window almost any time we wanted to. There are certainly many other things to not like about the Edge--lack of elevator capacity, lack of cozy areas to hang out, lack of "normal" specialty restaurants, weird layout of the gym with inadequate restroom facilities nearby....but the IV cabins are an interesting feature...again, some like them, some do not.
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