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  1. Thanks, my TA did not bring that up but honestly in the world we are in right now and what will be awhile, not worth the effort especially with the uncertainty around cruising
  2. I found out that a refund is divided amongst all those under a reservation no matter the age, so my young son ended up with half what I originally paid, I would have thought it would have gone to the person that paid or even an adult but nope so instead of taking the 125%, screw NCL and I want my refund
  3. 1st day for those who can with close cruises
  4. Yup, they don’t want all the cancels tomorrow buying cheaper cruises , has to be the reason
  5. My cruise on April 5th went up over $900 since this morning, something fishy is going on
  6. Thanks , that wold be great if it worked on Bliss
  7. Without using the internet plan?
  8. Do you know which specialty requires pants so I can prepare my teenage son, we are on bliss? Thanks!
  9. I got a 3 category upgrade , let’s see is the panic makes it go down more
  10. I. Contacted. My Ta and received a higher class of balcony, I’m guessing with this virus craziness prices will continue to drop
  11. Hello, Hoping someone can help, a week or so ago, I booked a cruise for 4/5 with Vacations to Go and it has now gone down $140, what is the best practice to address? Thanks!
  12. Thanks all! im eyeing Cagney, Italian and a tbd depending on my son
  13. I just booked and most times are taken and honestly dont have a clue when we want to go yet, do some times open up when on board? Also are there any to stay away from quality wise? Thanks!!
  14. So you have two make reservations for comedy shows for the whole week, can this be done before or only after boarding
  15. Thank you all, I should have mentioned Ive been on over 30 cruises but appreciate all the feedback, we will make the best of it no matter what, should be interesting
  16. The worst reviews I’ve ever seen for a newer ship but it’s my only option for spring break with my son at last minute. Looking forward to any Hope it will be a decent cruise
  17. Thanks, trying to pick a Night to go to speciality dining on upcoming NYE Cruise
  18. Going next week and seeing if weather is bad an good indoor location? Thanks!!
  19. Thank you!! yes we are looking forward to it in 2 weeks especially floating bar 🙂
  20. Is this chill island, do they have music or is there another beach, also guessing pool close to that as well?
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