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  1. Looking to contact Blackberry ....can anyone provide web email ? Thanks ...
  2. We are also on the January 4th cruise , along with another couple ( Europebound...cc name) . We understand the change in itinerary, but booked mainly for Tunisia and Algeria. Been to most of other ports a few times ....we will have a great time ...no matter .:D
  3. Just booked 2 transfers with RIL. From Rome airport to a hotel in Rome for a short stay prior to a Viking cruise. Then a transfer from hotel to the port. After making our cruise plans , RIL Was my next contact for the taxi service and also hotel advice and other off the beaten path places we wanted to see . We have used RIL 3 times while cruising since 2010 and the last this past October 2016. Have had several tours in each port and each driver was excellent . I can't imagine being in Italy without contacting Jany ( who never sleeps..lol) with Romeinlimo for any needs , tours , advice that will insure an excellent trip.
  4. There is not much more that I can add to the rave reviews about Romeinlimo. Your first interaction will be with Jany. Let me tell you she never sleeps ! Jany will work hard to meet your needs. Last month was our 3rd time booking excursions with RIL. In Naples we had Diego. We went to Ravello and Positano as well as a few other stops along the way. Diego was absolutely delightful , knowledgeable and thoughtful. In Messina , Luca was our driver. What a magnificent day. We opted for The Godfather Tour. Since RIL is ready and waiting when the ship docks, we were off to see some medieval type towns and had them all to ourselves. Actually met a few older gentlemen anxious to tell us their stories. Luca kindly interpreted. Our day was filled with laughter thanks to Luca's sense of humor. Livorno, we had Laura as our driver and she was equally delightful. We traveled to SAN Gimiagno and Lucca , 2 enchanting towns. I can't imagine traveling through Italy without the benefit of Romeinlimo's drivers or guides.
  5. Hi, We are using Rominlimo for the third time in October , I would not use anyone else! Email Jany with your question, and she will answer promptly ! Something you will discover... Jany never sleeps. They work hard to provide the best service possible for their clients. I remember our first cruise using RIL, I was so worried about filling the 8 seats. Jany was so reassuring the seats would be filled ....and they were ! Good luck and smooth sailing !
  6. Another vote for ROMEINLIMO. This will be the third trip we are using them. Excellent service and knowledgeable drivers . :). Amazingly quick response . Wouldn't consider anyone else.
  7. Kennels are so stressful for dogs. There are many people who will take your dog into their own home. You can also find folks that will come to your house. Much better options.
  8. Ditto what Newbie &AJs Grandpa wrote. We have just booked 3 tours with RIL for our upcoming cruise. This will be our third time in the past couple years that we are using there services. Each of the previous trips, we also booked 3 tours.I wouldn't consider using anyone else. Touring with RIL drivers , you feel like long lost family. They are so warm& welcoming. As previous posters stated,after all the emails, silly questions, suggestions and help from Jany,I felt like I had made friend. She is professional,patient and accommodating. And....it seems like she never sleeps ! :eek: I hope that someday we will meet her. :) On previous 6 tours each of our drivers were fantastic ! They were extremely knowledgeable,adaptable, friendly and humorous. Besides learning so very much and often little known facts from them ,the drivers made our days extremely enjoyable. I would like to thank Duman for providing such exceptional service that leaves us taking home many ,many wonderful memories of Italy . 😘 Ps.......Give Jany a raise ! :eek:
  9. Hi Anni, First let me tell you my Dad was from Berlin..born in 1904, he died in 1980. My husband & I are taking a Viking River Cruise in May that will end up in Berlin. We plan on staying in Berlin an extra 2 days and I am hoping to find the street my Dad grew up on. I have a few questions about our plans, could you email me so I can see if what we are doing is the best way? Danke:) Tschuss Terry Zipcat51@Comcast.net
  10. Thanks Evie for asking this question ... Happy we'll be together for the WHOLE cruise itinerary. :)
  11. Thanks , You have explained it in a nutshell . My hope is just to refurbish the bathrooms to eliminate the flooding when using the shower ! :eek: We are not fussy about space as much, you hardly are in your cabin anyway....just fix the bathrooms ..lol:) Thanks, Carolyn...looking forward to your other 'scoops' on new itineraries etc. Have a safe rest of the trip :). Take care.
  12. Dear Carolyn, We just did Viking Grand European on the beautiful Prestige this past September, Budapest to Amsterdam. We absolutely loved it. One itinerary ( of many we are contemplating) is the Elegant Elbe . Berlin to Prague . One issue that has us hesitating is the OLD ships on the route. I know it has something to do with the river and the type of propulsion they must used. If you could get some info on the Elegant Elbe if they plan on updating the vessels ( really mostly the bathrooms..lol) I would be so grateful. We'll be looking forward to your postings. Oops...just realized the date you mentioned was today ....duh...:eek:
  13. We just were on the Viking Prestige in September. The Vienna concert was very enjoyable..a light and fun evening .
  14. Didn't I see you there ? LOL I would say Rothenburg was one of the highlights of our cruise . Wish we could have had a longer time there ...a day or two. Riversanddale ... You will love it !
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