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  1. Posted a pic of she and her uncle in the car on their way to Iowa. Masked, of course. I know nothing about any of the others that were disembarked, but hope their experiences are as nice as this after SO many days at sea or sitting in port. Best wishes to all of them and to those who hope to get home in the hopefully near future.
  2. Following the CD of the Koningsdam on FB. Indeed, US and Canadian staff that have been gathered together have disembarked for a charter flight that will stop in Indiana, Connecticut and Ontario she says. She will be picked up by a family member and driven to her home in Iowa where she will quarantine for two weeks. I'm guessing it must be the same for all of the others on the charter flight as well.
  3. Have had the same question............however, as I recall it was 20 some people for whom they were unable to make private arrangements for repatriation. Perhaps that is not correct, as there has so much has been ongoing that it's hard to keep up with it all.............
  4. Based on our multiple cruise experiences on a variety of lines, I'd say that Cunard would be more accurate in regard to the above statement! 😉
  5. What an amazing undertaking for these cruise lines. We are so hopeful for a safe and uneventful return home for all of the various crew. We have cruised with all the lines involved and the crews are amazing on all the ships. And another shout out to Copper 10-8 for keeping us as up to date as he can. Hope to be on a DAM ship with you some day int the relatively near future.
  6. We "should" have arrived at Haneda this morning, got our transportation to Yokohama and spent the day recovering from our flight and enjoying our anniversary - probably enjoying dinner in China Town near our hotel. We were to board the Westerdam on the 11th for the B2B ending in Vancouver on May 10th. 😷 But, we are home safe and sound and well stocked and having a sunshine filled cool day. So, all is well and just hope that our fall plans will be able to occur!
  7. According to someone who was onboard the Pacific Princess and was one of those who flew home, there are 115 passengers on the Pacific Princess now. And four of those came from the Amsterdam. I was following her reports on Twitter and then she has been in contact with someone on the ship since she returned home.
  8. They were going to announce today the future plans and or next round of cancellations for the Carnival Cruise Line companies.
  9. Gotta say that you are the best! With our many actual days (850 or so) on HAL, I don't think our paths have crossed and hope they will in the future! And the best to Kindergal and her parents........
  10. Chrome - Windows 10 issue - I was having the same issue until this afternoon when I cleared my Chrome cache and all is now fine. It also fixed another problem I was having accessing another account. I was getting around both by using Edge, so hopefully this will continue working for me!
  11. So, we asked several years ago about just getting a set dollar amount equal to two Pinnacle dinners for other venues, lunch in Pinnacle etc to no avail. We are not big meat eaters and prefer lunch to dinner in the Pinnace and Tamarind if available, not so much Canaletto and go no response. So, the question would be...…..is it an equivalent $ amount that is allowed or just two Tamarind on Canaletto dinners instead!
  12. Was not aware from where the restriction came. Thanks for clarifying. Hope all works out for all involved in the best possible way. Tough times for the Asian tour and cruise industry right now. Best to all involved..................
  13. We are booked on what we thought would be a memorable cruise for us. We so enjoyed our 27 day (9 B2Bs) with different ports a few years back on the Diamond Princess shortly after they reconfigured the ship with noodle bar, sushi restaurant, Japanese baths etc. We thought we'd like to back and found the April 11 collector's 30 day voyagr on the Westerdam to be attractive and booked it some time ago. While we are anxious about the future of this interesting itinerary, we hope for the best for those on Westy as well as the other ships caught up in this and will wait to see what happens in the rather short term. HAL tells us they will make a decision shortly. It is interesting to see how many different ships are caught up in this - Crystal, Cunard, of course Diamond Princess. QM2 was allowed into Malaysia, but only for fuel and supplies, to leave off a few passengers to fly directly out as I understand and then to go directly to Darwin AUZ. Probably others vessels we do not see reporsts on as well that are not as US oriented. From what I have read, four ships were denied entry into Tonga, even if they were not coming for the affected area. Just reporting stuff I have seen/read on one or more sites, so if you have other info, please do not flame!
  14. Regarding Mass, on the previous 24 day South Georgia and Antarctica cruise, there was Mass held daily and Jewish services were also provided. I'm sure this is because it was over Christmas and Hannukah. This was our third Seabourn cruise and the first time we had noticed this. I don't recall there being an interdenominational service though.
  15. Wow, they did the PLUNGE again this trip. It was supposedly the first time last voyage that they had done it. We had 61 brave souls take the plunge whilst we enjoyed our time in the hot tub on the bow.
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